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Snipers don't only shoot for the head anyway. Carlos Hathcock, arguably the greatest sniper in American history killed most of his 93 confirmed enemy kills with non head shots. I read the book 93 confirmed kills and remember a general, Apache, a kid riding a bike loaded with ak-47's, and a bunch of enemy soldiers (I think a company)he pinned down for over a day.
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I read that book too...but need to refresh my memory. Wasn't that the longest recorded kill ever? 2,500 yards? Thats almost 1.5 miles away! And that was with a .50 cal machine gun fitted with an unertl scope!!!! C. Hathcock was the best ever!
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Yeah but all those kills were with rifle rounds, we are talking about handguns. totally different.
There are many things in life that are out of my control. Recoil isn't one of them.
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I really think that this whole discussion about "a pistol shot will or won't kill" is primarily a waste of time.
I think that it varys depending on the situation. Yes, many have survived a gun shot to the abs, chest, head, etc........but there have been MANY, MANY more that have NOT survived the exact same shots.
The whole point SHOULD be, be armed and greatly increases your chances of making it home safe and sound.
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Mr. Double Naught,

I have no intention of getting into a debate with you but if you're going to nit-pick every word I said let me clarify a few things. The statement I made about a sniper aiming for the spot below the nose I saw on a program about police snipers on The History Channel. They showed a man holding a hostage with a knife to her throat and needed to "shut him off like a switch" so he could not harm her and they did indeed do so by aiming at that exact point, just below the nose! He fell into a heap without making so much as a sound. I saw this video with my own eyes but of course you'll say the video was doctored! Sorry but the program was not about anatomy and exactly why the sniper aimed for that particular spot.

I simply mentioned that "light switch" comment as an after thought but you felt the need to enlighten us all on how "I was told by a person who enjoys blatant over-simplification or has an amazingly poor understanding of terminal ballistics. " It was only an hour long program and maybe they didn't have the time to go into all the details of anatomy and the fact that the shot is a very complex shot to make because of all the parameters involved. I suppose I could contact The History Channel and tell them you're pissed about that!

I suppose if I had mentioned how blue the sky is around here you would have felt compelled to provide a thesis on the weather and atmosphere just to show everyone how brilliant you are.
So I take it you learned this as well from your TV sniper buddy on the History Channel?
More sarcasm? My aren't we being defensive.
FYI, when I copy and paste stuff, I cite the web page.
So what the hell does that got to do with anything? I could copy and paste the bible but that doesn't make me an expert on religion! So you "cited" it from the web, does that makes it fact or correct? That's like saying if it ain't in the New York Post it ain't true! (Yes Virgina.)

You know I've got a brother-in-law who always, no matter what we're talking about has to say, well ya know actually that's not right or he says no, no you're wrong! He insults everyones intelligence and no one in the family wants to talk to him because he thinks he's an expert on everything!

Just thought I'd mention that as an after thought.
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