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Old March 16, 2000, 07:34 PM   #1
Hard Ball
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I have three Smith&Wesson .45ACP revolvers (A model 25, a model 26, and a model 625). All three are very accurate with metal jacketed bullets, but I can't seem to get good results with reloads using lead bullets. I don't have this problem with my Colt Gold Cup. Is this something inherent in the revolvers, the rifling perhaps, or is there some special reloading techniques I need to know?
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Old March 17, 2000, 12:12 AM   #2
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It could simply be that your revolvers don't like the load you're using or perhaps the bullets are too soft.
I shoot more lead than anything else in my .45acps and .45 Colts with good results. I'd try experimenting with the loads and some different bullets first.

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Old March 17, 2000, 07:48 AM   #3
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I second Grafox's comment's. I have a 1955 Target and 2 625's (5" & 3") and they all shoot lead bullets great. One thing that I do with my 45 ACP revolvers is to use a seperate batch(one certain headstamp)of brass that only goes in my revolvers. I do this because I Redding profile roll crimp the ammo for my revolvers. I have found this to make things more consistant. As grafox said, experiment with some different loads and bullets.

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Old March 17, 2000, 09:57 AM   #4
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Hard Ball,

Like the other folks have suggested, I'd try several different loads. You probably should concentrate on the bullet 1st, velocity 2nd.

For a place to start, I'll pass on my favorite (most accurate) .45 acp load. I use it in all my .45's, including a 625.

200 grain LSWC cast Silver Bullet (fairly hard)
4.5 grains Bullseye
Federal standard primers
Mixed cases

I seat the bullet just a couple thousandths short of the SWC sholder, and use a slight roll crimp.

Good Luck...


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Old March 17, 2000, 12:10 PM   #5
Hard Ball
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Join Date: November 28, 1999
Location: California
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I have tried a number of different loads and powders. I think perhaps you have identified the problem. It may well be bullet hardness.
I wil get some hardcast lead bullets and try again.

Thanks for the advice.
Hard Ball
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Old March 17, 2000, 05:26 PM   #6
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I've had good luck with the 200 gr. H&G bullet cast hard, over both Bullseye and Unique, in my 1911's and revolvers. For the S&W 25-2, I also like to use the 250 gr. .45Colt Keith bullet in either ACP or Auto Rim cases, for a sort of pseudo-Webley 'punkin-ball' load. It takes a well-tuned 1911 to shoot as well as a revolver with these loads. Even my Ruger Blackhawk convertible shoots the 200 gr. well in its ACP cylinder. Part of my good accuracy may be because I have put a Brownell custom barrel chamfer on all my revolvers. It has usually helped reduce leading and spitting, and increased accuracy, on every gun so altered. slabsides

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Old March 17, 2000, 06:26 PM   #7
Trigger Jerk
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No one has yet mentioned the possibillity that the forcing cone might need to be opened up a little. You need a little "wider funnel" for the lead bullets.

The crown could be another problem, but I doubt it since your accuracy is okay with jacketed bullets.
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Old March 20, 2000, 02:18 PM   #8
Paul B.
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I have not seen anyone mention chamber mouths. If the lead bullet is smaller than the chamber mouths, this can be a source of inaccuracy. Colt Single Actions are notorious for having that problem. See if your bullets are a snug, or better yet, tight fit in the chamber mouths.
Paul B.
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