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How Many Reloads Can I Get?

I have been reloading .44 mags from the starting loads to the midrange loads. As long as I don't detect any damage to the cases, how many times can you safely reload these things? I read somewhere that you should never trim a case more than 3 times but I have had people tell me I can reload these cases anywhere from 3 to 12 times. What's the average?
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The number of times you can reload a case depends on many different things. If you shoot light loads, they can last nearly forever and you may not have to trim them more than once or twice. Hotter loads will cause them to stretch different amounts depending on the load, case life will shorten relative to that. The amount you have to resize them each time will be a big factor as well. If the chambers in your cylinder are a bit oversized and your dies have to rework the case walls much, it will shorten case life significantly and cause the need to trim more often. The amount of crimp or the amount of bell you apply to the case mouth will work-harden the brass and cause it to split after just a few loadings. Also the brass alloy used by a manufacturer will cause the case life to vary - even lot to lot.
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I have found that Remington brass does not last as long as Winchester brass. That being said I have reloaded some Remington brass 8-10 times with extreamly hot lods without ever trimming it to length before it was junk. My .44 mag. is a TC Contender, so the OAL is not as important as it is in a revolver and I simply do not trim my brass.
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Some things to look for

I agree with "highteckredneck" only I find that Federal last the longest.
Some things to look for.
1. over all demension of the case. If your getting large ammouts of strech then they might need triming. Keep your casses in the same groups if possible, and keep track of number of times fired.
2 I also load a lot of 44 mag, When I am loading for the Contender and I do load HOT, they are one time and only one time loads then I crush the open end and throw away.
For the normal mag loads I look for the tail tale sighn about 1/4 the way up the case. The Brass will look slightly crystlized, once you see it you will recognize it. Its a sighn that the case's life is at an end.
3 Neck condition. Any thing, nick, crease, anything that could be the start of a crack it gets crushed and disguarded.
4 Dont over expand your cases, this is one of the things that will shorten there life. Expand just enough to allow the bullet to enter, no more.
Out side of those things there is not a life span for a case.
I have 44 mag Federal cases that have been loaded more than 10 times.
THere not full house loads, but they werent 44 specials ether. So to answer your question, as long as they dont show the above sighns, they have no limited life span.
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Straightwall pistol cases I shoot until the neck spilts. I don't load pistol hot enough to expand primer pockets even on 50 or so firings.
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I shoot my .44 brass until it splits also.I'm just now throwing away Remington brass that i've had for the better part of seven years.I've loaded them countless times.
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Yep, same here, I shoot them until they split. No biggie, they mostly go unnoticed until I get them back and start prepping to load them again.
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