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Old July 15, 1999, 09:19 PM   #1
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Two years ago my wife picked up a 9mm TA-90 for my birthday from a pawn shop imported by Excam, Hialeah, FL (long since defunct).
Any idea how long this company Excam was in business? The TA-90 is actually a Tanfoglio and is very similar to the Witness currently imported, but has a slide mounted safety like Beretta 92F. Know where I could get an exploded parts diagram? Thanks
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Harley Nolden
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I thought I might have the blow-up, but I cannont locate it.

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Old July 15, 1999, 09:40 PM   #3
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The Tanarmi (evidently not "Tanfoglio") Model TA-90 Series was imported by Excam and manufactured in Gardone V.T., Italy. I can't find any dates on the company, but the pistol is listed as a copy of the CZ-75. A CZ-75 diagram shouldn't be hard to come by...
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Old July 16, 1999, 06:56 AM   #4
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Thanks to both of you for replies.
In response to the "Tarnami"? What is that?
On the frame it's stamped Armi Fratelli Tanfoglio SPA. Thanks again.
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Old August 23, 2005, 01:22 AM   #5
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tanfoglio ta 90 exploded view

i do have an exploded view of the TA-90 9mm. enjoy..
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Tanfoglio TA standard weapon.pdf (111.0 KB, 4134 views)
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Old August 23, 2005, 09:26 PM   #6
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Virtually ALL the CZ-75 "clones" were actually made by The Brothers Tanfoglio of Italy.

These included variations sold by or assembled by:
FIE- TZ-75
Excam- TA-90
EAA Witness (Current importer)
Springfield Armory P9
The Israeli Baby Eagle and the Jericho 941.

Tanarmi was just one of the brand names used by Excam.

Excam went out of business in late 1990.
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Old September 3, 2007, 12:20 PM   #7
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TA 90 Parts

I have a TA90 and need a slide stop. Any ideas on where to get parts?
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Old September 3, 2007, 05:29 PM   #8
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Numrich, or look over at, the Clone Club.
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Old November 12, 2008, 08:19 PM   #9
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Excam ta 90

I had ordered some magazines that were supposed to fit the cz75 or ta 90 and they did not work at all with my ta90.
Any ideas who might have magazines for the pistol?
It is really a fine shooting gun and I enjoy using it.
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Old February 11, 2009, 02:41 PM   #10
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I have the BTA-90 from the same Tanarmi era. It is marked with the Tanfoglio stamp but was sold in the 80s under Tanarmi Arms. I did order the EAA 9mm Witness Compact magazines and had to file a little off the catch on the magazine for it to lock in. Would like to find OEM parts as well.
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Old March 2, 2010, 06:50 PM   #11
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hopefully this will help those who have just found this page or perhaps someone that has posted in the past...
Magazines pro-mag will work .. stated for witness .. but they work in my ta-90
I also got 2 from a fellow in alaska. not promag.. but he said they were made in the US ... I filed just a bit of the top of the mag-release slot and they fit and released just fine.
parts maybe just a bit difficult to find ... still looking into a few sources..
Hennings .. google or bing search .. grips for witness work just fine..
holsters? .. lol.. so far a beretta 92 works.. will let you know if a cz hoster fits when I find one a bit on the less expensive side..
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Old May 22, 2010, 01:01 PM   #12
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Personally, I love my TA90...its also in FLAWLESS CONDITION....still in the original case/box (: and unfortunately, I might be selling it
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Old June 28, 2010, 03:54 PM   #13
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Tanfoglio Pistols

Right now I'm on my 3rd EAA Witness and absolutely love them!

I am interested in the TA-90 ... as it is definitely in the same CA-75 "Clone" Family.

As for the slide stop: From the exterior photo views, it looks like the Witness stop may work. I would call EAA and ask.

Further, here's a good link on the Tanfoglio Witness (although the guy that wrote it no is longer involved with Tanfoglio pistols)
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Old January 17, 2013, 01:48 PM   #14
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parts for the

looking for parts now....quite the challenge from all the sites should be available. Best option once they get their website working will be
They are having voicemail/phone issues as well.

