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Armando B
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Conceal Carry Class? What information covered?

I will hopefully be taking the Conceal Carry course in my area in the coming month or so.

What information is covered? Is it mostly legal do's and don't's or is their any coverage of tactics?
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Here in Minnesota with the one-day (six required hours) CCW courses it's mostly the do's & don't's and the legal implications of using or even pulling a firearm - the very fact of what's going to happen to YOU legally if you decide to take firearm force into your own hands. Pull that trigger and you'd better have an absolutely justifiable reason according to your State laws otherwise get ready for some painful Court time, VERY possible jail time, and a legal cost that will bankrupt you for life.

There is some tactics, but not much. Of course the firearms proficiency test is included, but anyone can pass that. Generally speaking, the one day courses focus on the legalities of carrying, then they heavily suggest taking more advanced classes that go into more the tactics and staying alive scenarios...
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chris in va
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Tactics? What's that...

The class in VA basically just covers firearm handling safety, how to shoot at the range, a little history, differences in firearms and cartridges...then shooting various guns at the range for an hour. A couple people in my 8-person class had never fired a gun before, and here they were getting their CHP.

I really think it depends on the instructor/company. Some go a step further and include information about implications of using a firearm for defense, so ask around for a good class.
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Old April 3, 2005, 12:27 PM   #4
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Read Chris' post above, . . . about the same we took here in Ohio.

Mechanics of revolver vs. autoloader; parts of each; some legal information and "advice" as both were ex LEO's; infomation on different concealment techniques, . . . and the range time.

Tactics: not covered.

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Most CCW classes can be broken down into the general topics as follows;
  1. Firearms safety - nomenclature, safe handling, safe storage, range rules.
  2. Legal section - State laws, justification, avoidance, levels of force, etc.
  3. Range practice - Instructor coaches, observes safety practices, etc.
  4. Range qualification - Shooter demonstrates ability to hit the black 60% or keep most shots on the silhoutte.

The legal section is where you're told where you may not carry, what restrictions there are, justifications for drawing your weapon, consequences for actually displaying/firing your weapon, etc.

Seldom taught are tactics in any great detail. Not even basic tactics such as using a barricade position. There is generally not enough time in a 1-day class to adequately teach such concepts to novices. In fact, it's hard enough to teach them to hold a revolver with the weak hand while reloading.

Sometimes you see some novel concepts with firearms from novices. Like one woman who wanted to qualify with a .36 caliber 1862 Police black powder pistol! She just couldn't figure out where the .380 cartridges went!

Sometimes men are just as ignorant, like a guy showing up with a .40 S&W and four boxes of reloaded .45 ammo (who then gets indignant that he can't trade the ammo for new factory .40S&W ammo without paying more).
BillCA in CA (Unfortunately)
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Old April 4, 2005, 11:48 AM   #6
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Years ago I took a required class before getting a CCW in No. Calif.

It comprised a fair amount of classroom discussion and 1/2 day of range time.

Instructors included CHP, Prosecuting Attorney, Judge, several Gun Instructors.

All gave good information. We also had time "off-the-record" to ask questions and receive answers candidly. No notes were taken then nor photos. Got very good street advice from LEO's and Prosecuting Attorneys.
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Old April 7, 2005, 04:14 PM   #7
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Unfortuneately depending on where you take your class will determine what information you get. The information I was given at my class differs from the information my friend got at his class. I thought my class was going to be by the book, considering it was held at Bass Pro Shops but I was wrong.
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Old April 7, 2005, 06:01 PM   #8
Denny Hansen
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In Arizona, a 16-hour course is required for first time permit holders, with a 4-hour course required for renewal permits. Permits are good for four years. A brief synopsis of the course includes:
Safety Briefing
Types of Sidearms and nomenclature
Firearm Selection (power vs. controllability vs. concealability)
Firearm Retention
Firearm storage devices
Ammunition and storage (including various types)
Training household members
Law And Legal (Mandatory 3 hours minimum)
Weapon Care And Maintenance
Mental Conditioning
Weapon Manipulation and Marksmanship (including stances and grips)
Judgmental Shooting
Written Test
Final Qualification

The classes my son and I teach usually run closer to 20 hours, as we include a low light briefing and a night shoot. And, since it is a concealed weapon course, we demonstrate drawstrokes from strong side (OWB & IWB), crossdraw, SOB, shoulder holsters and ankle holsters from concealment. Drawstrokes from fanny packs and purses are also included.

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Here in Tennessee, the class is for the person who hasn't as much as seen a gun before. You really dont talk about much of value, but you spend many hours learning the difference between a revolver and semi, between a barrel and a chamber, and what the grip looks like. It is fairly rediculous, and all they give you is a pretty brief summary of the laws. I had to go and do my research when I actually got my permit so I wouldn't be breaking any laws that were neglected in the course.
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Here in Michigan we are taught the NRA "Home Defense Course". Otherwise very similar to the others posted. seems every place is a bit different around this state as far as course of fire. I didn't even get to empty my first mag on the range. The instructor made the comment "Oh, you shoot alot, you can go now". So of the three hours required, I spent about three minutes. The best part of the class was the LEO presentation. Very good guy with good info all around.
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