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Old October 29, 2000, 05:42 PM   #1
Peter M. Eick
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I just received all new Starline brass because I finally decided to stop using mixxed makes and dumped all of my old brass.

So, I now have many 1000 rnd cases of brass to decided to load or to resize and bell? Since I am using a rockchucker, I am not looking forward to many weeks of resizing.

Do I need to resize and bell virgin Starline brass for 380,9mm,40s&w & 45acp, or just load it?

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Old October 29, 2000, 07:10 PM   #2
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The Starline 7.62x25 Tokarev brass I bought has some dinged-up case mouths, as has Winchester .303 British, Remington .45-70, and a bunch of other new brass. So you need a round case mouth for one thing, and it isn't a whole lot of fun trying to seat pistol bullets, especially if you use cast ones, in non-belled case mouths, try it and you'll see why.
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Old October 29, 2000, 07:16 PM   #3
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New brass is already size, you can just bell it. I size all my brass because I use a Dillon 550B press.
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Old October 29, 2000, 07:47 PM   #4
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Sizing new brass is required; confirms that a flash hole is present and uniforms the dimensions.

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Old October 30, 2000, 06:11 AM   #5
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I bought 100 new cases last fall in either .44 or .45LC, can't remember and I'm too lazy to look, but it isn't important. What is important, is that I took 10 out of the bag, belled the case mouh, used my Lee hand primer to prime them then put the powder charge in the case. When I put a bullet in the first case it disappeared. The thing dropped all the way down the charged case. Rats!
The only good part is that sizing new brass goes real quick since the sizing needed is minimal, and the cases slide in and out easy.
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Old October 30, 2000, 12:06 PM   #6
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I have reloaded since 1970 and I have found that new brass, as it comesfrom the manufacturer is not ready for loading.

I ALWAYS re-size and flare [treat it just like you would any other]brass. The case may not fit the chamber and the proper bullet may not fit.
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Old October 30, 2000, 05:07 PM   #7
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WESHOOT2 makes a good point about the flashole. I've seen more than my share of "big" name makers pistol brass with no flasholes, tho it has been awhile.

Normally with pistol brass intented for plinking, target... I just visually inspect to confirm that the flashole exists and look for any abnormalities (dented case mouths..etc) and don't resize. For competition and serious usages I always size the brass... can't be to careful sometimes.

Rifle brass, I always FL size new brass.
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Old October 30, 2000, 08:43 PM   #8
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Absolutely resize new brass. I've made this mistake a couple of times. Without resizing, new brass will not give a tight enough crimp. The result can be poor accuracy (a waste of good powder and bullets), bullets can bounce forward under recoil locking up revolvers or jamming autos and in one case I had the bullet pop completely out of the case during the loading cycle in an auto pistol jamming the gun and dumping the powder charge into its innards. Not good.

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Old November 3, 2000, 03:06 PM   #9
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Starline claims you don't have to resize any of their brass except (I think) .454. I don't, but do use a Lee factory crimp die for a good crimp and final sizing. Seems to work fine for my cowboy loads.
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