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Old September 30, 2000, 12:33 AM   #26
Johnny Guest
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Beautifully written, sir. Almost made me want to go into the other room and whup out a few hundred loads. Almost.

Not that the rest didn't express my feelings as well, but I liked the part about your loading the unusual cartridges.

As to what sucks and what's neat, everyone has already covered my points pretty well.

No, wait---Something that still gives me a rush is the sensation of, how to put it? Prosperity, I guess. The feeling of prosperity in having a lot of ammo on hand, in some fairly expensive caliber--Several boxes of .30-06 or those special .257 Roberts hunting loads. You know, a hundred rounds of premium hunting ammo ges pretty pricey if you buy 'em all at once.

And the brightly polished brass and stubby blunt bullets of the long, fat .45 Colt or .44 Mag rounds-- Box after box of them.

Okay--Minor point, but I've never killed a deer with a factory handgun load, and only a couple with factory rifle ammo. Adds a little something to the hunt.

Have to just echo the thing about rifle case preparation.

Good topic, Clark.

---The Second Amendment ensures the rest of the Bill of Rights---
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Old September 30, 2000, 01:47 PM   #27
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Let's see what sucks.

realizing that you just shot your last round of reloads. Picking up all the d#%@ brass. Going thru the motions of cleaning and getting everything ready only to realize that it's Sunday 10:30p and you have to work on Mon. Starting to really get into a rythm and then get distracted. Going full steam ahead and running out of somthing before you have all the brass reloaded.

Now whats good

Having everything go just right and seeing that first round pop out of the reloader. Having just enuf powder to get that last round in. Looking at (in my case) a full closet of ammo most all of which I've reloaded. Getting out with friends to burn some of that ammo. Seeing same friends get green with envy when you're hitting better than they are. Just being out with friends on a good day. Having your best hunting partner (dog) laying at your feet knowing that what you do lets you both have fun. Having someone come up to you and want to get into reloading because they've seen your reloads and want the same accuracy. Being able to bring someone who would'nt be able to shoot much because of cost and let them burn some of your ammo cause you can always make more. And the last and biggest Being able to flip klinton and co. off cause you roll your own and you can buy in bulk!!!!

This was a great thought provoking thread makes me thankful for what I have and what I can do thnx.

Best wishes Best luck and take a kid shooting Poacher.
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Old October 1, 2000, 09:10 AM   #28
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As mentioned a couple of times before, what sucks is retreving the brass. Maybe that's why I enjoy shooting revolvers so much.
What's fun is fun is going to the range and discovering the shooters that just left don't reload, good brass all over the place. What sucks is picking up 50 .308 cases then realizing they are berdan primed.
My Son had fun one day loading up a 30 round mag of .30 carbine and popping them off as fast as he could. "Was that fun?" I asked. "Yeah!" he said with a grin. "Now find all the brass." I replied. The grin dissapeared.
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Old October 1, 2000, 09:24 AM   #29
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I see reloading as part of pistol and riflecraft. I personally enjoy it. Granted my quantities range more in the 50-100 round range. My recent purchase of a digital powder scale has increased my efficiency tremendously.
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Old October 1, 2000, 08:53 PM   #30
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Hard Case:
I hate reloading with No. 5 and accidently dumping a powder charge into the progressive mechanics. The stuff is as fine as sand and locks the dang thing up. I have to dismantle the whole setup and run it under tap water to get it all out. Water is good for steel right? I considered going out and buying an air compressor just because of this.[/quote]

Been there done that. You dont need to buy a compressor. Just go to a computer shop or Walmart and buy a 3$ can of compressed air for electronics. It's dry and its cheap and it lasts quite a while.

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