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Old December 27, 2005, 11:19 AM   #1
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Wanted: 30-06 Reviews and Opinions

Hello All

Was wondering what kind of 30-06 to get....

Rem. CDL is nice, but I've read on this site that quality of Remington's rifles isn't what it used to be, is that true?

Tikka T3 Lite SS... don't know a lot about Tikkas, I guess I'm wondering about the benefits of a syn stock as opposed to a wood stock, and also a ss barrel compared to a blued barrel.

Finally, I was considering a Browning A-Bolt... any body have these and care to give an opinion?

This will be a whitetail gun. 30-06 seems to held as pretty versatile, and this will be my first serious centerfire (although I've been told to get a .270 for a first deer rifle because of the straight trajectory).

Thanks for the opinions/reviews on those firearms,

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Old December 27, 2005, 12:34 PM   #2
High Planes Drifter
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I havent heard of any problems with Remington quality ; where did you hear this? I've always heard that the 710 is more / less the economy 700 series, but nothing bad in regards to other 700 models. IMO , if you are just using this as a whitetail rifle you cant really go wrong with any of your big name manufacturers ; from Savage, to Ruger, to Remington, to Winchester , to Browning. Pretty much any of them makes a rifle that will last you all of your hunting days. .30-06 vs. .270, I'm a fan of the .30-06 only because I own one, and not a .270. But the .270 is a fine caliber.
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Old December 27, 2005, 02:35 PM   #3
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I'm a Winchester man . not that the Remington is not a fine rifle ,and I have not heard anything bad about the 700 . its just that I like the controlled feed of the Winchester classic , like the old pre 64 actions . As for the 30.06 , your can't go wrong haveing one . If I could only have one rifle it would be a 30.06 . I sold mine to my nephew a couple of years ago and as soon as he picked it up I went into withdrawels . I had several other rifles in differant cablers but no 30.06. I got through that season without one ,but by Christmas Santa brought me a new Winchester Classic ,Super Grade in 30.06. Serously , you can't go wrong with a 30.06 ,you would not be under guned for anything in north America except for the Big Bears . The 270 is a good cartridge but you don't have the bullet weights to choose from that you have with the 06.
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Old December 27, 2005, 03:06 PM   #4
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Based on my experience over the last couple of years I feel that Reminng QC has slipped. Don't get me wrong I think the design is fine and I have a 700 VLS that I am quite fond of...........Essex
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Old December 27, 2005, 03:59 PM   #5
2 stroke fanatic
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we have a remington 30-06, its a good gun, but it takes alot of maintenance. i have to clean it pretty much every 3 clips worth at the range, because the slightest bit of residue in the upper jams it up. never had a problem with it in a hunting situation though.
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Old December 27, 2005, 04:57 PM   #6
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My choice in 30-06 would be what I have...Browning Stainless has been the most consistantly accurate rifle I have ever owned...I have one from the year they first came out...It will go to someone when I am gone, but not until then.
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Old December 28, 2005, 01:24 AM   #7
Art Eatman
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IMO, in today's world it's sorta hard to find a rifle that WON'T shoot pretty darned good, particularly if it's hunting you have in mind.

As for the thutty-ought-six? i've been messing with that critter since 1950. I've loaded for it and for a ton of other cartridges. As near as I can tell, there are few outside the magnum category that will outdo it. It's my pick for the do-everything for any critter in North America this side of the big bears.

And the "flatter" of a .270 is real close to imaginary, for all practical purposes.

, Art
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Old December 28, 2005, 07:09 PM   #8
Al Thompson
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Gunshop I work part time at is averaging over 25% return rates on Remington 710s. For my money, I'd go with the Tikka. The returns are not subjective either - one brand new .300 Win Mag would not chamber a cartridge.
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Old December 28, 2005, 08:22 PM   #9
Iowa Cornfed
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Location: Western Iowa
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I can't speak to any QC probs Big Green may (or may not) have, 'cuz I've not bought, or shot a newer version. Nor have I heard of any issues from family or friends. But I've got an older 700 that I bought new in 1976 in .270 and it's a keeper.

