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How to maintain and clean Chrome-lined Barrel?

Help and recommendations.


Does it need break-in?
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Hi gunnie,

You might hear different opinions on this subject, but in general a chrome-lined barrel needs less care than a chrome-moly or stainless steel barrel.

My cleaning method is very basic. I just use Breakfree CLP to clean each of my rifles that have chrome-lined barrels. I squirt it down the bore, maybe let it sit there for a while, and then alternately pass wet (with CLP) and dry patches through the bore, always going from breech to muzzle, until the patches come out just a little gray rather than filthy. I'll put a brush soaked in CLP through the bore once or twice as well at the beginning of the cleaning session. No need to overdo it.

Rather than use a cleaning rod, I use an Otis cable pull-through system. But a good coated cleaning rod like those made by Dewey will work well, too.

One thing to be aware of is that some solvents contain ammonia, which might attack the barrel's chrome lining. You might be able to get away with using such a solvent as long as you don't let it sit in the bore for a long time.

Regarding barrel break-in: It couldn't hurt to do that, but I'm not sure how much effect it would have. I didn't break in my Bushmaster AR, and it still shoots under 1 MOA with good ammo. Stainless barrels are another matter -- they should be broken in.

I'm sure others will chime in here as well and correct me if I'm wrong about anything.
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My M1A has a chrome lined barrel. I use BrakeKleen (automotive) sprayed down the barrel to get the powder fouling out. This is done outside because of the fumes. After it dries, I run a brush with Hoppes on it followed by a dry patch. I then run a patch of oil down it and put it up. It's pretty hard to mess one up.
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Bore solvent will not harm a chrome lined bore.
Solvent "can" damage old fashioned bright nickel plated guns, but not a chrome bore.

The danger with nickle is that it's applied OVER an undercoat of copper.
What "can" happen is if there's a flaw or scratch through the nickel, bore solvents can infiltrate under the nickel and attack the copper undercoat.
This causes the nickel to lose it's bond, and start flaking off.
However, this is something that needs the solvent to be allowed to stand on the plating for long terms.
Some people fail to properly clean bright nickel guns, worried that the solvent might damage it, and actually do more damage from failing to properly clean it.
Simply clean the gun as normal, but don't allow the solvent to stand longer then needed, then wipe it all off.

Hard chrome, as used in bores and chambers, is applied in a special process that bonds it directly to the steel.
Since there is no copper undercoat, the solvents can't harm the plating.

You do need to use a bore solvent occasionally to remove copper fouling, but since fouling of all types doesn't stick to hard chrome, clean up is easier and faster.

I recommend cleaning a chrome bore just like you do any other rifle barrel.
If you're shooting corrosive ammo, use hot water to dissolve the corrosive salts, then clean with a bore solvent and brush as normal.

Since hard chrome IS so hard, no barrel break-in is required OR POSSIBLE.
The idea of break-in is that shooting and cleaning between shots will smooth off microscopic burrs and make the bore smoother and less prone to fouling.
Since hard chrome is so hard, breaking-in the barrel would require hundreds if not thousands of rounds.

With hard chrome barrels, you just shoot them.
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Same as any other barrel.
Have a nice day!
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