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Old September 28, 1999, 02:26 AM   #1
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I just started reloading bullets for my Colt .45 ACP Defender. When shooting I have problems with the fired case getting stuck on the bullet that is still in the clip. I have been loading Speer 200 grn. gold dot hallow points with Alliant Power Pistol. the fired case does not jam up in the same place each time. Once I push the bullet that is in the clip back and down into the clip the fired case falls out.Could somebody please help me. Also I have fired factory ammo and it does not jam up at all.
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Old September 29, 1999, 01:01 PM   #2
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What's the speed of your reloads?

Sounds suspiciously like the slide is not getting enough rearward speed to make the ejector kick the empty out. That leaves the empty hanging out there for the next round to press upward on it. It would then by "held" between the extractor on one side, the breechface cuts on the top and other side, and the following cartridge on the bottom.

Can you yank the slide back hard after this jam and get the empty to eject? If so, you may need to increase your powder charge...

But ONLY IF you're still within published load data from Alliant AND there are no high pressure signs on your primers.

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Old September 29, 1999, 03:54 PM   #3
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The extractor (claw) is toward the rear of the gun. (like it tried to grab the brass but it did not get a good grip on it).The brass has marks on it where the extractor slipped off of it. I can pull the slide back but it does not grab the fired brass. After I drop the clip out I can close the slide and extract the bullet then. I have loaded all of my bullets with the same grain of bullets and sometimes I can shoot 21 rounds with no problems but then I can load more rounds and it will jam. One thing I have noticed is that there is a small bulge on my brass when I am pressing the bullet into the brass. I have tried to center the bullet before I press it in but it still can't get the bulge to go away. Just about all of my bullets have this bulge and not all of them jam up.( the bulge is on one side only). I can use all of the help I can get. Spanky
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Old September 30, 1999, 05:12 PM   #4
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So the ejector is losing the case--the empty is out there in the breeze and the slide is farther back trying to pick up the next round?

Ohboy, this could get tough long distance.

1. How do the loaded rounds chamber-check? Take barrel out, drop rounds in chamber. If they "clunk" all the way forward to headspace on the case mouth, and fall out freely when your turn the barrel's muzzle to the sky, don't worry about that bulge today.

2. How do the loaded rounds chamber? Following all standard safety procedures, put one round in a magazine and load the pistola. Slowly pull the slide back and look to see if the extractor starts out working properly, engaged in the extractor groove and all that.

Note--when the slide moves forward and stripsthe round from the mag, the head of the case should slide on the breechface, so what looks almost like a rim slips UNDER the extractor. If the round pops forward of the extractor, the "snap over the case" action into the extractor groove is only a follow-up/backup means of gettng the gun ready to fire.

3. Have any factory ammo to compare with? Okay, just re-read your stuff and factory goes out okay...See * below. I'm beginning to suspect a worn/ bent/ otherwise not quite right extractor. When properly installed, the extractor will actually hold the fired case on the breechface -- after the mouth clears the chamber -- until the ejector kicks it out. The usually even hold a live round that's being extracted--even with no magazine in and gravity tugging on the round...

More favorable variables with new ammo _could_ leave that stuff less vulnerable to problems from a bum extractor. It should take a huge amount of resistance for the extractor to pull off of the rim...

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Old October 2, 1999, 07:48 PM   #5
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I liked Cheapo first post. Have you compared how far the empties fly, factory vs reloads. You could just have low powered ammo. 2nd idea; have you shot this gun much before this? Do you have a good consistint grip on the gun? My wife has a weaker grip and can manage to get just about any Colt to choke in the manner you describe.
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Old October 3, 1999, 07:07 PM   #6
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Does it malfunction with factory ammo?
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Old October 3, 1999, 08:48 PM   #7
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As previously mentioned, it sounds as if the extractor is bad (either the tension is bad, or perhaps the hook of the extractor is worn/broke). While some may dismiss it as "gamey" (given its popularity with IPSC shooters), the AFTEC ACE extractor is the best that I have ever used. Tension is supplied by two small springs in the body of the extractor, and does it ever work well! If you need more info on this, let me know.

The bulge that you are experiencing is most likely caused by over expanding or belling of the case mouth. You want only a minimal amount of belling on the case. Just enough to where a bullet can be started for the seating operation.
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