I've heard (and understand I don't know all that much about this, so I'm just passing it along) but I heard..., that the push feed may allow it to be a tincy more accurate than the controlled feed. Again, I don't know a thing about that, just what I've heard from folks who may know .

Even if it's so..., probably not measurable for hunting purposes though.

I don't own an '06, (Bought one for my boy however!) but if I could have only one caliber, it'd be the trusty '06. May not be as "sexy" as some of the recent offerings, but it'll get-er-done, without any appologies . And there's a huge variety of bullets to choose from. Just an all around go-to round.

As far as brands, any of the top names will out last you, and probably preform really well too. Good luck with your choice, keep us posted.
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Old December 28, 2005, 08:44 PM   #10
Senior Member
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Location: Ohio
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rem 700 if you're on a budget, i've heard great things about the tikkas as well. if you wanna do something different, i've got a daly field grade mauser in 30-06 that i like. action is admittedly rough, but it shoots great and i got mine under $300. i'd recommend it to anyone that doesn't get crabby if a bolt doesn't glide on air to the open position.
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Old December 28, 2005, 09:41 PM   #11
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You won't regret the 30-06 selection. I own mostly Remingtons and have never had a problem with any of them. I always float the barrel and adjust the trigger pull to about 21/2 to 3 lbs. They all shoot 1/2"to3/4" With reloads.
The 25-06,6.5-06,270.280 are just take offs of the old 30-06. You can load from 100 gr to 250 gr bullets and a 130 hp in 30-06 or 270 perform the same in my experience.
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Old December 28, 2005, 10:03 PM   #12
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I'm a big fan of the Winchester push action rifles. My Model 70 has nearly the same bolt head as the Remington 700. 100% of the case head is enclosed by the bolt. Today the Remington 700 is probably the preferred rifle for many police departments. As for a deer rifle, I've never seen the need for controlled feed. I've been deer hunting for a good number of years. Am still waiting for a whitetail to charge. With the controlled feed rifles the cartridge must first be placed in the magazine. If the round isn't placed in the magaizine first, it is possible to break the extractor when chambering a round. If I need a reload, I would rather simply drop a cartridge into the action and close the bolt. I feel Winchester took a step back when they went back to a modified controlled feed. The push action is actually the safer design - especially for those who reload.
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Old December 29, 2005, 09:52 AM   #13
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I bought a new Remmington this Summer. It has been a great rifle -- accurate and reliable. You should buy the rifle that fits you the best, though.

The .30-06 is a great caliber for deer!

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Old December 29, 2005, 10:44 AM   #14
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Earlier this year I picked up a Rem 700 SPS in 30-06 that will really drop them in the same hole with just about every load I have cooked up for it. I replaced the trigger, and threw a bipod on it, and thats about all it needed.

I may even get another SPS for a project gun.

That SPS also bagged it's first deer this year, although it was quite small, the accuracy and power was very nice.
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Old December 30, 2005, 01:01 PM   #15
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Take a look at the Savage 111G (30.06). It comes with rifle sights which is something you don't see much of any more. With the accu-trigger that it comes with, it shoots 1 1/2 inch groups out of the box. With a nice scope you might be able to tighten that up a little.
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Old December 30, 2005, 05:11 PM   #16
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The 270 is neat, but the 06 has a lot more bullet to chose from and untill you pass 300yards you will see no difference.

I would pick savage to
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Old December 30, 2005, 08:07 PM   #17
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Tikka Tikka Tikka Tikka

believe me youll not be diappointed by the Tikka.

The advantage of the synthetic stock is that it will be consistent. wood stocks can warp or swell depending on the weather, synthetic will be the same if its 40 below or 40 above.