Catalog link works fine:

UPDATE- was able to backdoor into their site and place my order! Yeah!
Attached Files
File Type: pdf mod.ta 90.pdf (810.8 KB, 109 views)

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Old January 17, 2013, 05:10 PM   #15
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This thread was started 14 years ago Just gos to show, old threads never die, they just turn into zombies.
Ron James
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Old January 18, 2013, 09:00 AM   #16
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old thread

they might grow old, but they do never die. Good guns last a lifetime!

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And, here, I THOUGHT 10 years was the world record for a zombie thread...............

CONGRATS !, geomun - yer now an official Zombie !

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Old February 2, 2013, 09:49 PM   #18
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Just to extend the World's Longest Thread a little longer, I'll bite. I recently picked up a 1986 BTA90, not knowing what it was (I hadn't had a pistol since at least the early 1970s) but it looked well made and was the right size. Based on the small number of rounds I've run through it, and taking it apart & putting it back together, I'm very pleased with it. It fits my hand like it was made for it, and has just the right amount of weight and recoil - and it's accurate enough that anything I miss is my fault, not the pistol's.

Can't really understand why they don't bring a higher price (I paid $250 for this one in barely-used condition), but I'm happy with the purchase. It certainly seems to beat anything new in that price range.....
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Old September 1, 2018, 06:05 PM   #19
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which gun to carry?

I chose this thread because it has shown favor to the Tanfoglio TA90. Yes it is 2037 days old thread, but I believe the TA 90 is as good as any new pistol and better than many. I picked mine up in a pawn shop for 225$ then bought and use new mags that a web site pointed out as compatible. Read the post and see if you can guess which one I shot the test with.

For me deciding to become a CHL holder was an easy decision. The class was given by a friend who has a background as a peace officer, a career as an engineer, a Christian family life and a parent of three daughters. The hard part was deciding which pistol to learn to carry. There are many U-tube videos claiming to highlight the top ten or greatest concealed carry handguns each with their own winner and agenda. Trouble is I do not own all of the winners nor am I able or willing to buy the next latest greatest gun. I am a firm believer in being able to use the gun in reach and not need to use the nearest piece to fight my way back to my principal weapon.
To help me decide, I developed a short list of 6 different pistols that I currently own to evaluate for concealed carry. Some of this will be subjective and some will be objective. The six pistols are:
1. Browning High Power 40 S&W
2. Browning BDA .380 ACP
3. S&W model 66 .357 mag
4. S&W model 36 .38 special
5. Tanfoglio TA90 9mm
6. Ruger Single Six Vaquero birdshead .32 H&R Mag

Round capacity
1. Tanfoglio TA90 9mm
2. Browning BDA .380 ACP
3. Browning High Power 40 S&W
4. Revolvers

Grip promotes my instinctive pointing
1. Browning High Power 40 S&W
2. S&W model 66 .357 mag with aftermarket grips
3. Tanfoglio TA90 9mm
4. S&W model 36 .38 special with aftermarket grips
5. Browning BDA .380 ACP
6. Ruger Single Six Vaquero birdshead .32 H&R Mag

Ease of reload.
1. Browning High Power 40 S&W larger magwell and drops mags when released
2. Browning BDA .380 ACP adequate magwell and drops mags when released.
3. Tanfoglio TA90 9mm adequate magwell but does not drop mags when released.
4. S&W model 66 .357 mag with speed loaders
5. S&W model 36 .38 special with speed loader
6. S&W model 36 .38 special with reloader strips
7. Ruger Single Six Vaquero birdshead .32 H&R Mag

Ease of focusing on front sight with both eyes open
1. Gold bead on BHP
2. Red insert on S&W 66
3. Black post on TA90
4. Blade on Ruger Vaquero Large enough to see, but stainless has some glare.
5. Blade on S&W 36 Could benefit from a little paint on the blade.
6. Blade on BDA .380 Could benefit from a little paint on the blade.

