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Oct/Nov issues

Rich, I really enjoyed the October SWAT. The cover model, though, needs a Mike Dillon/Blue Press makeover. I was thinking heels, a classic black cocktail dress, and a bit more cleavage.

Of course, why stop there? A December cover has so many possibilities. I was thinking Louis Awerbuck in something red, satin, and slinky. Being Louie, he'd be muttering something sexy yet unintelligible at the camera. Paired up next to him could be Bill Jeans, in Irish green. Sort of like Santa's hot little elves from hell...

Of course, the calendar with this month's issue was a great bonus. I couldn't help but think, though, that the Boys of SWAT, with Clint Smith, Pat Rogers, Scotty Reitz, and Tiger McKee would really be a keepsake. I'm sure that Leigh, Brett, and Heidi would order several dozen.

Seriously, the issues have been consistently good, and I thought November was exceptional. The article on "Tactical Industry Standards" was timely and thought provoking. Like you, I've been to challenging, realistic training that was done thoughtfully and safely. I'm amazed by how "fast" Louie Awerbuck can see and recognize what shooters are doing. I've also been to a couple programs that were recklessly dangerous or poorly considered.

You and Denny produce the class act of firearms publications. You manage to publish a magazine that thoughtfully and aggressively covers weapons and tactical training, yet one I would cheerfully show anyone new to firearms or even in opposition of civilian firearms ownership.

All the best,

Bill England
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Rich Lucibella
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Hey, Bill.
Been a long time, for sure. Good to hear from you and thanks much for the kind words. I expect the Calendar may be controversial for some, but you can't make an omelet without breaking an egg here or there.

Personally, I thought the model on the October cover was some Greek God when I first saw it.

Louis Awerbuck in drag? It would certainly be an, ummmm, eye catcher.
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