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Old May 7, 2006, 09:50 PM   #1
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The Armory: Grrrrrrrr!!

After waiting over a week for some ammo(XM855PD) to ship from "The Armory". ( I found out today (after trying twice to contact them) they have been out for over a month! Their site (even now) shows "in stock/taking orders". and other choices show "out of stock" as though they update regularly. I got an acknowledgement of my order right away, but nothing about their having no stock. The site even says "the cases I have opened are marked '03-'05". Maybe they were, but will the next batch that is expected "maybe Monday"? It's been over a month so who knows? I told them to cancel my order and, if they already charged my card, to credit it PROMPTLY. I also explained WHY to them. Had they let me(a paying customer)know the ammo was back-ordered, I could have made a decision to wait or look elsewhere. (I am looking elsewhere). Watch out for these guys and their deceptive site ads.
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Old May 8, 2006, 09:36 AM   #2
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You posted and wanted a response

From your posting, I discerned a few things:

1. you ordered over the internet, made a selection without exchanging word communications and received an acknowledgment. Most places are set up to automatically charge before causing an employee/employees to pick items from a warehouse only to find out that your credit might not be good.

2. you expected ammo delivery in one week. Is that really realistic? My experience, as a dealer, is that even guys with stock on the loading dock cannot get ammo to me from the east coast in one week.

3. you are pissed because someone sold you ammo and didn't have the decency to tell you it wasn't in stock. I had that happen recently. The company had been out for over three months and didn't know when to expect a new shipment in. Yes, I expected the courtesy of a call and the option to cancel. Didn't receive the courtesy. Why don't you take your posting and send it to the company? Recently, a guy on one of these boards had a problem with a manufacturer of gun parts that is located about 3 miles from me. I simply took the whole thread and emailed it to the company. The next day, things were made right.

In any business, bad word of mouth travels faster than good word of mouth. Send your email to the company and maybe the company will change its practices.
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Old May 8, 2006, 11:09 AM   #3
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If they dont charge till they ship.....I can live with that. In fact I have some 8mm backordered but no charge till shipment. I was notified within 4 days of the problem via mail. I have gotten my ammo within 7 business days from them sometimes less. They also had posted on thier website that the shipment was expected to be recieved by a date but when it didnt come they mailed me,

All this was done by ordering over the internet without exchanging words.....

If they refuse to give you a credit call your credit card company, they will take care of the problem.
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Old May 8, 2006, 05:49 PM   #4
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The Armory did, in fact get two e-mails from me as well as this thread, and a call to them today. When(for example) Cabela's has what I need, and I order it online, they notify wether they have stock and when they expect to ship, like Wideners, Midway, Brownells,Marine Depot, and a host of businesses I do online business with for about ten years now. The longest any company has taken to ship to me when they have stock is a week (not when I receive, but when they actually send)(and the better co.'s notify as they are shipping). My beef, if you take a look at their site, is that they appear to have stock on some things and others, not. They give the appearance that their site is updated regularly as one cannot order what they do not show stock on. The XM855pd (even now) shows "in stock, taking orders". The truth is that they haven't had stock in over a month and don't know when they will. I wasn't informed I was signing up for a backorder, like Cabela's or Midway does on some things. They don't appear to allow for such backordering on any other items on their site. I have yet to "call to confirm stock" when ordering online(I would just make a phone order in that case). All I'm asking is for some communication, very easily done in the age of e-mail. I'm quite a good customer and very patient, I just want to know, thats all. As far as knowing about my credit, most businesses charge right before shipping and The Armory is no different. It takes seconds to find out wether my credit is good from the time they push "enter" to Visa with my info. I don't know of any online businesses that ship before charging(at least not those still in business). I do ALOT of business online and have come to expect at least a minimum of info. or at least a timely answer to an e-mail or phone call. Nuff said, thanks for reading,
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Old May 9, 2006, 06:02 PM   #5
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Posts: 2,299 or natchez aways have updated inventories on their sites and I have never had a problem before. Plus they both have super fast shipping. Maybe you should try them next time. Plus they both have lots of sales (picked up some 7mm Rem Mag 140gr Nosler Balistic tips for 15.99!! That's primo new ammo that is half off retail!!
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Old May 10, 2006, 03:50 PM   #6
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I don't ever assume a company has something in stock unless they specifically say they do

Too many of them don't update their site
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