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45 acp and AA#7?

Greetings all.
I recently did some stepped loads using #7 based on the reload data off of Accurate's website. I went from min to max by .5 of a grain at a time. (For starters). After doing some reflecting and some research, I've found that max velocity is awful high, 979 fps for the 230 gr LRN and 1100 for the 185gr JHP. It's approaching 20k psi for the LRN at max load. Before I go and shoot these things, am I going to do any damage to the gun? I have a relatively new 4" XD. (<750 rounds) Maybe I should start out at minimum loads and keep an eye out for bulged primers as I work my way up? What do you guys think?

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#7 is pretty slow on the burn rate chart for 45acp. Max loads are out of the question, IMO. Stick with faster powders. If you like AA, #5 is just about as good as it gets. W231 is classic.

Oh, and ALWAYS start out at minimum loads.

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Accurate Arms data is awful. A min load turns out to be a max load, and a max load won't function the weapon.

Get a chronograph and measure your velocities. With AA powders you are going to have to do load development. That is measure the velocity of the bullets as you go up in powder charge.

The 45 ACP was developed way back when with a 230 bullet going 800 fps. This load is appropriate for any M1911 out there. I do not shoot 230 grain stuff that averages above 825 fps. I try to keep everything just about 800. Target loads go even slower.

However when the averages start to creep up, you might get frame peening. I had that with a Colt Combat Elite, the sucker peened its frame out in 3000 rounds. All due to a factory misalignment between the barrel lugs and slide. Pistol unlocked too early. Colt replaced the frame but did not fix the unlock. But I learned that yes, if the slide recoils too fast you can have problems. I sent that pistol to Wilson firearms, who know how to install barrels, and a new barrel by them has fixed the unlock issue.
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#7 is pretty slow on the burn rate chart for 45acp.
I agree, but I have loaded Blue Dot with good results using WLP. and 230gr Speer Gold dots for my Colt 70's ser. and the Marlin camp carbine. The loads I tried with AA#7 did not perform as well as the Blue Dot loads for both guns.
AA#7 works well for my 3" .44spl but only with WLP this was not always the case, but things change. All the more reason to rework your loads with different powder lots, and to buy powder in larger quantities.
For my Colt .45 acp I have a over sized firing pin stop that I fitted to the gun for higher pressure loads, it works well and reduces the need for a heavier recoil spring.
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Mike Irwin
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I've never had a lick of problems with any of the AA powders I've tried in any of the cartridges I've used it in.

Perfectly reliable in both my 1911 and, before I sold it, my EAA Witness.

AA 7 is my powder of first choice for my .41 Mag.
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Sector -
AA#7 is a wrong powder for your application. It is far too slow for 45ACP in 4" barrel. Being high-density powder, any kind of a safe load will fill that big 45 case incompletely, resulting in erratic ignition.
I use #7 for 38 Stupor, and medium-fast loads in 357.

If you are fond of Accurate powders, their #2 is perfect for a 45. It is low-density, cheap and clean. I was very pleased with #2 driving 185 SWCs.
Still, W231 is my 1st choice for 45ACP.
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Thanks for all the replies!
I have worked with 231, Unique, and Bullseye for the caliber, and have had extremely good luck with all 3. I was looking for a full-house powder for 45 acp, and liked the numbers posted by AA on their website about #7. I realize now that I should have gone with AA#5 or #2, maybe Power Pistol, perhaps even a stout Unique load. I guess I'll just shoot the rounds I've loaded so far and keep an eye on the primers, (I only loaded 13 rounds per .5 grain, which is a full clip), load it in the 357 mag, and forget about it in the 45.
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