Most capable of stopping on first shoot. Argue all you want, but 1 & 2 are close and could be equal if the right bullet is used. Same for the .38 special and 9 mm. But surely the 32 mag is more capable than the .380 acp.
1. .357 magnum
2. .40 S&W
3. .38 special
4. 9mm
5. 32 H&R mag
6. .380 acp

Concealability. Consider that the holster I select is on me. It must not print and will hold the weapon securely until released and then should draw without snagging.
1. S&W model 36
2. Browning BDA
3. Ruger Single Six Vaquero birdshead
4. Browning High Power
5. Tanfoglio TA90
6. S&W model 66

Results of range session, 10 rounds were fired at 7 yards and 15 yards each with the exception of the BDA which broke an extractor on the first shot at 15 yards. At seven yards the BDA had 6 X’s, 3 nines and one 8. The target available at the range is the Official Police Qualification Silhouette B27FSA Green Target and not the Texas Concealed Handgun License B-27 Training Target Color: Green Size so the scoring is X, 10, 9, and 8. Line cutters are given the higher points. You or I could probably shot better on a given day, but this is what I shot at the range on 7/28/2018.
………………………….pt/rounds ..% in ten ring
S&W 36......………... 8.92...…….37.50
9mm...….. ………….. 9.50...…...55.00
32 H&R Mag...…….. 9.76...…….76.47
40 S&W...……………. 8.91...…...36.36

Other handguns I own but did not make the short list are
1. Kimber 45 acp
2. Colt Delta Elite 10mm
3. S&W model 57
4. H&R model 999
5. New Vaquero 45 Colt, CAS guns (3)
6. A new in box BHP 40 S&W

Bottom line. Given the data above and list above, which handgun should I select to train with and what modifications need to be made. I have shot IPDA with a Delta Elite 10 mm in the 1980’s and carried a S&W model 66 when on duty in the late 70’s and early 80’s before switching to an auto at the request of the city. Times and reasons to carry have changed and I look to the forum to suggest which of the six I should make into my “goto” carry gun.

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Old September 8, 2018, 09:09 PM   #20
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Since no one else has responded I'll take a stab.....

Of the six.....
1. Browning High Power 40 S&W
Advantage, power, reliability, accuracy, ease of shooting well, good sights, good trigger.
Disadvantage, size, weight.

2. Browning BDA .380 ACP
Advantage size and weight.
Disadvantage, bare minimum defense caliber, the gun is large for the caliber.

3. S&W model 66 .357 mag
What barrel length? Assuming 2 1/2 inches.
Advantages, possibly the ultimate CCW revolver, very powerful and can use any ammo from poppers to blow down the barn door, excellent trigger and can be improved further, great sights, unlimited types of grips, intimidating appearance, excellent "shoot-ability". A real fight stopper.
Disadvantage, weight, extreme muzzle blast if loaded with Magnum ammo.
Slower to reload and spare ammo is bulky if carried in a speedloader.
Easier carry in a "speed strip" but slow to use and too easy to fumble the reload.
Like all bigger, heavier guns requires a serious holster and belt.

4. S&W model 36 .38 special
Advantage, size.
Disadvantage, size. Meaning the gun is very small and easy to conceal, but the small size makes it harder to hold well and much harder to shoot well under stress. Trigger not so good and harder to improve easily.
Sights small and not easy to use effectively. Only 5 shots, and has the same reloading problems as the Model 66.

5. Tanfoglio TA90 9mm
Advantage, excellent feel, selective DA/SA trigger action, large magazine capacity, excellent shoot-ability, good sights, usually reliable.
Disadvantage, size and weight, awkward location of the safety.

6. Ruger Single Six Vaquero birdshead .32 H&R Mag
Advantage, none.
Disadvantage, no one serious carries a single action for CCW defense.

My personal choices....
Revolver, the S&W Model 66 by a country mile.

Auto, Tie between the Browning and the TA-90 with the Browning having a slight edge.
The Browning safety is better located and you get a good single action trigger all the time, plus the better caliber. Simply a better quality gun.
The TA-90 because of the DA-SA trigger.

S&W Model 66.
None really needed other then grips that suit you. That would be for feel NOT appearance. I use Pachmayr Professional Compac rubber models.
You could spend money on a trigger job (action job) by a good gunsmith but that's not really needed. The idea would be for a smoother trigger action NOT a lighter trigger pull. If the trigger is heavy, build up your trigger finger.
You'd need to do some serious heavy-duty reload practice.

