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Old December 14, 2004, 07:59 PM   #1
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New Remington rifle big problems

I just bought a new Remington 710 bolt action in 270 Winchester. I have never had anything but good luck with Remington products, so the thought never entered my mind that they were now selling low quality firearms. It was priced the same as the Winchester model 70 which I own and would recommend, so it was not cheap. I was looking through the user manual and noticed that it featured a built in locking mechanism. So I buy it and take it home, I started reading through the manual, and going over the bolt release operation and so on. So now I decide to try out the built in lock that was shown in the manual, and it simply is not there. The manual does not say that the lock was optional, it says that this model is equipped with a lock, it even came with the keys for the lock.

So I look beyond the lock and decide to check out the trigger pull, to my surprise when the trigger is pulled the bolt handle jumps and rotates into the unlocked direction about 1/3 of the total travel, every time the trigger is pulled. So this thing is unlocking the bolt partially when the firing pin hits. I will have to say that by this time I am far beyond under impressed. The next step I thought was to remove the bolt and check for debris from manufacturing, or packing. There is nothing there it is clean. At this point I discover that the inside of the receiver is mostly plastic, and I am not talking about a hard polymer. The plastic looks crude and feels like a very in expensive material, it reminds me of the plastic cup I am drinking tea out of right now.

I bought the gun at Wal-Mart, and they will not let you return firearms, so I get on the Remington website. On the front page in red "Remington 710 safety recall" To beat it all the recall is for a safety that may go into the fire position unexpectedly, and not for any of the problems that this 710 has.

I spoke with the customer service department and even went up the chain of command a few steps. Bottom line is Remington will only repair what they feel is defective, and it will be 30 days or more. That is about 10 days past deer season here.

So now I am stuck with a gun that I would not give my enemies. It is pretty bad that a company like Remington has started producing such an inferior design. I called them and tried to see what they would do for me, I listened to their recorded sales pitch that they play when you are on hold, and I listened to them speak of legendary quality, and so on. It appears that they are making new legends. The only way to get my money back is a lawsuit, which I have never done. Beware of newer low quality designs even from the legends in the industry.
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Old December 14, 2004, 08:25 PM   #2
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Wow. Thanks for the information. I was have heard good and bad things about the 710, and was actually thinking about buying one...... I am glad that there are forums that people post the goods and bads about guns so others don't make the same mistakes. I think that after reading this post and seeing the recall, I'll spend my money else wheres.
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Old December 14, 2004, 08:39 PM   #3
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Couple of problems here. Buying a gun that you didn't field strip and examine before you bought it is first. Buying it from Wal Mart with their no-return policy is second.

Not criticizing you, as I made the first mistake with a Kimber pistol I bought some years ago and it had a defective barrel; lots of people seem to be sucked in by Wal Mart these days. Sort of like all the kids in the neighborhood my mother used to warn me about riding their bikes off a cliff.

I wonder what your lawyer would say about this situation?
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Old December 14, 2004, 09:57 PM   #4
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Had a an ex marine, long range match shooter, guy in his late sixties tell me one time...Ruger and Remington make good rifles, Browning makes great rifles. FWIW. I like the way Winchesters feel in my hands...but then this isn't helping you much is it. Thanks for the tip...good luck with your bad situation.
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Old December 15, 2004, 02:11 AM   #5
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I am relatively new to rifles, always been a shotgunner. I was lookin at 710s a while ago because they were cheap and every search i ran in gun forums brought up people saying they were junk so I avoided them...Guess you just proved it. Don't rag on all rems though, what other gun is there in the rem 710 price that is reliable? I think the savage might come close but is a little more $ for a lot more gun...
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Yes, you speak wisely (now). Thanks for the warning. I'm curious to know what did you pay for it, because you said it's the same price as a model 70 Win you have - well, it should NOT be the same price, because mod 70 is a better gun than a 710, by far. 710s were created specifically to compete on the lowest end of the economy scale. They are made in the cheapest possible manner and yet still have a safe and relatively functional rifle. I'm afraid you may have paid too much, even if Rem does fix your rifle.
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