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Clothes make a person - as do UV lights

Sharing again from the view outside the box.

Resident Practical, boring old fuddy dud here. I don't own any cargo pants, camo carbon fiber or ...basically I dress the same way I did 25-30 years ago. Okay so some of my clothes, boots, coats are the same ones I wore 25-30 yrs ago, or replacements are the same.

UV lights were popular as were Lava Lamps "back in my days" in HS and such. UV- We called them "blackights" and they really brought out the "cool and groovey" Tie-Tied shirts, Rock&Roll posters and whatever else we were into.

Tuberculosis, does not like UV, with the absence of TB - we were told- folks did not see the UV lighting except in some medical settings. Or some old joint playing Rock&Roll, with the old themes.

Yes those long tubes of funny looking lights at the Grocery Store are what we called TB lights. Seems with advent of fast transportation TB and even Small-pox once thought 'gone forever' - are a concern again.

More and more of these UV lights have made a comback in more Public Places, like Barber/ Beauty shops, Gov't places ( from city to on up) Box stores, chain stores, you get the idea.

TB is the reason there is that "old dumb antiquated law" about NOT spitting on the sidewald btw. The spittle dries, someone steps into, the spores are airborne and someone else breathes the TB. You knew that already.

Now we all know leather soled penny loafers and wing tips are NOT the best for traction. We know to dress around the CCW - because CCW-ing is to be "comforting" - not always "comfortable".

Hunters know that deer and other critters have unique eyesight, see the colors "differenty". Hence the reason washing camo hunting clothes in some detergents screams "HUMAN with a GUN".

Do you realize how much regular clothes "scream" when exposed to UV?

The question was raised to me about the UV staying on when power was out, same as emergency lighting. I knew , still this was a fun "training and tactics and tactics outside the box". I'm game.

So the power goes out, BGs hit the switch, and folks need to get to secure areas.

My blue oxford shirt with thin white and yellow stripes stood out and screamed my every movement. I put on a Popular ball cap with a gun logo, I was screaming "head shot".

One of the ladies had her fleece camo jacket, fairly new, never laundered. Boy did that scream, quiet for sure, screaming like crazy. We tossed out her husbands favorite camo pants - laundered in the special soap, they screamed too.

Black pants show up, as do dark denimn blue jeans. Running suits make a lot of noise and scream.

Tennis shoes, with all the funky designs, they scream. Some of these popular shoes and boots, scream.

My newest tennis shoes - plain white- scream. My comfy ones all dirty and dinged do not.

The lab coats and Nurses Scrubs, with designs, like Peds and Dental folks wear - scream. The kahki ones and neutral tones do not.

So there you are at the Grocery store, the mall, wherever, and the BGs cut the power. You are evading and seeking cover. Them UV lights are all over the place. The emergency lights are only putting out so much,you can get around these. The UV...

Larry will be happy to know the Molon Labe hats he does up in kahki do not scream.

Nor did my green oxford shirt, or any of the Natural Neutral colors that Art speaks of to wear while hunting. I happen to agree with Art on this.

Faded jeans, don't scream. Kahkis, grays, do not either. Now if one uses spray starch and leaves heavy - the starch shows up.

Uniforms, well some LEO, and Security Uniforms really scream. The various patches and insignias really attract attention.

Guns, yes I know concealed is concealed. Still officers do not conceal , and what if , you as a CCW have yours out?

Hardchrome is really cool under a blacklight.
High polish steel shows up really well.
My dinged and "characterized" satin stainless steel 1911 did not. [surprised me too]
Blued steel did not.
My Keltec P-11 is really hidden. So are the Glocks and XDs.

I also thought of the "what if" one has a business, and has to answer an alarm. Since I have BTDT more times than I want to recall...and especially some results...
Well if you have these UV lights, and even if the LEO is present as should be, might be a real good idea to have these off a circuit that stays on...and be aware how dressed when you show up.

Even though we had some old tunes playing while we educated ourselves in a Private Medical clinic, and had fun, lots of things were learned.

UV lights was the main 'question'. More serious concerns were addressed as well. In the event the power is cut to this clinic, and BGs are after drugs, some plans of actions are being beefed up and praticed.

All agreed, grab that cord and shut off them UV lights - just yank the cord.

I could spot folks way down the corridors trying to seek cover under these lights. I picked up movement that I would not normally see. The folks then viewed me , security, one LEO and each other under these lights.

Just another something outside the box.

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Very true, I wear camo face paint everywhere I go in case I have to take cover in the woods. I also wear a parachute everywhere I go in case I'm kidnapped by a group of bad guys in a plane that comes swooping down and a arm reaches out and grabs me. This way I can jump out a window on the plane and be safe. I even wear the parachute to the beach in case I'm picked up by a terradactyl that has evolved from a group of large eagles in the nearby mountains.
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Dude your so unprepared, have you shined (shoned) a black light on your parachute?

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Old October 7, 2005, 11:14 PM   #4
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I was attempting to get the 8 ball in the corner pocket when the parachute fell from the ceiling...along with a bunch of other stuff. Live band doing Allman bros and Grand Funk Railroad - had the amps cranked a bit too much...maybe.
The the fire broke out and we did our rendition of "Smoke on the Water"...thems were the days...


I am being serious here.

I used to work in the main OR of a hospital. Sterile Area,scrubs required and all that. We had a gangbanger on the table, we also had gangbangers gain entrance. Intent was to finish what started. Seems the sign "Sterile" , and State Law about no firearms - didn't make no difference to the gangbangers. 2am and the fire alarm goes off.

It really really sucks to only have a 10 blade as your only 'weapon'. I'm in green scrubs and I do have a in-house phone. In whispers I used the phone to call the Calvary. I found the two gang- bangers in a dark maintence room with only a TB light. They stood out- all too well.

Forget Sterile Bunny Suits usually put on by Security...just get here NOW!


Ever answered an alarm? As stated before I have too many times. We had a unique old timey clock that gave off a UV type light. LEOs go in with me, I'm gonna let them check the area out...Something was not right.

BGs had come in thru the roof. One had a shotgun the other a AR15. The light gave them away. I hug carpet and stay close to heavy furniture real well.

I was assisting with inventory at a warehouse once. Doorways are death frames. Power is cut and me and the other guy were making strides to cover, that blasted TB light lit us up. I never want to hear 12 ga buckshot being fired in a warehouse again, especially coming at me.

We have LEOs, Security Guards, Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, and all sorts of folks on this board. I shared a serious consideration. Best to have these UV/ TB lights on a circuit separate from emergency power circuits.

The ones in Grocery stores like in the meat area ususally are not, they are now in one store I know of. If the guy had to answer his alarm...or if he needed to seek cover during a robbery back in the back and power was cut, he did not want to be illuminated.


Wild- I recall an earlier email exchange we had - perhaps you were more right than I thought.
Use Enough Gun
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Ya know I love ya bro!

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