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Old October 31, 1999, 04:50 PM   #1
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Hey guys,

I've been reading every reloading forum I can find for the last six months getting ready to start reloading. Something doesn't make sense to me. Why do most people recommend the Rockchucker (THE most rcommended press besides Dillon) over a turret press? RCBS does make a turret press that has caught my eye. It doesn't make sense to me. Am I missing something?

Thanks for the help,
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Old October 31, 1999, 06:08 PM   #2
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Depends what you are reloading. I use my Turrent press to do 9mm, 38, 357, 45acp, 44 mag, and 223. For these short rounds, it is great. You can change calibers in 30 seconds and load a box of 50 in 10 minutes. For full size rifle cartridges, I would go with the Rock Chucker. I don't think I would even attempt to load for 30-06 on my turrent press. For extreme accuracy, the Rock Chucker would get the nod. There is some play between the turrent and the top of the machine in the turrent press. I shoot plates so the turrent press is perfect for me. It produces great ammo, is much quicker than a single stage press, and I can change calibers in less than a minute.
Good shootin to ya
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Old October 31, 1999, 09:44 PM   #3
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personally I agree with plateshooter. Also the rockchucker is stronger and doesn't have the flex when loading larger caliber rifle cases. I'm also of the mind that someone who is new to reloading needs to get use to the process of reloading, from depriming to seating the bullet. Take your time and learn the steps first. If you get in too big a hurry you can cause yourself some problems,such as stuck case, broken depriming pin, cockeyed seated bullet and so forth. Once you have the process down pat and you find yourself shooting a lot then get yourself a turrent press. Rolling your own one round at a time can be very satisfying and can help you find the most accurate load for your gun. Have fun!

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Old November 1, 1999, 12:38 AM   #4
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Gino, what do you intend to reload ??
If your going to concentrate on pistol get a Dillon. If your going to work mostly with rifles get a single stage to start with.
Single stage is most precise but will work you to death with handguns if your shoot much.
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Old November 1, 1999, 02:03 PM   #5
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Thanks for the responses! I'm looking at 9mm and 223 reloading to start. I've been looking at the Rockchucker because everyone seems to recommend it. But the $ outlay is pretty significant this time of year. I think I'll look at the Crusher 2 or another "not quite a Rockchucker" type press to start out. I'm even thinking aboout the Dillon Single stage that can be upgraded later, but money needs to be considered.

Thanks again!
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Old November 1, 1999, 04:48 PM   #6
Alan B
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Get a Dillion 550b you can single stage with it if you want to, and best of all once you set up the dies in the tool head thats it. You dont have to set them up evertime you change to the next die. I have a cheap lee single stage I only use to to deprime mil brass and to resize with small base rifle dies for auto loaders. It doesnt get alot of work.
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Old November 1, 1999, 07:51 PM   #7
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Just a method that I use for 308s.I resize in a single stage.Clean my primer pockets and check length.When this all done I run the rounds through my dillon.The system is then a lot faster then the single stage.The best of both I think.
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Old November 1, 1999, 11:23 PM   #8
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Just a thought, the RCBS RockChucker and the next smaller size can be fitted with the PiggyBack II when you feel the need to go to a progressive. It's only an additional $130.
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Old November 7, 1999, 06:26 PM   #9
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I have produced a lot of good, dependable handgun ammo with my crappy Lee Loadmaster. If I had it do do over again, I'd have gone ahead and bought a Dillon 650. However, the guy said that $$ was a consideration, so he's not going to spring for a Dillon. You can get a Rockchucker for around $84. That's not a huge inve$tment for quality and safety.

I just about went nuts with headspacing problems when I first started reloading for .400 Cor-Bon. Tried both Lee and RCBS dies on my crappy Loadmaster. Then I tried loading .223. I didn't realize that the headspacing was off on the .223 until I invested in a Wilson case gage. The problem is in the design of the Loadmaster shellplate. You absolutely can't adjust the sizing die down enough to sufficiently bump the shoulder of bottleneck cases. I changed to the Rockchucker, and miracles began to happen. All the headspaces were perfect. With the Glock, I wasn't getting good lockup. With my Bush, I didn't know the difference until I read about some problems in AR's caused by bad headspacing. That's when I bought the Wilson gage.

If you're only going to load straight-walled handgun ammo, and you have a sizeable budget for Valium and Paxel, then go ahead and buy a Loadmaster for under $200. Otherwise, get the Rockchucker and go with the Piggyback or some other progressive alternative later.
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