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Old August 6, 2007, 05:56 PM   #1
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I currently enjoy USPSA competition at the local level. But what exactly should I expect if I try IDPA? Equipment is not the issue for me, the COF rules are my concerns. I've heard you must be a member, true?
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Old August 7, 2007, 09:01 PM   #2
Ken O
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The rulebooks are on-line for both, check it out. There are differences that are hard to break going from USPSA to IDPA, one is the reload behind cover rule, not while you are running between targets. Another is you can't drop a mag that has rounds in it to reload before going to the next target. There are many more, but you will get used to them. As far as being a member, its the same for both, most clubs ask that you join USPSA or IDPA after you shoot a couple matches.
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Old August 8, 2007, 08:06 PM   #3
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I had the same problem, but I found the best thing to do is just go to a match. The people are friendly and will help you more than any reading or research can.
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Old August 10, 2007, 09:28 AM   #4
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I've watched some IDPA match videos on YouTube, and many were dropping the mag on the ground. Some weren't wearing a cover vest, that confused me even more. It probably is best to go and observe a match.
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Old August 10, 2007, 03:25 PM   #5
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best is to go to a match and talk with the ROs..

when shooting..I always tend to ask the RO..what they are looking for..makes life easier..

some clubs don't always require the cover garment..but good to have anyway..
mags can be dropped if empty..must be retained if still rounds in them.
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Old August 10, 2007, 06:42 PM   #6
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I'm USPSA and did shoot a couple of IDPA matches. At least at the club I participated at, the IDPA folks seem a little more anal then the USPSA folks. In addition to taking penalties for laying a mag down, on a table, with one round in it (understandable given the rules) I took penalties for not walking fast enough while engaging targets and getting yelled at for it. Other issues were encountered as well. I don't think all clubs are quite this finicky.

Also, gear differences seem to prevail. IDPA seems more persnickity with choice of holsters, accessories and handguns. Several holsters that were legal a couple of years ago have now been disallowed. Same with speed loaders. For handguns, you can shoot a 4" Smith 625 and not a 6"625. The handgun must fit into a box of a given size. I will attempt another IDPA shoot sometime into the future but will probably do so at a different host club.
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Old August 11, 2007, 09:28 AM   #7
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mind set

IME IDPA provides required behavior; execution is the contest.

IME USPSA provides opportunities to problem-solve the shooting challenge; both the mental process and its execution are the contest.

So when I shot IDPA I actively sought to follow the rules and procedures.
It was different, and it was fun.

Currently there is no longer IDPA in the region, so I no longer shoot it.

But I still shoot USPSA.
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Old August 18, 2007, 04:58 PM   #8
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I have shot in both IDPA and IPSC, I can tell you I feel much safer at an IPSC event than I ever felt at an IDPA event. It may have been the club that I was at but I just didn't get the vibe of good gun handling skills and that usually happens after having a loaded weapon pointed at you in an event that is supposed to be well organized and has CRO's to look for those kind of things. I have shot many IPSC/USPSA events at the club, State and Section levels and have seem many shooters DQ'ed and sent on their way for poor judgement and unsafe gun handling skills but have not seem one person sent away from an IDPA event either at the club or State event levels. I personally will stick with IPSC because I feel safer and I don't think in the near future I will be stopping in a Burger Barn on a bad side of town (one of the scenarios given to me at an IDPA match), but If i did I would use every magazine I had, drop the ones I needed to and shoot all the ammo I had and not worry if I reloaded from cover so long as my butt got clear of whoever started the altercation in the first place.
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Old August 21, 2007, 02:13 PM   #9
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A lot of confusion here, as to the differences, and general similarities, of the two sports. I suggest reading the rule book(s), and attending some well-run matches.
There is some valuable info in the previous posts.
You can shoot one IDPA match without being an IDPA member. Unlike USPSA, IDPA does not collect any fees from shooters, so the only revenues are membership dues.
Concealment garments are not always required; some clubs will dispense with them in hot weather, or will require them only for sanctioned matches.
The test in IDPA is execution; the creativity is in the mind of the CoF designer, not the shooter. Targets must be engaged in a specific order, depending on how they are presented to the shooter. If you are shooting over a barrier ("cover"), the targets are engaged near-to-far, if you are shooting around something, they are engaged outside-in.
Spent mags must be retained if there's a round in the chamber, regardless of whether there are rounds in the mag. Such reloads are supposed to be done off the clock, and not "under fire". The standard reload in IDPA is from slidelock.
I officiated a USPSA Area championship two weeks ago, and a state IDPA championship last weekend, and saw shooters DQ'd from both; I've seen little difference in the safety aspect of the two sports, as the safety rules are very similar, and can actually be more stringent in IDPA. If matches appear to be unsafe, then look for a club that adheres to the rules.
A constant in both games, surprisingly enough, is that you will get penalties for varying from the CoF requirements, or the rules!
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