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Old December 31, 2005, 10:44 PM   #1
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Handgun Scope - Burris vs. Leupold

I have a S&W 627 PC 357 with the 5" barrel. I primarily shoot targets with it. I was thinking of a 2x scope (I am not steady enough for more x). I compared a 2x Burris to a 2x Leupold at Gander Mountain today. I thought the 2x Burris was heavier and appeared to be slightly more clear. That is I could read a sign at the other end of the store with the 2x Burris but could not quite make it out with the 2x Leupold. Maybe the 2x Burris has slightly higher magnification so it just seemed more clear.

I really like the Burris - USA made and a good warranty. I would appreciate comments on Burris vs. Leupold. I know Nikon also makes a good scope - but the down side is made in Japan. Thoughts please.
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Old January 1, 2006, 12:32 AM   #2
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4X Leupold

Just got time from all the hunting and thought I would check in.
I've been in the woods 30 something days off and on from end of Oct.
I have a 4x28 Leupold on my Super Red Hawk 44 Mag.
First time Deer hunting with a hand gun.
The 4x28 takes some time to get use to.The field of view is about 10'.But man at 50 to 75 yds you can sure but the bullet on the paper,with a rest.
Almost got a shot at a doe,50yds away. Man this was awesom, my right hand holding the gun,got so hot from all the blood or adrenaline. And my heart was pounding out of my chest that I didn't get a shot off.
It's the thrill of the hunt not the kill.
But I also have two bucks and a wild hog taken with my 7 mag.Meat all year so not getting the doe was ok.
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Old January 19, 2006, 09:15 PM   #3
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I've got the Leupold 2x20 on my Super Redhawk .454 and it couldn't be more clear. You may want to try focusing the eye piece on the Leupold. I found playing with the focus on mine affected not only how sharp the image was but also eye relief. To Focus you should hold the scope up to a bright surface(a white or light colored wall works great) and glance through the scope. The reticle should be nice and sharp. Don't look too long because your eye will automatically try to focus the image. When you first glance through the scope the image should be very clear. Most people, I used to be guilty of it as well until I saw the light, just take the scope out of the box, mount it and off they go. The thing that suprised me the most was how much of an effect changing the piece had on eye relief.

That being said, even though all my gun glass is Leupold, Bussis makes a very nice scope. I don't think you will got wrong with either.
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Old January 20, 2006, 02:15 AM   #4
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I have both Burris and Leupold handgun scopes including those in the power range you mentioned. Comparing my 2X Burris and 2X Leupold they are very close in optical clarity and sharpness. The Leupold has a much thicker duplex reticle while the Burris has a finer duplex.

The Leupold does NOT have click adjustments like most scopes are equipped with, instead using the friction style adjustments.

I have used my 2X Leupold on a few Smith revolvers including a 686 357 and a 629 44 mag. The scope has performed very well. The Burris has seen more use on a TC 357 mag and again with great results.

In my experience either would make a great 2X handgun scope.

Now when it comes to my 4X scopes ................
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Old January 20, 2006, 08:06 AM   #5
cma g21
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I've been looking at both myself.
They're pretty close as far as I can see.
I think you'll be happy with either one.
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Old January 20, 2006, 08:37 AM   #6
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Is Burris' warranty as good as Leupold's? I own four Leupold's in EER, VXI, VXII, and a VXIII. I can honestly say that I have never had a single doubt about the quality of ANY of their scopes. I do know people who like Burris, I just have never tried one. Maybe the difference in weight can be your deciding factor. I know that with the rifle scope offerings that I compared there were slight differences with field of view, maybe that is something to consider.
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Old January 20, 2006, 09:09 AM   #7
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Mr. Farm: check out MidwayUSA's "this month's specials"; they are having some sales on handgun scopes.
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Old January 20, 2006, 12:34 PM   #8
cma g21
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Is Burris' warranty as good as Leupold's?
AFAIK, both have lifetime warrantees.
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Old January 20, 2006, 02:59 PM   #9
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I've required warranty work from both companies. Leupold failed miserably (see ---the first complaint there is mine--the jist of Leupold's position was, well, we fixed the scope, and even though we falsely claimed it was compatible with the Desert Eagles, it's your problem to remedy it. Their CS supervisor actually said something very near to this to me on the phone: "Our claim may be untrue, but there's no legal need that requires us to fix your problem. I'm sure you can find a remedy--and if you can't, there must be gunsmiths out there who can."

On the other hand, Burris repaired a Black Diamond scope I received damaged (as an EBay 'used' purchase) with no questions asked. I only had to pay shipping one way. I really like the optical quality of the Black Diamond Series, and their Posi-Lock Handgun scopes. In a side by side at the range between a Black Diamond and a Leupold MK4 M1 LR/T (the old 54690, as I recall), 4 out of 6 of us thought the Burris optics were clearer, especially around the edge, and mirage was less noticable. (More than likely with your applications though, mirage won't be as much of a problem--but it can be hell on hot days and/or long distance.)

The Posi-Lock (unlike the Leupold Red Dot in the referenced thread) holds up to recoil on my BFR 10" 45-70 without any trouble. The Leupold died after two magazines of 50AE semi-auto recoil. It was repaired, but the permanent remedy was $147 of addtional mounting hardware; Leupold contributed nothing except a dismissive "sorry for the inconvenience".
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Old January 20, 2006, 09:23 PM   #10
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I have a pair of S&W M629 Classic revolvers and both have Leupold 2X EER scopes mounted. Have worked great for targets and hunting over the last several years. For me, 4X scopes have too little field of view and magnify my wobble too much. 2X works much better and I can even shoot offhand with them.

Good shooting and be safe.
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