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Old February 2, 2000, 06:37 PM   #1
Join Date: December 7, 1999
Location: Miami
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I am looking to get a Remington 11-87. My dealer has a right handed version in stock.
However, I shoot lefty. Is it safe to shoot the right handed version lefty? The price of the lefty was about $70 more and nobody has any. The money is not the problem I just hate waiting. I've waited over a month already for a 22 I ordered. Does anybody out
there shoot like this? I am new to shotgunning but I've have always liked it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Old February 2, 2000, 07:06 PM   #2
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Join Date: January 20, 2000
Location: Oak Forest, IL
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Hey Wirenut,

One thing to be careful of is some shotguns (rifles too?) may have an adjustable cast. What this means is the centerline of the buttstock is not necessarily parallel to the centerline of the receiver and barrel.

In other words, the buttstock is cocked more to one side than the other. On a righty 'gun with cast, the buttstock will be cast to the right of the receiver. My guess is that this puts the middle of the shooter's face closer to the centerline of the receiver. A lefty 'gun will be cast in the opposite direction.

I'm not sure if Remington puts any cast into their shotguns (my Rem 700 dosen't have this) but it may be something you may want to investigate. The Beretta AL390 I have has an adjustable cast. The adjustment is simply switching a steel plate that is between the buttstock and the receiver. If the 11-87 does have cast, see if you can change it.

I have a lefty friend that tried my right hand cast Beretta and he said it felt a little awkward. I'm not sure if he is left or right eye dominant. My bet is that a left handed, right eye dominant shooter using a right hand cast 'gun will have difficulty hitting what he/she is aiming at. (got that?)

If I was in your situation, I would either wait for the lefty 11-87 or check out a Shotgun News for someone who has the lefty in stock. My feeling (not necessarily yours) is that shells ejecting across your face can be distracting and harmful.

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Old February 2, 2000, 08:11 PM   #3
Join Date: December 29, 1999
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I shoot both an 870 12 gauge and a Ruger M77 .243 win. and have never had problems. I am going to take my 870 to a gunsmith and have them reverse the safety though.
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Old February 3, 2000, 09:48 AM   #4
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I'm a lefty and have been shooting right-handed firearms for many many years with nary a problem. Basically it's a non-problem as far as my situation goes. I just don't even notice the hull/brass flying in front of my face.
Though I did buy a left-hand AR as much to be different as to have a left-handed firearm.
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Old February 4, 2000, 02:07 PM   #5
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Join Date: October 20, 1998
Posts: 169
I'm a lefty and all my firearms a right handed. I have to buy ambi-safeties, but that's about it. I have not reversed the button safety on my Benelli, but I am thinking about it because I use this gun for IPSC 3 gun matches. I also keep it loaded at home, however, reversing the safety could be a dangerous situation for people who don't know about the reversal. I will probably go ahead and do it since I live alone anyway. The ejected hulls have not caused a problem either.

I have ambi-safeties on my AR's, and my IPSC rifle has an ambi-mag release as well. Otherwise, an AR is "lefty friendly" as long as it has a brass deflector.

I would rather buy a right-handed version of a firearm and modify it if ambis are needed. You never know when you might have to use someone elses weapon and chances are very good it will be the right handed version.
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Old February 5, 2000, 12:04 AM   #6
Blue Jays
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Join Date: May 21, 1999
Location: United States
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Hi Everyone-'s a wacky set-up for you, so I hope you can follow along .

I'm left-eye dominant and shoot my right-handed Remington 870 lefty. The hulls passing in front of me have never been a problem at all.

This is especially weird because I'm a righty and shoot handguns from my right hand. Guess it all comes down to what feels most natural and is most effective for you.

I totally concur with everyone about having the firearms set-up for a righty to allow friends and partners to operate without difficulty in time of need.

Additionally, your re-sale value is probably boosted by having the righty version.

Best of luck...

~ Blue Jays ~
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Old February 5, 2000, 10:44 AM   #7
Jonathan Chenault
Join Date: December 21, 1999
Location: Huntsville AL USA
Posts: 37
im a lefty shooter and i shoot all the time with my remington 11-87 and ive never had any poblems with it hitting me or anything like that. but i guess you cant be too careful.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me
Phil 4:13
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