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Would Winchester 180 gn power points hold up at 300 win mag velocities. Thanks guys.
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I don't see why not? Winchester markets them as loaded ammunition for 300 Win Mag.

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Generally speaking as long as impact velocities are around 2800 fps or less standard cup and core bullets tend to hold together. At faster impact speeds then a tougher bullet is a good idea.

The Winchester factory load is only advertised at 2950 fps and in the real world is probably less than 2900 fps. That is 30-06 velocity levels. At ranges beyond 50-75 yards it is probably below the 2800 fps threshold and will be fine.

But most loading manuals will show 3050-3100 fps for 180 gr loads in 300 WM. If you were to hand load that bullet to over 3000 fps it might not hold up at close range.
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Probably they will, at least better than 150gr or 165gr will.

But, if you really want a bullet to "hold up," you should consider paying the extra money for a bonded or monolithic bullet. They consistently do what cup and core marketing says cup and core will do.
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The Winchester factory load is only advertised at 2950 fps and in the real world is probably less than 2900 fps. That is 30-06 velocity levels.
Please tell us what .30-06 gun and load you're shooting that gets 2900fps with a 180gr bullet?

Yes, cup and core bullets can be driven too fast, BUT it rarely happens when the bullets are fired at the speeds they were designed for, or a little higher.

I seriously doubt that a couple hundred FPS will make much difference. However, 500fps+ CAN. Shoot a bullet designed for .30-30 speed at .300Magun speed, it acts like a varmint bullet.
Shoot a .45 cal 400gr bullet meant for controlled expansion at black powder speed (1300ish) at 1800 or faster, it comes apart. At 2100fps, it's a grenade.

If you're in doubt about a Winchester bullet, call Winchester. I'm sure there is someone there who will tell you the upper and lower design speeds for reliable expansion.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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I shot a deer at 20 yards right in the chest facing me. 300 win mag. 150 grain Winchester power point factory ammo.

Bullet entered the brisket and split into several pieces. Top half of the deers heart was gone. Both front shoulders broken. One exit wound behind the right shoulder. One exit wound through the left shoulder.

Bullet performed well. Yeah it came apart, but it had devastating performance and still exited. I had very little bloodshot meat.

I don't see any reason the 180 wouldn't fair just fine for most game.
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