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Old February 5, 2000, 03:15 PM   #1
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I was reading with inerest the thread on brass deformation and it seemed that some were saying not to reload for the Glocks unsupported chamber as this will cause bulges at the base.

Did I hear this wrong or is this true I have a glock 9mm and am thinking of reloading for it.

Also anyone know of the best price for a Dillon 650?

Thanks in advance,

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Both my Accurate and Hodgdon basic reloading manuals have a warning about using reloads in pistols without fully supported chambers, Both manuals issue this warning in reference to 40 S&W loads. I have also read a couple of magazine articles that mention the same warning but do not mention any pistol mfgs or models. Dillon's current catolog lists the XL650 at $443.95.

Good Luck
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Old February 6, 2000, 09:36 AM   #3
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the whole reason i posted that string was a glock that blew? a caseweb...i had never heard of a caseweb..or an unsupported chmber for that and wasnt my glock
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I think I remember hearing the trem "unsupported chamber".

What does that refer to?? Are all Glocks this way???

Be Safe, Be Trained

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Old February 6, 2000, 10:04 AM   #5
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Unsupported chambers mostly only deals with guns chambered for the 40S&W. When the 40 was first introduced, the design concept was to introduce the cartridge in a 9mm sized gun, and not to have to enlarge the frames. Such was the problem with the 10mm, too large a frame and too harsh a recoil for the "average" LEO or agent issued the weapon. Thus began the development of the 40.
As the 40 case is about .10 inch longer than the 9mm, to keep the same dimensions on the pistol one has to make a choice. Either legnthen the pistol slightly or shorten the barrel slightly, and provide a fully supported chamber, or make a sacrafice on chamber legnth at the base of the case and keep overall barrel legnth the same as the 9mm version of the same pistol. This is the thickest and toughest area (called the "case web") of any given cartridge. Glock made the engineering decision to keep overall legnths and sacrafice some support in this area by the feed ramp. This leads to bulges in the brass with certain loads, and a marked problem with reloading spent 40 S&W brass fired from these pistols. Also, reloads with bulged brass often have problems chambering even after "full legnth resizing". If the bulge (read "weak spot") is again oriented on the unsupported area and fired, the risk of splitting the case increases greatlly, thus the much touted Kb factor with 40 S&W Glocks.
I myself have seen 2 Glocks go suprenova when using reloads. Both were with 180gn reloads, which have a known overpressure potential problem in Glocks due to setback of the bullet caused by feeding and incorrect/low neck tension and using max loads. Both detonated rounds in the magazine, too.
I've reloaded thousands of rounds of every power level in both 9mm and 40S&W. I've never encountered any problems with 9mm, as the chambers in these guns are very nearly all fully supported in any quality pistol, but Glocks (and a few others) in 40S&W take more attention to detail with reloads. Pay special attention to sizing and use max loads with CAUTION. I'm not saying that it can't be done, just use your use your head, and allow common sense to prevail.
Use quality brass, clean properly, check for bulges after resizing, and pay attention to detail. Use published, established safe reloading data only. Inspect your loaded rounds before firing, and have fun!
By the way, I use a Lee Pro 1000, and a Dillon 650 is my next toy. Good choice and happy reloading!

Remember, no matter where you go, there you are!

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Thanks to everyone for the reply's.

Banzai, thank you for the excellent info. I think I am going to take the leap and start rollin' my own .

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And I've got some recipes for you from my G26! Check out TiteGroup or Universal for your powder.

The Seattle SharpShooter
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Old February 7, 2000, 11:01 PM   #8
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All Glocks have unsupported chambers in the 6 o'clock position. It's not problem for reloading any rounds other than .40 S&W.
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