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Old May 4, 2006, 11:48 AM   #1
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Legal ins and outs of 922

As a fan of the Sig 550 / 551 who does not have 8k to dump on one, well I guess I could find the 8k but am not putting it into a 223 semi - auto, I'm looking around at the various options in the 550 department.

So my qyestion is 922 refers to manufacture / import, with LE / military exempted, now if a sig 550 /551 is imported as an entier weapon, sold through sig-arms for LE use can it then enter the mainstream as a title 1 rifle legal for transfer to anyone, as it was imported legally and now is on the used market, much as there are more than a few post 1968 PPK's floating around that were lmported legaly for LE use and are now on the secondary market.

Am I missing something here? or would this simply be too much confushion so all the non-pre ban 550 / 551's are considered verboten.

Other options for a legit 550 / 551 without going the SBR route as I don't want that much paperwork and an open invite to come look around my place as a consequnce of ownership
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Old May 4, 2006, 07:45 PM   #2
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Just wait for the Sig 556 and put a regular folding stock on it.
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Old May 4, 2006, 09:03 PM   #3
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If only it was that simple, first and formost the 556 has a rail that maybe you can put a sight on, frankly I like a sight attached to the gun, ad the rails add the other stuff, have the sight bolted / welded on plus try getting the orginal sig diopter here, not to mention the front sight is diffirent as well.

Second it appears you may have swap / modify the lower to take the stock folder --- if you put the swiss lower on, if it will fit then you have to start counting parts to make sure you don't run into 922 problems.

If the 556 has enough US parts maybe we can just canabilize / order them to make a 922 compliant 550/551 or maybe just maybe Sig will extract their cranium from their sphincter and offer a classic rifle as opposed to that abortion of a gun that is the 556,

sorry I'm not a luddite but the 550 / 551 has been offered in about any configuration (scoped, railed, lighted, configurations that would give any operator the need to retire to the bathroom for a little personal time) you could want in Europe for any use and to a high degree of quality and precesion, offering the gun here with a cruddy and unneeded telestock, a forend that an airsofter would not buy (want a rail forend for a 550 / 551 call Bruger and Thomet, not Matel or hasbro or whoever made that thing) and taking mags that either have been a standing joke in the US armed forces for the past 30 years or have to be purchased at the princely sum of 40 or more dollars from H+K among others is not my idea of quality improvements to an excellent rife --- all so that some arbatrary price point can be met.... give me a break I remember when AR15's were selling on avarage for more than they are now as well as AR 10's people still bought them and in quantity, DSA does nto seem to be looking for buyers for theri FAL's and SA is selling lots of M1A's in some expensive configurations, now that every tom dick and harry is squeezing AR15s out of the orifice of some extrushion machine the price has come down... SO WHAT... If you want and AR buy one at any price, if you want a Sig 55x you will liekly pay the price to get the quality you expect, if they want to offer a value line do it by all means to introduce people to the gun and offer an alternative but don't launch that first and try and tell us that it's great and better than the 550 / 551, which it clearly is not. .
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Old May 5, 2006, 01:06 AM   #4
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Yes, a firearm that does not meet the sporting clause yet is imported by a LE/Gov agency can then be sold on the civilian market (except NFA, of course). Here is an ATF ruling that requires an individual LEO to optain department approval before he can have a non-sporting firearm imported for his use. It states that once in the hands of the officer, there are no prohibitions on him selling it to civilians. That is why (in theory) departmental approval is necessary, to prevent wholesale violation of 922.


Applications to import surplus military firearms or nonsporting firearms or ammunition for individual law enforcement officers for official use must be accompanied by the agency?s purchase order.

ATF Rul. 80-8

Pursuant to section 925(a)(1), the Bureau has previously allowed the importation of surplus military firearms and nonsporting firearms for individual law enforcement officers for official use. In approving such importation applications, the Bureau required federal firearms licensees to obtain from the agency employing the officer a certificate of the chief law enforcement officer stating that the firearm ammunition is for use in the performance of official duties. However, once these firearms are imported for the individual officer for "official use," there is no prohibition in the law against the officer's resale or retention of the firearms for personal use. The purpose of section 925(a)(1) is to permit importation of firearms for the exclusive use of government agencies. The statute was not intended and may not be used as a vehicle by which unimportable firearms can be introduced into ordinary commercial channels in the United States.
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Old May 6, 2006, 08:23 AM   #5
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From what I hear, the 556 will eventually be available with the folder.
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Old May 7, 2006, 05:33 PM   #6
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I hear that too, but seeing what Sig did to it out the gate I am not holding my breath if you pardon my french for an un-f#[email protected]%&*
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