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Old September 24, 2022, 07:25 AM   #1
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Picked up a totally superfluous pistol.......

I found it in a local pawn shop and couldn't resist getting it. I needed another single stack 9mm pistol like I need another hole in my head, but I have poor impulse control when it comes to buying firearms.

This little Sig P239 was kind of lost in the clutter in the back corner of the handgun case. I don't collect Sigs and I certainly don't go looking for them, but somehow I have picked up three in the last couple of months. I might add that until recently I didn't really know all that much about Sig P series pistols as the only one I had was a old West German P226 bought used on a whim many years ago. Now with the addition of the P239, I have a P210, P220 and a P226

The P239 is on the larger side and heavy for a single stack 9mm, especially with all the small polymer 9's available that have the same, or greater capacity. But lack of practicality (or need), has never stopped me from buying anything. I like hammer fired DA/SA pistols and in addition to the Sigs, I have examples from Beretta, HK, Walther and CZ.

Price wise, I feel I got this for a okay deal @$450, but it only came with one magazine and spares are a bit pricy. It is very accurate and I have ordered a couple Armory Craft + 1 mag bases as I like the extra length they provide.

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Old September 24, 2022, 06:07 PM   #2
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I’m enamored with the P239. I own two. One in .40, that was my agencies issue ammo, so I could shoot it on their dime. And, I added a 357 Sig barrel and mags. It’s one of my most carried guns.

The other is a 9mm. Exceptionally good shooting gun.

Both of mine are DAK. I consider them very flat, high capacity revolvers with really good triggers. Having started with revolvers, I can really shoot a good DA Trigger.

Since I’m really big on Appendix carry, I only carry DA, hammer fired guns that way.

They are superb for that.

I’ll alternate a little carrying them.

The power of the 357 SIG…
The extra capacity of the 9mm..
Speed of follow up shots on the 9..
The horsepower of the 357 SIG.
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Old September 25, 2022, 10:16 PM   #3
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I love the classic P-series pistols in general, and the P239 is still on my wish list even though it would make no sense for me from a purely practical standpoint.

In the classic P-series I currently have one P229 in .40S&W. The only way it goes is to replace it with a nicer P229 (it was used and a bit beat up cosmetically when I bought it). In the past I had a P226 that I honestly was only lukewarm about, but I had a previous P229 in .40S&W that I loved. I only sold it because, at the time, I needed the money far more than I needed the gun. I wanted to replace it as soon as I could even at the time I was selling it.

As for the P239, I never owned one, but I have had the pleasure of shooting one in .40S&W and 9mm. The .40 was the first time I shot one and the first .40S&W I ever shot that I liked (for a long time it was the only .40 I shot that I liked), and I really liked it. There was an off-duty cop shooting in the lane next to mine. I was shooting my S&W 65LS and he was shooting his P239. I had never shot a SIG (it may have been the first .40 I shot as well, but I don't remember for sure) and he had never shot a .357mag so we changed lanes for a cylinder/mag. I've wanted one ever since, but at the time they were a bit pricey for me, and by the time I could afford one (and for new it was always a stretch), I had several guns in that size plus or minus a little but with better capacity (Taurus PT140 M. Pro, S&W M&P40c), or with similar capacity that was smaller and/or lighter (a SIG P290 and Kel Tec Pf-9).

Kahr P-series pistols are the same. I wanted one from the first magazine article I read on them in the late 1990s or maybe 2000/2001 (they had been out a few years, but only a few years). By the time I could afford them, there were a ton of other options that seemed like better options from a practical standpoint (including from them), and I never got one.

For both the P239 and Kahr, I'll still probably pick them up. I just need to see the right deal at the gunstore before I do. Now, other P-series SIGs, I will probably pick up a 9mm 229 or 228, a 229 in .40 in better condition than mine (maybe new), and I would be surprised if I don't eventually have a 220. There may be better options from a numbers standpoint (oz, height, length, width, price, capacity), but very few that shoot better or feel better in my hands.
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Old September 26, 2022, 11:01 AM   #4
Doc Intrepid
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I think you got a sweet deal. A high quality Sig pistol for $450 is a good day in my book.
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Old September 28, 2022, 12:22 PM   #5
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Very sweet collection you got there
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Old September 28, 2022, 02:04 PM   #6
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Nice pick-up.

I'm not sure how much you'll shoot it though, as you have better options, even just in the Sig family. I love the lines of that P210 the way most guys love the lines of a 1911.

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Old September 29, 2022, 06:07 AM   #7
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Location: Savannah TN
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I'm not sure how much you'll shoot it though, as you have better options, even just in the Sig family. I love the lines of that P210 the way most guys love the lines of a 1911.
I just love the the P210. It is a joy to shoot and I also think it is quite a handsome gun.

My go-to carry gun is my Glock G48 with Shield Arms 15 round magazines, which for me is the perfect carry gun. I retired my former EDC, a S&W Shield to occasional pocket carry and most of my other small CCW sized guns are only brought out for range trips, which is the most likely fate for the P239. I like it though and am glad I picked it up.

My main problem is that I have a very hard time getting rid of guns. In the past I have sold off a couple of collections worth of firearms to finance other pursuits, but then sooner or later I start wishing I had the guns I sold back again. The only problem is that it always costs more than I sold them for to replace them.

I have been fighting the urge to get a Sig 365, since it is smaller than the Shield and would make a great pocket carry piece. I am afraid I would like it too much and then I would be going down another rabbit hole with holsters, magazines and who knows what else.
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Old September 30, 2022, 05:27 AM   #8
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I have a P239 SAS Gen2, and I appreciate that the previous owner traded this one in LNIB condition for a P365, which I would never do. This one and my Sig P6, P228, M11-A1, and P226/40 are permanent members in my collection.
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Old October 1, 2022, 02:22 PM   #9
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I have a P228R and a P239 (9mm). They are both great shooting guns. I bought my P239 from an auction site about 10 years ago. I put in a bid and really didn't expect to be the high bid. If I remember right, I paid $400 for it with a nice Galco holster and 5 magazines. It appeared to be shot very little. I changed that!
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