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Old March 24, 2006, 02:20 PM   #1
Join Date: October 28, 2005
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which gun

Ok I know this question have been asked time and time again, but here goes.

I just got done taking my CCW class which I found to be very fun and interesting, I didnt want it to end. But now I need to know which gun would be best for me to start out with. I have been shooting at a couple of ranges and, but never really thought about what gun. Just went to shoot. Lately I have been look alot though and I cant decide between a glock and sig. I want somthing in a 9mm and will do everthing. ( go to the range, carry conceled, home defence.... everything). I am kinda leaning toward the Sig because of the look and I like the safety features on it. It has just enough safety not to much and not to little. Now I havnt held or shot either one, but have doone a lot of research for both and they get high reviews. What are people hear thinking about them ect. In the sig the 226 looks like a good all around gun but I cant really say anything about the glock. so afther all that what can you say about them

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Old March 24, 2006, 02:55 PM   #2
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Location: Santiago, Chile
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Someone's going to barge in and tell you anything in 9mm is crap .

Then someone's going to tell you that all Glocks are a POS .

Then someone else will tell you the same about the SIG .

So you will be little better off than before .

Best to rent extensively at ranges and make your own mind up . Glocks and SIGs both have their lovers and haters, and at the end of the day it boils down to personal preference - how well each fits you!
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Old March 24, 2006, 02:57 PM   #3
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Glock 17. Or Glock 19.

Most dependable one out there IMO. Good carry peice too. I would go with the 19 for ccw, it is a little smaller.
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Old March 24, 2006, 03:14 PM   #4
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9mm are crap.

Glocks are POS.

SIG's are POS.

Ok, so my question is: which gun did you use at your CHL class?

Opinions for carry weapons will vary widely, but it's all going to depend on:
  1. Your experience
  2. Your level of training
  3. Your skill
  4. Your personal preference

Yup, do your research, narrow your choices down to 8 or 10 and then go to a range and shoot them.
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David Williams

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Old March 24, 2006, 03:48 PM   #5
Glenn E. Meyer
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You won't go wrong with either.

The Glock is cheaper.

Buy one and then go take some basic pistol classes. The training is more important than the gun. In fact, IMHO, you could have chosen from many quality guns without making a difference in their utility to you.

What will make a difference is training. Have an expert teach you to shoot.
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Old March 24, 2006, 04:21 PM   #6
trigger happy
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get both..I'd go with the Sig first though
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Old March 24, 2006, 04:22 PM   #7
Join Date: January 7, 2006
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I'm no expert on pistols but I've been shooting a little more at the range the past couple weeks. Last week I used a Glock 9mm provided by the range. The gun shot a very sporadic pattern and jammed twice on me. It ejected the empty cases very sporadically as well. The week before I used a Colt 1911 .45acp. It shot a pretty good pattern. I had no problems with jamming and the empties ejected exactly the same every round. The range operator told me that Glocks were notorious for jamming if they weren't held firmly enough because of the recoil. I know I wasn't "limp-wristing" it and the .45 had a hell of a lot more recoil and I had no problems with that gun. Now I'm not a Glock "hater", I can only speak from my limited experience, but I wouldn't buy one. I have no experience with the sig. I would look into the Springfield XD. That looks like a pretty awesome gun and I know Springfield makes good stuff. Pretty reasonable price to, around $500.
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Old March 24, 2006, 04:55 PM   #8
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I own both the Glock 26 (9mm) and Glock 27 (40 cal.) and have never had any jamming or ejection problems whatsoever and both guns are very accurate. I also own a Springfield Armory .45 ACP Ultra Compact V-10 that is the most accurate firearm in my entire collection.

I have just ordered a XD45 which I intend to make my fulltime carry gun which will replace my Ruger SP101.

