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Is the AR-15 as easy to reload as a semiauto pistol? I reload all kinds of calibers but none of them are semiauto rifle cartridges.I might give it a try.I was wondering if the 223 is very cost effective to reload?I have noticed ammo is getting harder to get.Just wanted some others opionions.
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Its not harder than loading for my 9mm. It is more involved though. There are extra steps. Here is the abbreviated steps I do:

chamfer inside/outside case neck

optional but I do them:

De-burr and uniform the flash hole
clean the primer pocket

So, just a little more involved and my first shock was the powder difference. Going from 4.5ish grains for a 9mm load to 27ish grains for 223 made the powder go really quick. Maybe 250-275 rounds per pound of powder. You can make yourself ammo that will shoot better than any off the shelf though. If you are going to do this start buying now and in bulk if you can. Its like gas, buy it while its still cheaper than least until the war ends and then I bet we will have surplus GI 223 coming out of ears. Also, a really good die set is the Lee Pacesettr because it also comes with the Lee factory crimp die which is awesome. If you live near someone you know that loads rifle you should go watch/help him one day and see if you really want to try your hand at rifle loading. Like I said, nothing to be intimidated by, just different.
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loading .223

Loading .223 follows the same basic principles as pistol. but it is a bottle necked case and requires lube to resize. let me repeat that it requires lube to resize. it must be trimmed. I use two dies in the reloading process. I resize and deprime in the same step. At that point I do any other case prep needed. such as trim and chamfer the case mouth. Unlike pistol brass you don't bell the mouth. Crimping is an option. it is reccomended that you crimp for semi-auto use to prevent bullet set back. I loaded up a bunch using a set of lee dies and shot them without problems in my AR without crimping. The latest generation seating die from lee can be used to taper crimp. Be very carefull or you can crush the case. I can reload .223 for $0.25-0.30 per round depending on the bullet used. Down at my local store cheap Wolf runs about 0.46 per round. Buy in bulk and it will save you money in the end.

my steps:
Tumble to clean.
Resize and deprime
Case prep. clean off lube trim, chamfer. clean primer pocket if needed.
Charge with powder
Seat the bullet (crimp?)


some folks don't clean off the lube until the round is complete. siut yourself.

If your loading for an AR I would not suggest using federal primers.

be sure the primers are properly seated.
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Thanks guys I failed to mention I load rifle also but the ones I load are bolt action and not semiauto.I think it may be as easy I was curious also about feeding problems with the AR?
Thanks for the help
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Full length size and good mags, will generally provide reliable feeding in the AR.
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