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Old October 7, 2000, 09:44 AM   #1
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I'm using the Lee turret press, A friend suggested a Second press for crimping. I thought that the crimp was done in the bullet seat part of the loading. He told me I would need a crimp die and a second press would speed up the reload time,he even showed me his .38/.357 crimp die. As a newbie I listened but I could not find any data that supports his position. Seems like an extra step and expense.
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Old October 7, 2000, 10:02 AM   #2
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I have the Lee Turret Press also, and I have the size/deprime die for three different calibers on a seperate turret, and the factory crimp die in place of it. I do the sizing in batches, then load them normally, using the standard seating/crimp die for seating only.

The reason for the seperate crimp die is so that you are not crimping the brass at the same time you are seating the bullet. With lead, you will get shavings, with jacketed, you can deform the nose. Both can affect accuracy. Also, I'm not sure if you are loading auto or revolver, but the auto rounds work better with a taper crimp. The standard lee crimp die is roll crimp, the Lee factory crimp die has the correct crimp.

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Old October 7, 2000, 05:02 PM   #3
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Currently, I have a Dillon 550B. I'm thinking about buying either the 650 or 1050 too. I know this will sound bad but...

I'm thinking about buying another Dillon so I can have one press set for small primers and another for large.
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Old October 7, 2000, 05:27 PM   #4
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Location: Roanoke, Virginia
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I have:
1. RCBS Rock Chucker press
2. Two [2] Lyman T-Mags Terret presses.
3. Hornady Projector [Progressive press.

The wife has:
4 Lyman T-Mags Terret presses

All of our presses are set up to perform a different task.
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Old October 7, 2000, 05:32 PM   #5
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2 Presses? Of course, a Dillon 650 and a Rock Chucker

Some things just don't have the volume to tool up a 650. (300mag. ect) Plus I use it to swage primer pockets.
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Old October 7, 2000, 08:01 PM   #6
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I started reloading when I bought a used set from a divorcee. All rockchucker. A few years later a coworker sold me his setup, also rockchucker. Needless to say I have two of everything. I use one for rifle and bought a piggyback for the other one and use it for pistol. Sure is nice

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Old October 7, 2000, 11:24 PM   #7
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Had 5 presses, A Hornady O-Frame, 2 Dillon Square Deal B's, Dillon XL-650, and Dillon RL-550. Now I'm down to just the Hornady, Dillon 550, and one Dillon Square Deal B. I doubt I'd ever go with any fewer presses for the 20+ chamberings I reload for...
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Old October 8, 2000, 12:48 AM   #8
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It depends on how many calibers you load.

I have a Dillon XL650 and a Lee - uh - little bitty one. The 650 does all my "bulk loading" and the Lee does the rifle stuff I load in lots of twenty or so.

Plus, I like to decap prior to tumbling dirty brass. So, having one set up for decapping only is handy.
I've heard of "serious" shooters who keep a couple presses set for seating certain bullets in certain calibers. I ain't nearly that serious yet.

Oh, yes. Crimping is best done as a separate step. Too many cases get crumpled otherwise.

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Old October 8, 2000, 05:52 PM   #9
Big Bunny
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Feel any standard crimpimg can be easily operated on same die(ie seat/crimp combined) happens slightly after seating on same stroke anyway! A separate die is not needed normally extra expence. The adjustment on the die and deapth-stem should be able to deal adequately with all requirements on 38Spl/357 lead it adjusted correctly.
I have been doing this for years, but cases MUST be same length for good ignition. Belling before this stage stops any "lead chaving".

Also de-priming before tumbling with media can create a problem with plugged flash-holes.Liquid is OK.

My 5c worth.Enjoy your hobby and get a reloading manual (if absent)...I didn't and it was a mistake

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Old October 8, 2000, 08:50 PM   #10
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I have had a Lee turret press since the early 80's...and never felt the need for a separate crimper. I have each caliber adjusted for either a roll crimp (revolver)or a taper crimp for my .45ACP. I have shot IPSC...and NRA action pistol..and feel like my ammo is very accurate.
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Old October 9, 2000, 01:09 PM   #11
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I have 3 Dillion SDB and 3 single stage presses (lyman, RCBS and Lee). My SBD are for 9mm, 45ACP and 38 Special. Single stage are used for rifle calibers and other handgun calibers that I don't shoot very much (44mag, 357mag, 38 Super, etc.)
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Old October 9, 2000, 04:41 PM   #12
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Location: Job hunting on the road...
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Let's see...

Lee turret press (for handgun stuff, and sizing .223 blasting ammo)
Lee little freebie C-frame press (use to seat .223 blasting ammo)
Lee O-frame press (use with collet dies)
Lee hand press (use with collet dies)
RCBS JR-3 press (currently at friend's place)
Redding Boss (semi-permanently in truck for use at range for .22 Waldog and 6PPC sizing)
Sinclair arbor press (for seating with Wilson hand dies)

Two Lee scales, 1 Dillon balance beam, and 1 Pact BBK

Two Lee "perfect" powder measures, one of their pistol measures, and one RCBS Uniflow with micrometer, 6" clear drop tube, and bottle adapter

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Old October 11, 2000, 05:23 PM   #13
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I have a Dillon 550 for my pistol calibers and a Lyman T-Mag for testing pistol loads, rifle, and decapping.

Two is a minimum. One progressive and then a nice Rockchucker, Hornandy, or Lyman T-Mag for specialized die work.

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Old October 11, 2000, 07:25 PM   #14
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Forgot to mention I have a Rock Chucker I use for rifle calibers, .41 mag, and .44 mag pistol.
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