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NOSLER 185 JHP NO.5-14.5 grains 1503 FPS 38,400cup 1.250 IN.
NOSLER 185 JHP No.5 14.5 GRNS 1503 fps 38,400cup 1.250"
185 1.210" No.5 10.2gr 1102 19,900cup

From this published data [all I believe taken at Accurate Arms] one can see a range of Velocity per powder from only 108 feet per second per grain to 104 fps/gr.

Also pressure per powder ranges from 1950 cup/gr to 2648 cup/gr

This is why I use AA#5 as a standard for loads that are the minimum to cycle and action with a given recoil spring set.

Also because of it's energy per unit volume, it has the widest range of loads for semi auto pistols of 12 powders I have tried.
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Clark, no slam intended here, I have commented before on my interest in some of the work you have done but this makes no sense. The title of the thread states how linear #5 is but you have only two points on your line. If you are an engineer you know two points can ONLY give absolute linearity. As far as the ratios of pressure and velocity to grains of powder, if you mean you get the highest velocities with that powder just say so. Without something to compare them to, the ratios do not support your claim that it is the best powder for this cartridge. It would be just as meaningful to say the weight of the gun divided by barrel diameter will tell you how strong the gun is. I get the feeling you have good and interesting data but the way you are presenting this stuff is not getting it across. As an aside, I like the moderators requirement of a "don’t try this at home" message on experimental data. It could well prevent an inexperienced reloader from making a tragic assumption.
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BTW, these websites Clark listed in an earlier thread are great:
The guy tells about buying his Kimber and having the mandantory California cable lock latched through the handle of the plastic case the gun comes in. He opened the case (still locked), removed the gun to check it, and put the gun and keys in the case (still locked). Feel safer now?
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There is "Accurate Arms Number Two" which lists 45 acp +P 185 gr XTP 1.210" 10.8 gr AA#5 1192 fps 22,400 cup which calculates to 110 fps/gr.

To contrast these linear properties of AA#5, we could look at H110 in "Hodgdon's 27th" 44 mag 240 gr JHP 23 gr 25,200 cup and 24 gr 36,200 cup.

I don't mean to say that AA#5 is the best or fastest 45 acp powder. I have also used Power Pistol and Unique for 45 acp wide ranges. What AA#5 does is allow me to get a corelation between spring force and gr of powder.

Below I list the source of the spring, right handed or left handed
twist, the coil diameter, the wire diameter, the spring's free length,
the force in pounds [#] to open the action of the Patriot with that
spring installed alone, and the force to pull the slide all the way

1)Kel-Tek P40 inner: Right twist .250x.025x3.3" 2/5.9#
2)Kel-Tek P40 outer: Left twist .337x.034x3.6" 4.5/13#
3) Wolff #14 right .252x.031x cut 3.3/11.9#
4) Wolff #14 right .434x.045x cut 5/15.4#
5) Numerich assortment left 0/3.5#
Kel-Tek P11 outer left .329x.034x3"
Kel-Tek P11 inner right .243x.027x 2.5"
Kel-Tek P32 outer right .243x.025x2.5"
Kel-Tek P32 inner left .177x .020x2.1"
Wolff M43 24# right .350x.044x3.5"
Wolff Colt Comm 27# right .444x.049x4.7"
Wolff Glock19 24# outer right .406x.046x3.9"
Wolff Glock19 24# inner right .260x.027x2.6"
Wolff Tokarev right .391x.039x6"
Wolff CZ52 16.5# right .592x.050x5.5"
Wolff #14 right .390x.042"
Wolff #14 right .358x.046"
Wolff #14 right .315x.040" 0/9#
Wolff #14 right .277x.034" 3/13.5#
Wolff #14 right .266x.031" 4.2/11#
Wolff #14 right .266x.031" 6.5/14.7#
Wolff #14 right .239x.029" 2/10#
Wolff #14 right .224x.027"
Berretta 1934 right .294x.033"
Glock stock .420x.024"
Stock Patriot right .490x.046" 7.7/ 15.9#

The stock Patriot has a threshold of cycling at 7.6 gr AA#5 185 gr FMJ
OAL= 1.125".

My old setup I had was 3), 4), and 5). It adds up to 8.3/30.9# but
measured together as 11/32#. My old setup had a threshold of cycling the
action somewhere between 9.4 and 10.8 gr AA#5 185 gr FMJ OAL= 1.125"

For today's new setup I put 1), 3), and 4) together and it should add up
to 12.8/40.3#, but I measured it together and it is 14.25/42#.

With this I have found the upper limit of my ability to cycle the action
by hand. It is all my right hand can do to hang on to the slide and
apply 42 pounds of force. If I put the slide in a vise, the action is
easy to cycle manually.

The new setup has a threshold between 10 and 10.3 gr. AA#5 185gr.
1.125". This threshold corresponds to the upper limit of 45acp loads
[10.2 gr] and well below +P [10.8 gr].

[This message has been edited by Clark (edited September 14, 2000).]
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