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How to crimp Golden Sabers?

I have about 500 Remington Golden Saber 10mm 180gr that I bought as part of a larger lot of bullets.

I like using the Lee FCD with pistol cases and I am wondering if it is OK to use with the Golden Sabers?

The driving band is .400 diameter but the bullet diameter where the case mouth would sit is .393 in diameter.

I am assuming that crimping the case mouth may cause head-spacing issues?

Should I adust it just enough to take any belling out and rely on neck tension to keep bullet in place?

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I am answering this again as in your post on THR, but the answer there was a followup to another answer.

1. You didn't say if this .400 bullet was for a 10mm or a 40SW. However, both headspace off the front rim of the case. The diagram shown is that of a GS entering the lands and grooves, it does not show the case.

2. A taper crimp, whether applied by seating die or FCD, is required. It should be light so the case can headspace the cartridge. Overcrimping the case allows the cartridge to slide ahead of the heaspacing position (usually the extractor holds the cartridge against the slide face if the distance is not to great.) Proper crimping tension is usually achieved by just removing the bell in the case during seating.
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Diagram is just to show design of bullet and is off Remingtons site.

It is for 10mm Auto in S&W 1006...

I will run a few through my reloader and measure the neck/mouth size.

If if is around .420-.421 I should be allright, as that is what my other 10mm rounds measure after going through the FCD.
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corey006, unfoutunatly, removing the bell is about all that can be done. There will be a gap between the case mouth and bullet. Just adjust you taper crimp until the mouth is the same diamiter as 1/8" down the case. Golden sabers rate well in sd test, but are a B to load becaus of the driving band desgine. :barf: They are darn cheap for a premium bullet, but becaus of the reduced diamiter, I now stick to gold dots.
good luck
Will work for brass.

I apologise in advance for spelling errors.
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Remington JHP 180gr are easier to load and are a pretty nice widemouth JHP.

for Golden Sabers
load a test case and check for setback with your crimp.
test how easily the bullet comes out with a bullet puller

if you try crimping the casemouth flush to the bullet make sure you just bring it flush and not into the bullet to leave a crease mark. make sure to work the load up with a flush crimp as it will add pressure. be sure to check accuracy and speed look for pressure signs. crimping the casemouth flush will reduce the life of that case significantly.

I crimp my 180gr Golden Saber loads to .414" bullet .388" where crimped.
not setting back easily or coming out with a puller easily.

havent measure remington factory golden saber crimp but seen it in a store and heres a pic at midway looks flush

by comparison winchester white box 50 cartridge factory 180gr JHP is crimped to .416 way to much and I know if I pull it I will find a squished or creased bullet.
speer gold dot 50 cartridge box factory 180gr GDHP is crimped to .420

only with the Golden Saber will I do that otherwise I try to go with .420-.424 for crimp depends on bullet lead or plated larger
jacketed little less.

take a cartridge and the barrel insert cartridge with a bore light illuminate it. be sure to do that with only barrel and not the rest of the pistol. maybe with the slide but without the striker or firing pin unless using a dummy cartridge.

GoldDots are overpriced nearly $20 for box of 100 for what they are and not very consistent in size.

Golden Sabers in 9mm are not nearly as bad as in 40sw/10mm.
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