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Cranky War Vet
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no, i can't think of a case where a lawful ccw had trial issues over handloads. but consider this- many non-gun types ridicule us ccw's as being paranoid. how many times have you been held at gunpoint, they scoff. but you and i both know that it is a very real possibility, and we're choosing not to become victims. it is that same "paranoia" that keeps me from modifying the trigger on my ccw, that keeps me from decking out my home defense shotgun with fancy tactical plastic add-ons, and that keeps me from carrying handloads for personal defense. just because i've never known anybody who has had these things brought against them specifically in a trial does not mean it is not a very real possibility, and i am thus choosing not to become a victim. but do what thou wilt, it's a free country. . in a perfect world, none of this would matter. personally, the urban liberal/socialist political climate has me feeling quite paranoid- the freedom to defend ourselves is slowly being dissolved by complicated new law, piece by blood-earned piece. if i end up defending myself before a jury, i want every advantage possible. six of twelve will be liberal, five of those will be anti-gun. the other six will be conservative, and there is greater than one in a hundred chance that one of those six will be a handloader or a ccw holder. it's no time to play idealist when my own freedom is at stake.
my first ccw class was a semester-long gig through the police academy. most of the folks in the class were on the l.e. career path. the instructor couldn't stress enough the taboo against carrying handloads, and i respected his warnings. his concerns have been echoed by the state-certified private instructors i've trained with as well. there must be a reason for it.
lock and load one thirty-round magazine, move your selector from safe to semi, and watch your lane
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Well, Crank, from where I sit I see just the opposite. Case is point is Kansas just passing CCW by an override of the Governor's veto. I was at the US Army Sergeants Major Academy in 1987 when Florida CCW went into effect and there was a National Guard LEO in my class who was married to another LEO (different departments) and they were concerned what it would be like when they went home. Well the blood and carnage in the street scenario hyped by the nay sayers never materialized. Since then, how many states have enacted CCW? In addition, many states have or right now are enacting castle doctrine and laws regarding threatened space. All of this is being done to INSURE that personal rights are protected. The personal defense weapon could be something as simple as a kitchen knife, a ball bat, or a handgun (pray forbid it would have handloads!). So, to that end, you may be afforded some protection from criminal prosecution, but not necesarrily from civil. If you're afraid of being prosecuted or sued, one option is stay home. Country ain't so free now. Is it?

Of course, all of this is getting away from the original thread. Regardless of choice of CCW, you need to use it regularly, maintain it regularly. If it has function issues, repair it. sundog
safety first
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I guess I'm going to have to relearn everything. Lead isn't that popular and it's prone to malfunction. Can you imagine that? Thirty years of casting, hand loading, and shooting right down the toilet....
Where have you been? Jacketed projectiles replaced plain lead over 100 years ago. Get with the program!

And lead causes cancer too!

As far as reloads for self defense, I present to you the following:

Are we not allowed to use these for self defense?
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May/June 2006 American Handgunner

This issue of the magazine has two articles about handloads by Massad Ayoob. One about a cop that was charged criminally with felony aggravated assult. He was acquitted, but it caused the Hampton NH PD to insist that officers carry issued guns and issued ammo, N.H. v. James Kennedy.

The second article is about a woman who committed suicide with one of her husbands handloads in a revolver. The handloads were in cartridge cases marked +P and other loads found in the house were also +P and when tested deposited residue out to 50" from the target. They charged him with murder and after 4 trials, he was convicted of reckless manslaughter and given a six year sentence, of which he served 3 years and was released on parole. The ordeal lasted over a decade, bankrupted Mr Bias, and as a convicted felon he is forbidden to own firearms now. Although not self defense per se, the same situation is possible in a self defense scenario. N.J. v. Daniel N. Bias.

I think I will stick to factory self defense loads. Just my 2 cents.
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