I dont know what the advantages of the stainless barrel are except that they wont rust on you

any gun that you buy today (with the exception of the remington 710) will shoot and function just fine and dandy its all a matter of what you yourself want. i want a Tikka but that doesnt mean you want a Tikka buy a gun you like and itll shoot well enough to take down any white tail you set the crosshairs on.

the .30-06 is a great round but if you are only going to be shooting white tail you could go smaller (.243win, .260rem, 7mm-08rem, .270 win) because the .30-06 is actually more power than you would need for an animal the size of a whitetail. if there is a possibility that you might shoot moose or elk then stay with the good ol' 06'.
I love the smell of fresh shotgun in the morning.
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Old December 30, 2005, 08:21 PM   #18
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I would go with Remington, but get a 700 not a 710. The 710's have horrible QC. I have shot brand new Remington 700's and their quality is just as good as any 700. The accuracy may even be better. The 700 ADL's still come with open sights.
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Old December 31, 2005, 12:29 AM   #19
Paul B.
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The late Col. Townsend Whelen one said, "The 30-06 is never a mistake." I agree. My choice, if one can be found, is the J.C. Higgins Model 50 based on the Belgian FN Mauser action. Do a little whittling on that clubby stock and replace the trigger with a Timney and you'll have a rifle that's good to go.
Not only is that my choice, but that's the one I have. However, the original stock got broker so it now sits in a Butler Creek synthetic, and with handloads it likes, .50" to .75" is what it will deliver.
Do you need that level of accuracy? Not really, although it is nice to have. A close second might be that Charles Daly field grade Mauser someone mentioned. Prices are reasonable and, I'll be the first to admit it, I am prejudiced in favor of Mauser actions.
Second choice would be either the Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 or the current Classic version they now sell. I have a current Classic Stainless in .338 Win. mag. that is a tack driver right out of the box.
I have four Remington 700s, three in 30-06 and one in .35 Whelen and I'll be selling them off in the not too distant future. Why? They are certainly accurate enough. Frankly, I've had to replace that skimpy extractor in one and I have issues with the safety of their trigger system that Remington will not do a proper recall on. Guns that fire when the safety is removed do not float my boat. None of mine have done this, but a friend had one in .270 Win. that did, and the problem was easily repeatable.
Savage and Ruger make nice rifles, although I feel the Savage is butt ugly. They do shoot tight groups though. I do prefer the tang safety version of the Ruger, but it is a push feed with a claw extractor, which only prives that a properly set up extractor doesn't have to have the ammo feed from the magazine. My Model 70, Higgins Mausers will all load a round without first shoving the round into the magazine. However, an FN Mauser made for the European trade does require loading the round into the magazine as does a Husqvarna Mauser in 30-06 that I have.
It has been said that the 30-06 is suitable for all North American big game with the exception of the great bears. I'm not quite sure I agree with that statement. After all, one Grancel Fitz collected every species of North American big game with a customized 1917 Enfield chambered to the 30-06. That included all of the great bears. He was not the only one. The good old 06 was what they used long before the .300 H&H Mag. came along, although to be honest, many people used bigger bored wildcat rounds as well. The .35 Whelen for one. Still, a good cool shot had no trouble with the bears. Alaskan game warden Hosea sarber used a 30-06 to stop a charge at six feet with an 06.
If one is a handloader, he can make the good old 30-06 into anything he wants it to be from a lightweight plinker to near .300 H&H Mag. velocities.
Due to an arthritis problem in my right shoulder, I've had to lay off the harder kicking rifles. I don't doubt shooting some of the biggies may have contributed to the problem. So, this last deer season, the .300 mag., .338 Mag. and some much larger guns stayed home. Probably, most will be sold off as at 67 years old, most of my hunting time may be all used up. The steel buttplate on my pet 06 will probably be replaces with a Pachmeyr Decelerator pad to baby that bad shoulder, but the 06 will never go.
Paul B.
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Old December 31, 2005, 08:19 AM   #20
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Darth, I have never owned a .30-06 that was a bad shooter, pick what you think feels best to you.
THe '06, 100 years old this coming year, has stood up because it's the most versatile cartridge available (Over the counter loaded ammo in bullet weights fro, 125 gr to 220 gr) and one of the most accurate big game cartridges.

As above, if handloaded, there is no equal to the .30-06 in variety of loads/uses.

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Old December 31, 2005, 09:11 AM   #21
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Aside from the brand of rifle, the specifications are important to consider. For deer hunting, I would not recommend a heavy barrel as the extra weight really adds up over a day's hunt and doesn't really pay off in most hunting situations.

