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Old April 20, 2000, 07:55 PM   #1
Join Date: April 17, 2000
Location: San Diego, CA USA
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I'm interested in buying an 870 from Vang
Comp Systems. They have two models ready to
be shipped: The 870 Express with synthetic
stock and forend; The Police Magnum with
wood. Although one purpose will be for HD
I would like to use the shotgun, e.g., firing
range, classes, etc. It will not be used for
hunting or be exposed to particularly harsh

I have two questions: 1) Can someone point
out the difference between the two models in
terms of workmanship and reliability and 2)
assuming I go with the 870P, any potential
problems (advantages?) having wood rather
than synthetic components? Thanks for your


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Old April 20, 2000, 09:35 PM   #2
Arizona Eric
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Join Date: June 22, 1999
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Mike, OT . . .

Your post has a very strange title . . .
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Old April 20, 2000, 09:41 PM   #3
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I thought the same thing when I saw the title as well.

However, I have basically the same darned question...I too want to get a 870 (mag or super mag, probably the latter), and I too wanted to get it with wood stocks and forend.

Soooo....whats the differences (besides the obvious wear benefits and weight difference of synthetic)


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Old April 20, 2000, 09:56 PM   #4
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Most of the wood on remingtons lower priced guns is pretty ugly. The express model's wood looks like plywood. I replaced my wood with synthetic, looks better and feels better.

Many of the Police models I have seen locally seem to be made to wingmaster specs, with blued receiver and barrels rather than the parkerized finish found on the express models. The wood on these police models isn't bad, but not up to wingmaster standards. The wingmaster is the top of the line 870 with blued receiver and walnut (I think) stocks.

Personally I prefer the synthetic stocks for a HD/knockabout gun. Wood bruises too easily.

Geoff Ross

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Old April 20, 2000, 10:13 PM   #5
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the title gives all new meaning to "gun nut"
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Old April 21, 2000, 07:32 AM   #6
Join Date: January 11, 2000
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I have an 870 express and the wood is not pretty, but durable. I just picked an 870HD with synthetic stocks, it feels lighter(more felt recoil?), but I guess theoretically it will be more durable. I'm going to the range today, I'll let you know if I notice any difference. Terry
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Old April 21, 2000, 07:43 AM   #7
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Join Date: April 18, 2000
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I'd go with the Police model. Mine just seems better put together than my Express model. Also, the Police forend is short enough to use the 6-round sidesaddle and the mag tube doesn't have the dimples which prevent you from installing the extended mag tube. As far as the wood versus synthetic goes, if you're going to expose the weapon to the elements, get the synthetic. Since mine stays in the house, it has the wood.
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Old April 22, 2000, 04:28 AM   #8
Dave McC
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I've seeen no difference in durability between the two. Wood shows abuse a little sooner,that's all.

IMO, get what you like...
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