Ammo.... If you want and can effectively handle full charge Magnum loads the 125 grain hollow point is the best, BUT it's also hard on the forcing cone and could cause it to crack.
Second Magnum choice would be one of the "short barrel revolver" Magnum loads in the 135 grain range.
A possibly better choice would be the Buffalo Bullet Company HOT .38 Special +P Lead, semi-wadcutter, hollow point.
This is loaded to near-Magnum levels and is what the +P load was originally before the ammo makers started downloading it.
This was the load that ended the .38 Special failures to stop problem.
Street cops called it the ".38 SPLAT" for the sound is was supposed to make when it hit.
Much less muzzle blast and recoil than a Magnum load, very effective.
Second +P choice would be a 125 grain jacketed hollow point.

Grips that suit you. There are wide choices from rubber to woods, to synthetic. You can have attractive as well as effective types.
For a CCW gun trigger and sight work is really not essential with a quality Browning.
THE critical item is that the gun be reliable. Accuracy is NOT a factor, reliability is. Don't get lost in the accuracy idea.

Grips that suit.
Reliability. Trigger work and sights again usually not needed.
If the mags don't drop, you need to slightly bend the wide, flat spring in the magazine well. On the original CZ pistols that not only covers the sear assembly it's also a magazine brake to prevent the mags from free dropping.
Remove it and flex it slightly so the mags will drop.

With all guns... a good quality, good design holster that actually "fits" you.
Comfort is very secondary. Jeff Cooper said a gun needed to be comforting, not comfortable.

What is needed is a holster that conceals well, secures the gun well, is fast to use and most important; a holster that you'll wear ALL THE TIME.
A holster that is slow or difficult to put on will get left at home.
I've been informed by a man who KNOWS that the world's worst feeling is just running down to the store for some bread and suddenly realizing that you're in the middle of a life and death situation...... and your life-saving gun is at home because it was too slow to put on or you just couldn't handle some discomfort.
Wear a gun and holster long enough and it gets comfortable enough.

The same holds for a gun. A gun that's too big or too heavy will get left behind.
A gun that's too tiny can't be used effectively or won't stop a fight.
There's a range between a tiny gun that you can lie to yourself that you're armed, even if you can't hit anything fast with it, and a gun so large and heavy you just get tired of it and start leaving it home.
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Thanks for the reply.

Jeff Copper was right about a lot of things. My last duty gun was a 10mm Delta Elite. City fathers required the officers to carry automatics, but would not supply them. They thought all autos were 9mm. Previously we carried the same pistol the Texas DPS carried, S&W model 66. We often backed up the officers in our county.

Let's start with the wheel guns. The most accurate gun was the Vaquero 32. I am capable with it as I had emptied the revolver in 3 seconds during SASS matches, but reloading takes it off the list. Next wheel gun is the 66, 4". It was great for duty carry with two speed loaders on the belt, but hiding the gun and all the speed loaders would look like you trying to sneak a six pack into a concert. Even the smaller 36 with "speed" strips would still provide lots to cover. Got the speed strips and even after some practice they were not very speedy. They would hold 6 rounds but usually one ended up on the ground. Even with practice it was necessary to look at the cylinder to get the rounds loaded.

That leaves the autos. Rescued the Browning BDA. It was neglected and abused, but ran like a Browning. A good cleaning, a trip to CCR for coating, fresh Pacameyer grips and a new extractor revealed a dependable gun. Carried a S&W 669 as a backup duty gun, which is about the same size as the BDA. Daughter likes to shot it at the range. The Browning High Power is a retired detective's pistol. Always thought the 40 S&W would be ideal in a High Power. The front sight fell off during the first range session and the project began. I thought it was my carry choice, but I just cannot bear to leave it in the evidence room if I had to use it. So the TA-90 is the choice by default. Look back at the data and the TA-90 is the most accurate auto of the group. It is easiest to return to aim and has the most rounds in the magazine. I have heard the comment about the slide release before, but the TA has the dog leg release and it is instinctive for me to use my left thumb to release it. Mr. Dfariswheel pointed out the remedy for the sticky mag drop which will be the first mod to this gun.

At the qualifying session I scored an unbelievable 278 out of 250. The shooter in the next lane provided a few extra points for me. Ask if I could reshoot and was informed that the reshoot would require all five lanes and only one target. So no more fun that day.

So now to find a holster the is invisible and comforting.

Again thanks for the feed back. May I never need to draw it, but it will be near at hand.

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