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Hey everyone!

Did my occasional prowling around the local area gunshops and found a SMLE IVMk1(f) made in October 1948. Her serial number is PF53355.

Someone, I guess the previous owner, had "butcherized" her, but for $80 she demanded a look. Her bore was shiny, almost pristine, and her bluing had hardly faded! Her bolt was smooth as glass and when I threw her up to my shoulder, I found she fit me almost perfectly! No rust, not anywhere. She also has the micrometer peep sights that are fully ajustable out to 1300 meters.

Well, I had to do what any man would do when he's met an irresistable beauty; I made her mine. Put her on 60 day layaway. After I parted with the requisite amount of cash, I was told that several people had looked at her in the week she was at the store, and professed a deep interest in her, but they all said that she would be there until her next payday. WRONG! :->)

I can hardly wait to bring her home. The only thing is, it's gonna be hard to explain to my wife why there is another "woman" in the house!

BTW, any plans for getting a Swede M96 have now been thwarted.

For those of you who are experts on the SMLE, please tell me a little about my new girlfriend!

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Harley Nolden
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Will this help you in any way?

Lee Enfield, Lee-Metford, Remington Lee


Rifle #1 Sniper Rifle Mk3 Ht
Manufacture: Royal Austrian, Lithgow,
New South Wales
Year of Manufacture 1944-46
Action: #1 Mk3
Caliber: .303 Rimmed
Length: 44.56"
Weight: 10.30lb
Barrel Length: 25.19"
Grooves: 5 LH concentric
Magazine: 10 Box (detach)
M-Velocity: 2,440fps W/Mk-VII ball


Lee Burtons:

Developed in the USA, then perfected in the USA and Britain. These guns were service issue in Britain an the British Empire.

They were also issued in many former colonies after independence had bee gained, India & Pakistan. Lee Enfield were also used in Iraq and the Irish Free State, Eire, prior to 1939. Others were sold to Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Thailand, and turkey in the post 1945 era.

The first turn bolt design, with a single locking lug, sold in small numbers to factions in South and Central America. An improved two lug mechanism was then perfected in Britain, where the .303 Magazine Rifle MkI )lee-Metford), was adopted for military service in 1888

Prior to 1939 the Australian forces were armed with standard SMLE Mks III and III* (No 1) MkIII and No 1 MkIII*) Rifles made in a government factory that had been established in Lithgow, New South Wales, IN 1912. These guns were dated from 1913-1929, 1938-
1945, and 1953-1956.


Indicators for year of manufacture:

V.R. (Victoria Regina) 1888-1901
E.R. (Edwardius Rex) 1901-1910
G.R. (Georgius Rex) 1910-1936
E.R. (Elizabeth Regina) 1952 to Date

Manufacturer Marks:

Royal Small Arms Factory Enfield Enfield (EFD)
Birmingham Small Arms B.S.A. & AM Co
London Small Arms L.S.A orL.S.A. Ltd
Vickers V.S.M.
Standard Small Arms S.S.A.
National Rifle Factory N.R.F.

NO.1 Mark III Short Lee Enfield
Adopted: 1907
Cal: .303
Length: 44.5"
Wt: 8.6lb
Action: Turnbolt
Bolt: 2 Piece non rotating head
Mag: Detach Bx. Stagg. Column
Capacity: 10 rnds
Bbl length: 25.2"
Bore Dia: .303"
Twist: Left
Rate: 10"

Basic British rifle of WWI and used to some extent in WWII. Over 2,000,000 made by Enfield. B.S.A. made over one million during the same period.

Note: Savage also made a rifle for the .303 British cartridge however, the Brits called it the .301 Savage to distinguish it between the .303 British round
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Hey Steve,
Here are a few sites for you:

These should keep you busy for a while!

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I prefer the No4 to the earlier versions. It just looks right; the others look wrong to me. They are very simple and can be quite fast with a little practice. Good choice, I couldn't resist either. My No4 Mk2 was my first bolt action (followed by a Polish M44 recently).

Springfield Sporters (in SGN) has quite a bit of goodies for the Enfields. Get or make a firing pin removal tool (easily had for about $10) so you can fully disassemble the bolt.

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