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Old January 2, 2005, 11:31 PM   #1
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.22 Target shooting...

I am looking to buy a serious 22 target pistol... I have a walther p22 with a 5" barrel, and I have lots of practice time in with it. I would like something more seriously intended for target work. Adjustable grips would be nice. The local club has some fun bullseye shooting competitions in the international standard pistol style; 20 shots slow-fire, 20 shots timed-fire and 20 shots rapid-fire. Going to start soon.
The pistols I am most interested in:
I have found a used Russian Biakal IZH-35M for about $325. Neat gun, supposed to be a great gun for the money. I could get a new one for $425. Know anything?
Sig Trailside: I want the one with the adjustable grips... Not sure if I want 4" or 6" (I am limited to a sight radius of 22cm) ~$500-650 more pricey... worth it?
S&W Model 41: Kinda standard. About the same money as the sig (maybe a little less). I'd choose the sig between these two.
Benelli MP90 series... this is more like +$700 (used). That is more than I think I want to spend, But it wouldnt take much to convince me this is the gun to own. They are awfully cool.
Anyway, I am not really interested in a Ruger. Dont know anything about the colt. Any opnions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time.


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Old January 3, 2005, 06:27 AM   #2
Tim R
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The Smith 41 is the best out of the box US made .22 there is. The trigger comes already set up for BE shooting and adjustible grips are availble. They retail for about $850.00 but have seen new ones at $700.00. These pistols are very well made and your Grandkids will be shooting it. I would be real careful about a used one though as if it was used for comp. There could be a lot of rounds though it. The 41 will shoot CCI standard vel. .22 pretty well and better than most people can hold.

Another pistol people often over look is the Browning 5.5 target Buckmark. Not as many options are out there for it but mine will shoot 5 shot 1 ragged holes off the bench at 50 feet using PMC Scoremaster.

The Biakal shoots well for the money, but screws seem to shoot loose on the ones owned by shooters in my club.

The Trailside is a good shooting pistol but it has plastic mags. I'm not down on plastic however. It's a little light for me too.

Another option is if you have a 1911 frame you could put a Marval on this could be the route to go. The Marvels shoot very well and shoot very well with the cheapest ammo you can find.

I like my 41 as it has about the right amount of heft to slow the wiggles down just a bit. The Buckmark while a great shooter is much lighter.
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Old January 4, 2005, 06:20 AM   #3
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.22s for Bullseye competition

I have a High Standard Supermatic Citation that I use to shoot the National Gallery Course indoors in the winter. This is an OLD High Standard from about 1965. I've had it since '85 and have replaced all the springs and the mag springs twice and it still shoots pretty good. I've heard that the new High Standards have spotty quality control, but I've never seen one nor shot one, so I don't have first-hand information.

Most of the old timers in our League shoot S&W41s. The Model 41 can be very finicky about ammuniton and you may have to experiement a little bit.

The SIG Trailside seems like a pretty good gun, although I've only run about 50 rounds through one.

I know a few guys who bought Biakals and they all needed a little work to be reliable, but otherwise seem to shoot really well. I've fired them a few times and cold actually did a few points better than I did with my High Standard.
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Depends on how much you want to spend, Walther GSPs and Pardini 280s are top shelf very refined Bulleye Pistols. I have an IZH 35M, and can out shoot the guys at my range that have GSP's. Frankly, If you can pick up an IZH 35 for 325, I'd grab it. Only thing is, their future is still in limbo in the US. EAA was the importer, but for now, they have stopped, and new IZH 35s are very hard to find. Biakal still makes them, but the question is whether anyone will import them into the States. EAA still lists parts for them.
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