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basic range workout?

Any advice would be welcome. I'd like to figure out some fairly simple once-a-week about 100 rounds course of fire that is both a good training shoot and with which I can measure improvement. I have a sig 28 9mm, year of range membership, and on fairly tight budget. I've ben shooting for a while, have been through some training over the years (including LE qualfication) and am a modestly good shot. Range rules at this point do not allow for draw from holster. I kind of like shooting to the FBI B-27 target. I would simply time the course of fire, subtract points from shots outside of the center of mass area, and have a way to kep tabs on my improvement. There's got to be something better, but here's my first thought:

25 yards -- one mag, slow targeted shots (then record time & score target), then one mag in quick double taps with tactical reloading between each double (time & score target), then one mag from low ready to quick single shots (time & score target).

15 yr -- same drill, but with new target.

7 yrds -- same drill, new target.
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Lots here.
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Old November 9, 2006, 06:26 PM   #3
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So here is Clint's 100rnd regimen (as far as I can tell):

10 singles from low ready 10
5 sighted pairs 10
fire, reload, fire x 10 20
2 to body, 1 to head x 2 6
3 to body, 1 to head x 2 8
2 to body, 2 to pelvis, 1 to head 5
draw and fire single x 10 10
Malfunction drills 21
stronghand singles x 5 5
weakhand singles x5 5
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Old November 9, 2006, 08:26 PM   #4
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Boy, i see nobody likes to practice from retention! Retention meaning the pistol directly along your side or preferably against your pectoral muscle on your strong side.

If i'm within 4 feet i'm shooting my first few shots off quick from retention while moving back. Why dont you try that too, since everybody says "most gunfights occur within 7 feet".

Whatever you do, shoot as tight groups as you can at a fairly good speed. Aim small, miss small.
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Old November 29, 2006, 05:11 AM   #5
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Clint Smith's 100 round practice course

100 round practice drill
Based on a practice drill described by
CLINT SMITH of Thunder Ranch
In American Handgunner Magazine
January/February 2006
Pages 32 & 88

Stage One/5 or 7 yards: Warm up drills/Focus on Accuracy

Load 3 magazines with 10 rounds each

From the holster, draw and fire 10 sighted pairs. Focus on accuracy. (20 rnds)

From the ready position:
 Strong hand only, fire 5 singles. Focus on accuracy. (5 rnds)
 Weak hand only, fire 5 singles. Focus on accuracy. (5 rnds)

Stage Two/5 or 7 yards: The Mozambique Drill

Load 3 magazines with 10 rounds each

From the holster, draw and fire two rounds to the body and one round to the head (aka "The Mozambique Drill"). Be smooth. Focus on accuracy. Perform this drill 10 times. (30 rnds)

Stage Three/5 or 7 yards: Out of Battery Reloads

Load each of 3 magazines with 2 rounds each: Out-of-battery reloads:

From the holster, draw and fire two, reload, fire two, reload, and fire two.
(2+2+2). Perform this drill 2 times. (12 rnds)

Stage Four/5 or 7 yards: Clearing failure to fire malfunctions

Load each of 2 magazines with 4 live rounds and one inert "dummy" round.

From the holster, draw and engage the target, clearing the malfunction with a "tap-rack-ready" malfunction clearance whenever necessary. (8 rnds)

Stage Five/10 and 15 yards: Accuracy at distance

Load each of 2 magazines with 10 rounds each

 At 10 yards from the holster, draw & fire 5 sighted pairs (10 rnds)
 At 15 yards from the holster, draw & fire 5 sighted pairs (10 rnds)
Just modify as appropriate to accomodate the limitations of your range facility.
You can only learn from experience if you pay attention!
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Old December 19, 2006, 04:51 PM   #6
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I keep Smith's column in my range bag and try to do it every month at least once. It's actually kinda fun.
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Old December 19, 2006, 05:46 PM   #7
Capt. Charlie
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I realize the original question is almost two months old, but thanks to Jeff22, a wealth of courses can be found here as well.
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