I've never owned a stainless steel barrel simply because I don't care for the looks. Furthermore, I have never had any problems with the blued that would encourage me to spend the extra money for stainless. Stealthiness is sometimes a factor too.

I sincerely dislike synthetic stocks; however, they do tolerate moisture a lot better and work great on duck guns. With plastic being cheaper and lighter, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find walnut on new rifles. Whatever gun you simply like is the one you will enjoy the best. Gun shopping is like dating, you can analyze her to death; however, if it doesn't click it isn't meant to be.
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Old December 31, 2005, 09:48 AM   #22
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I have a few 30-06s, my favorite is a Browning Stainless Stalker. Out of the box accuracy is not matched by any others in my opinion. Before I retired part of my duties was entertaining clients who hunted and during this time I had guest from all over the nation who shot every kind of rifle immaginable and some you probaly have never heard of as well as customs. During this time the browning, after I got it, would shoot with any of them and much better than most.
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Old January 1, 2006, 10:15 AM   #23
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I have two hunting rifles in 30.06. One is a Steyr Prohunter in synthetic with blued steel and the other is a SIG SHR 970 in synthetic with blued steel. Not the most common choices but I like them both and they are as accurate as my Model 70. I don't thing you can go wrong with a Tikka or Browning. A friend just picked up a pawn shop Browning and it works pretty well. For a true hunting rifle my choice would be synthetic and stainless. Have slipped in the mud and fallen while hunting I can tell you cleanup is much eaiser. Also don't get too heavy a barrel, they are more accurate maybe but I can tell you from experience that humping them around all day gets real old.

Good Luck
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Old January 1, 2006, 05:04 PM   #24
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Paul B. ------Never quit hunting and shooting

PaulB--I'm 60 and shoot every week a couple of days at the range and I still use a climbing stand in the woods . So ,don't quit, we old timers need to show the youngsters how we did it 50 years ago when real rifles were made and men camped in tents at the Deer camp. I'm alot like you about recoil,so I use the LIMB SAVER as well as the DECELERATOR cause it reduces recoil 50 percent. After 4 heart attacks and lotsa miles I go around the ruts and follow the old trails so I won't have to break new trail. I can still out shoot the young guys at the range and when they see my guns they say man is that cool. I reload for one or two of them and developed loads that are custom taylored to their rifles. They are awed that their rifle will shoot that well.They all say why didn't you shoot that 8 point in your food plot this morning? When I say he's gonna be a hoss next year they look at me like I am nuts. I'm not as mad at them as I once was or I'm mellowing in my old age cause I get more out of watching him chase that Doe than killing him. My Favorite rifle is DAD'S 7-08 Remington 700 BDL CAMO He died at the Deer camp 10 years ago on Dec. 28, 1995. When I found him I had to open his left hand and take it out and his right hand and take his chair out of it . He was walking back to the truck at dark. He was 77 and only had half a heart muscle left. I want to go the same way and not in a NURSING HOME. Never quit hunting cause we need to be out there helping the young shooters and hunters.

My 30-06 is 50 years old and shoots like a house on fire. It is all the rifle I needed for years. My Magnums like 7-STW and 300 Win are resting for a while until my son or daughter come home to make a hunt. The 243,25-06,6.5-06,270's,6.5x55,7.5x55,300wsm,8mm,and 35 Rem are ready too.

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Old January 1, 2006, 05:30 PM   #25
Varmint Eviscerator
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waffen was that an exit wound? btw the 06 is offered by federal in High Energy
loads,whereas the .270 isnt,this gives the extra performance edge it needs to truly outdo the 270 inevery aspect,also hohum .270 has less power then hohum 06 ammo
Ahh, a good old bolt action,a bolt is a remedy for time, afternoons with our fathers and their fathers, for the mighty olympic shooters, for the wanna be's,for the time of youth in the woods, for the young.......the old, it is timeless, classic, sleek-a piece of art forever to remain in our memories, our hearts, our future.
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