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Old July 1, 2006, 01:56 AM   #1
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As the couldn't-be-happier owner of a stainless CZ-75B, I've been thinking of picking up a CZ-97 also - always been a fan of .45s.

Anyone give me some advice on this pistol? Pro or con is gladly welcome.

I'll likely be buying new, if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance!
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Old July 1, 2006, 02:04 AM   #2
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For a CZ type, I'd look to a .45 EAA Witness instead. Not only are they much cheaper, they have a tougher finish and are smaller all around. They use the same 10 round mag, though.

The 97 is often reported to be sketchy with hollowpoints, and is not legal for use in IDPA due to the full length dustcover. A gun that is not reliable with carry ammo or welcome at common competition is not so useful to me.
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Old July 1, 2006, 08:27 AM   #3
Old Coastie
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There is no better 45 available for the price than the CZ97. Its accuracy is great and the finish is as tough as nails. It is on the large size, however. I would suggest you try to shoot any pistol before you buy it.

Good shooting,

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Old July 1, 2006, 09:37 AM   #4
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Quality-wise the CZ-97B is a better gun.

Owners report it as the most accurate out-of-the-box .45 many have ever seen.

A few owners report that the gun sometimes won't feed hollow point ammo out of the box, but that after a trip back for a "fix" the gun feeds most anything.

On many models, CZ for unknown reasons, continues to use triggers shaped so that they lay too far forward, making an unnecessarily long trigger reach, and the 97B is one of these.
I have been told that other CZ triggers with a more curved shape that lay farther back can be installed on the 97B.

The 97B is a BIG heavy gun, with a larger grip than the EAA.
Reportedly, some EAA accessories like ambidextrous safeties can be modified to work on the CZ.

One design feature I'm a little uncomfortable with is that the 97B's firing pin is retained by a roll pin.
I rather suspect that this is one auto you might not want to dry fire much without snap caps.

The EAA is a "best buy" on quality/price.
They have plenty of options and accessories available, and their triggers have excellent shapes that are about as far to the rear as is possible.

The EAA is a slightly smaller, lighter gun, but not as good quality as the CZ.
EAA is undergoing an upgrade project to improve the guns, introduce new models, AND to improve their service departments bad reputation for poor conduct to their customers.

Given a choice:
If I could replace or modify the 97B's trigger, and my hands were large enough, I'd personally buy the CZ.

If I had smaller hands, needed options like an ambidextrous safety, and was on a tight budget, I wouldn't hesitate to buy an EAA steel Witness.
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Old July 1, 2006, 01:14 PM   #5
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It is a large pistol. Before you buy, make sure it fits you. But the weight, especialy on the heavy dustcover realy tame the recoil. The polycoat finish on mine is durable, with no wear. Mags are a little on the pricey side for CZ, but not terrible. Mine has had the feed ramp polished and has had no feeding problems, with the exception being Wolf FMJ. The dust cover is not full length, it stops a quarter inch short. I know it is IPSC legal and I always thought that the IDPA rules were stupid anyway. So a weapon that feeds HPs and is legal in THE most common competition is a good gun in my book. Before you buy, make sure it fits you.

If you shoot IPSC, it would be a great L-10 gun, especialy with loads at power factor.
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Old July 1, 2006, 06:02 PM   #6
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I'm thinking of picking up one of these here pretty soon. I have handled them and had the chance to shoot one. The recoil is relatively mild. The accuracy is unimprovable and the ergonomics are supremely comfortable. Get one now before the price goes up. CZ prices in my local stores are getting pretty up there. Oh, and the reason some of them have problems with hollow points is that they are banned in the Czech republic, where the CZs are manufactured. They are designed and tested with FMJ in mind.
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Old July 1, 2006, 08:42 PM   #7
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I have 8 CZ pistols total with the 97B being one of them.It is a great gun handles well shoots great.I have a Colt 70 Series and the Sig P220 and the 97B is right there with them.The CZ line of pistols are the best value for the money out there.The blueing reminds me of the older days when pistols had the deep dark shiny blue finish.You will be happy with this pistol.
Good Luck
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Old July 2, 2006, 12:52 PM   #8
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I have a 97b and what everyone else said has been my experience as well. I would add one thing though and that is if you want to buy a new one try to find a RSR special. They are the duel tone and nickle plated ones and sell for much less than the usual asking price. I found a duel tone at a gun show new in the box with all the accessories for $499 out the door. They are a discontinued finish sold to RSR who in turn sold them at a low price to dealers. There also were about 120 in total imported and they may go up in value.
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Old July 2, 2006, 02:27 PM   #9
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The 97B is a BIG heavy gun
Thing is frickin' huge. Handle it before you buy.
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Old July 2, 2006, 02:36 PM   #10
Hard Ball
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It is a superb pistol IF it fits yout hand.
"I swear to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemeis domestic or foreign WHOMSOEVER."
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