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Perhaps they didn't need to roll down your street, given the other intelligence they had from other people in the area - perhaps the suspects were seen heading off in another direction and they set up to intercept them.
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Perhaps they didn't need to roll down your street, given the other intelligence they had from other people in the area - perhaps the suspects were seen heading off in another direction and they set up to intercept them.
While this may be true, my original intention was to point out that many people (mainly antis) still belive that they are completely safe without weapons or training. There ARE people in this world so dense as to belive their local policemen are paid to "save" or "rescue" them from evil and its just not true. I struck up a conversation on this topic with the night auditor at work last night and while I think I may have instilled SOME kind of change in her thinking, she simply cannot seem to fully grasp the concept that her personal saftey and security is just that. HERS.Makes me glad to have been born with a BRAIN in my head!

Good words so far fellas.
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Getting me talking about the "common masses" will inevitably make me sound elitist, hateful, and entirely un-American. But, the fact is, it's only a fraction of the people in this world who are born to think for themselves.

The free-thinkers exist, basically, to shepherd the masses through this world. (It's a hard job, and we will occasionally get hurt doing it!) The masses exist to serve the free-thinkers, rewarding their hard work with a well-lived life of privilege. (In essence, the majority of people in this world need to be ruled.)

It's awfully difficult talking to someone who insists on being be ruled by others, especially if you think they ought to be a free-thinker. But, remember, (and I've had to learn this slowly through the years), it's perfectly OK to want to live a simple and sheltered life. It doesn't mean they are bad people. They just need people like us to take care of them... And, like any group of "protected" people (I'm REALLY trying not to say "sheep" or "cattle" here), there will be losses. We can't save them all. And, periodically, the simpletons will get killed by the predators in the world.

Huh... I'm starting to ramble. I'd better stop...
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Once a little over a year ago I had a repetitive trespasser. As we would later discover he has multiple reasons for coming into sight of our house.

The first reason was because he was growing pot in our woods behind our house and was tempting to keep us so scared that we wouldn't go back there.

The other reason was that he would frequently watch my little sister (than 13) undress for her shower (she has a bathroom in her bedroom) and than watch her redress or whatever.

So after several months of our almost nightly visits he finally slipped up and came to early in the day which resulted in us getting a decent look at him. Which than let us know Yes he was carrying some serious weaponry in the form of a sawed off shotgun and a pistol.

One night we were lucky enough to catch him in the act. Thankfully he chose to forgo a firefight. However just before sneaking outside to apprehend the "suspect" we notified police (who had been called about the perv several times by now) that he was back and that myself my older brother and I were going outside to detain him till police arrived and we also notified them that all parties in question were armed and asked him to "PLEASE SEND A UNIT IMMEDIATELY"

It was still almost an hour before LEO finally arrived. Although when they did arrive they do so in force with no less than 10 units arriving within than 3 minutes of the first.

When we asked the LEO why it took them so long we were informed by him we were lucky they even came to that kind of a situation since the supreme court ruled that LEO was not obligated by law to take any calls.
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When we asked the LEO why it took them so long we were informed by him we were lucky they even came to that kind of a situation since the supreme court ruled that LEO was not obligated by law to take any calls.
That sounds like pure sarcasm on the part of the officer, Dan. I doubt very much that he speaks for his department. I don't know about law, but our policy is that every call for service will warrant a police response. Failure to do so can be termed dereliction of duty and will result in disciplinary action. That can be a pain in the butt sometimes, since as every LEO here knows, every department has its "regulars". We have one 83 yr old woman here that, as of today, has called police for service on trivial matters 497 times in the last 5 years! Nevertheless, we have to answer each & every call for service.

On a different note, most of the posts in this thread declare a lack of police response, but there's little on how we dealt with the problem when they didn't come. I have no doubts of the poster's experiences, but since this forum deals with tactics & training, I'd like to see it lean a little more in that direction.
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Reminds me of the old joke:

Guy calls police and tell the dispatcher two people are burglarizing his shed, and if the police hurry, they can catch the perpetrators in the act. The dispatcher tells the guy all officers are busy, and they don't have anybody to send. The guy hangs up, and calls back a few minutes later. Tells the dispatcher "Never mind, I shot both the perpetrators. Tell the officers not to hurry". A few minutes later, 3 squad cars roar into the street in front of the guy's house, sirens blowing and lights a blazing. The sergeant yells "Where are they?" The guy says, "They got away". The sergeant says "Got away? I thought you said you shot them". They guy says "I thought the dispatcher said they had no officers to send".

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You better post a link to a news source about this or they may lock the thread.
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What to do if this happens? Get to a place of security, armed until they go away?

Heres what I used to do when I lived in the city, I was about 5 blocks from a "housing project" every friday nite and sometimes every nite shots would ring out, sometmes lasting a long time as the gang bangers celebrated or whatever. I would get tired of it and tired of reporting it to the cops so I would unload my 30-06. 5 Rounds out of the cannon would silence the area for the nite. Guess they knew they were underpowered? not sure, but I got my sleep in.

Had a customer of the shop I worked at get killed in that project, they kicked in his door and shot up the place killing him. He always paid cash too
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