Like many said, it's a personal preference and only you can decide.
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Old March 24, 2006, 06:15 PM   #9
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Glenn is right. Wondering which gun is 'right' for you at this point is a bit like not being a wine drinker and then springing for a $1,000 bottle at dinner but not being able to fully appreciate it.

Training and experience are really the only ways to figure out which minute differences between this weapon or that you prefer.

At this point in time, the $5 bottle is no different than the $1,000.
Semper Fi-
David Williams

"Sabah al khair -- ismee Dave, ahnee al Shayṭān"
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Old March 24, 2006, 06:32 PM   #10
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Decide on caliber and then go to a gun shop and pick them up and see how they feel in your hand. If it feels good, it probably will work for you. I like Glocks, but that is me and I have had no problems with jamming. I also prefer 40 S&W.

My personal feeling is that you will probably be happier with something smaller than a Glock if carry is your primary concern. They are kind of thick. Think about how you are going to conceal your choice which is why I went with a revolver (S&W 442 or 642). Some like the Kal-tecs which are very small.

The deal is that a small carry gun is not necessarily the same gun you might want to do a lot of shooting with. My favorite general purpose is the Glock 23. Small enough for careful concealment, great for home defense, and shoots good.

What did you qualify with in the class? I have heard stories that if you qualify with an auto, then you are also "qualified" with a revolver. The caliber consideration would apply with revolvers... if you qualify with a 44 mag, then you are considered "qualified" with any lesser caliber. I used a 357 mag myself as I can't imagine using a 41 or 44 for concealed carry.
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Old March 24, 2006, 07:19 PM   #11
Join Date: October 28, 2005
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I didnt have to shoot in the class that I took. It was a rather easy class to be honest. It was a instructor talking for about 3 hours. That was it. No shooting or showing you know which end of the gun the shoots. I thought I was a little to easy, but hey I live in Utah
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Old March 24, 2006, 07:27 PM   #12
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Everybody is right... but make sure that you try a CZ Compact in 9mm.

Quality firearm.
Ammo is cheap.
Easy to conceal.
Affordable... > $400

My $.02

Enjoy the journey.
Be careful out there.
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Old March 24, 2006, 08:17 PM   #13
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I own a Sig 226 and have rented a Glock 19 and a Sig 239.

For carry, I would go with the Sig 239. For me, my carry piece is (1) a carry piece, (2) a range piece because I practice a lot with it, and (3) a home-defense piece, because it is the only gun that never goes in the safes. Mine is a Ruger SP-101 in .357 magnum, but I would feel equally protected with a Sig 239. Because I shoot way, way better with the Sig, I guess I would feel even better protected. Should have bought the Sig

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Old March 24, 2006, 08:25 PM   #14
fairview mick
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I can't imagine the Glock proplems your speaking of. I've 4 Glocks, all cal;s except .45 and never once in any of the guns did I have a problem. I've installed 3.5#triggers and adjustable rear sights in all of them. That's the only mods. If your gun is not ejecting, I would strongly suspect "Limp Wristing", or possibly poor ammo. One other guess could be that the range never maintained the guns. Glock is not a thing of cosmetic beauty, but they are always dependable.
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Old March 24, 2006, 09:06 PM   #15
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Go rent a bunch of different guns and try them all. Go with the gun that fits you best ,and you can get hits with. Nothing the matter with a 9mm ,as long as you can hit what you aim at. Regards 18DAI.
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Old March 28, 2006, 12:11 AM   #16
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Location: Northern Utah
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Good question.

I have never shot a Glock, but have hefted a few and was not impressed.

The other day I hefted a Browning in .40 cal and thought that gun felt very good. I wanted to shoot it but alas that wasn't in the cards.

Also I like the looks and feel of the Springfield 1911.

For me it has to feel good in the hand and have the look of a finely machined tool.

You just gotta try out a few. If there is a range where you can rent them GREAT! No such convenience around here.

I own only revolvers. There are some nice revolvers out there. You might want to try a couple revolvers if you get a chance.
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