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What is the recomended max velocity for hard cast bullets? Where are the best places to order .44 hollow point? Are .44 hollow points nescesarry, or counter productive?
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The 44 Magnum was developed with 245 hard lead SWC. Muzzle velocity was claimed as 1200 f/s. I say claimed as chronographs were NOT in casual use.

Hollowpoints were not used (too hard to cast). Oregon Trail makes a good lead bullet, and you might find a local maker that does good bullets. Go for a heavy dose of H110 or 2400 and watch for leading. When leading starts building up in a few shots, you're too hot. Or when your manual says "max".

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H110 cranks 240 gr. 44 mag up to about 1548 in a 7" bbl.

These days hard cast alloy is being used in loads up to about 2000 fps. I've been using Lazer Cast bullets -- I think Idaho -- which advertises as using a silver/lead alloy and "best accuracy at jacketed velocities."

In a 10.5 in. Ruger SBH, they seem to work for me. For general shooting/plinking, I like to load heavier lead bullets which turn out lower velocity specs. Save the super velocity stuff for light, jacketed bullets.
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Jack Straw
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Alliant lists a max of 1510fps with a 240gr cast bullet over a max load of 2400. Winchester gives a max of 1560fps with a 240gr cast bullet over a max charge of 296.
I looked up Hodgdon's H110, but they didn't give a load specifically for cast bullets.

Do you mean HP cast bullets or jacketed? I don't know where you could find cast HP's, but jacketed stuff should be pretty easy to find. Personally, I use Midway a lot.

You asked if .44HP's are necessary, which begs the question...for what? Give us some more info on what you're shooting at and we will be able to better answer your question.

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Old July 17, 2000, 01:06 PM   #5
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Thanks guys. I was looking at jacketed hollowpoints. Are hollowpoints nescesarry for hunting(200lbs and under) or for self defense? If someone were to use the .44mag for house defense wouldn't a slower round be more effective and safer?
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jetrecbn1:
If someone were to use the .44mag for house defense wouldn't a slower round be more effective and safer?[/quote]

Yes a 240 grain SWC at about 900-1000 fps would probably be better, but personally unless you are very well trained in the use of a handgun, a handgun would be not the best choice for home defense. That ole 12 Gauge crowd killer-alley sweeper with some #6 or #4 shot would probably be better if used inside. It will not expand at inside ranges so you have to shoot accuratly as with a rifle, but the penetration will not be severe where you may kill a family member 3 rooms away, which is quite possible with a handgun or a rifle, but if you hit the bad guy in the x-ring it will knock his errrrrrrr well it will knock ''him'' in the dirt forever. Even if you do not get a clean hit on him it will certainly get his attention for a second or so while you pop him again (and again and again etc.). 3 times if the game warden is around 5 if he ain't (old Cajun joke )

For those that don't know, to a Cajun, a double barrel is a 2 hole gun (also known as a twice barrel carabine) that shoots once from each hole. An aromatic shootgun is a once hole gun that fires 3 shots handrunning from the same hole..............if the game warden is around 5 if he ain't.

Carlyle Hebert

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About 12 years ago I cast a couple hundred #2 slugs with the Lyman 429421 mold. I shot fifty of them last week at the range however I really don't have the time to cast any more but I'd be interested in knowing if someone offers them already loaded or at the very least for reloading. I went for the "Elmer" factor, 22 grains of 2400. It is quite accurate in my SBH.
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