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Classic Remington 722A in .244

Many many years ago as a small child I remember visiting my great uncles house. He was a bit of a gun hoarder having 100s and 100s of rifles, shotguns and derelict muskets stacked in just about every room of that house. About 20 years ago he passed away and I was offered '1 gun' from his estate. I had no knowledge what was available and the individual I was dealing with had no knowledge of firearms. I could only ask for something in generic terms. So I asked for a 'bolt action hunting rifle such as a 30-06 or .270'.

A year or so goes by and I received this: A Remington 722A chambered in .244 Rem. Yep, it was a bolt action alright and in mint condition - in fact it looked to have never been fired - it was that mint. But I'd never heard of a '244' and it sounded awfully small. A quick check at a local discount store left me with the impression this was some long forgotten orphaned cartridge and I put it away...

Some years later, some more knowledgeable than I educated me that ammo was in fact available under the '6mm Rem' name. Indeed, 75 and 100 gr 6mm ammo could still be readily had as it turned out. The 75 gr ammo worked great but not the 100 gr ammo. Today 6mm Rem is no longer available on the shelves. But I've gotten into reloading and have developed a nice 90 gr and even a 100 gr load for it.

I had a 1980s Bushnell 3-9X 40 I had bought new and never used which I mounted. I added swivel mounts to the stock. The mint wood stock cleaned up nicely with a coat of carnauba wax. While this is not the 722BDL version but rather the more plain 722A, the stock still seems 'finely figured' to me and it is walnut of course.

Rather than sell or re-barrel it - this rifle has gotten me into handloading which I'm enjoying.

I've also scored two 8 point white tails. My great uncle no longer knew who I was nor did he specificy I receive anything but I'm appreciative that the estate saw fit to share this one sample with me many years ago.

A few basic facts:
  • 1:12" Twist
  • 26" Barrel (a tad long perhaps but...)
  • Capacity 4+1
  • 8 lbs (8.8 lbs w/ scope)
  • Date codes to Oct '55 (first year of the .244)
  • Walnut
stock (not checked)

The .244 was introduced in 1955 along w/ the .243 Win. The .243 Win won in the market place battle. Most give credit to the .243s faster twist allowing it to more readily shoot a 100 gr bullet. Some site the plain jane nature of the 722A vs Win's Model 70. I really don't know. Rem did change the twist within 3 years to more readily accept heavier bullets. And their 722A was priced lower than the Win Model 70 so you got what you paid for I would guess. The 722A was a good rifle directly influencing the Model 700 that followed it. They even renamed the cartridge from .244 to 6mm to try and reboot it. But the market place has spoken.

While I never received that 30-06 or 270 I originally requested - I've really grown to appreciate this rifle and it has introduced me to the hobby of handloading. At this point I doubt I'll ever hunt anything greater than white tail and for that purpose - it seems close to ideal. The lighter recoil makes it more fun to shoot for longer periods at the range as well.

I might consider a Timney trigger swap. The stock trigger seems great to me. But there is a trigger controversy re the 700 which supposedly extends to the 721/722s.
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Looks good to me. And I am sure a 90gr bullet will do about everything a 100gr bullet would do from a 243. Your trigger should be fine. I own and have owned many remingtons and never had a single issue with the factory triggers. IIRC just keep debris out of them and don't adjust them if you don't know how.

Welcome to the forum.

Looking at your barrel again it sure doesn't appear to be 26" long. Did you measure it?
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Nice looking rifle! Sounds like you got everything worked out. Welcome!
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244/6mm Remington

That's on sweet rifle.

I've been shooting a 6mm for 40+ years and have always found it inheritly accurate.

Mine started out as a WW II 98k Mauser that I had converted to the 6mm along with a 26 inch heavy barrel for 300 yard bench rest shooting.

Enjoy the rifle!
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Thanks - the wax helped shine up the stock finish nicely. They used a glossy finish in those days but it's never been slippery to handle in my experience.

The barrel doesn't look that long in the pic which is odd but I did measure it and yes it's right at 26".

I removed the rear open site. It has low scope mount but the bolt clears OK though a tad close.

Here and here are some comments on the loads I've developed for it.
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Jack O'Conner
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Remington's 244/6mm never rec'd the popularity that it deserves. I know a bear hunter in Michigan who swears by his Remington 742 in 6mm!

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The 12" twist does limit you to 90gr or less. In my 243, 75 and 87 grain Hornadys print to same POI. Hornady still makes 6mm Brass. That is a sweet rifle.
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I'm taking mine out to shoot today. It's nowhere near as nice as yours but is still in very good condition with the original Balvar 8 scope in an adjustable mount. Mine is an MOA shooter with 100gr Sierra Pro Hunters over a 42.5gr of IMR4350. Makes about 2,940 FPS.
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But there is a trigger controversy re the 700 which supposedly extends to the 721/722s.
Controversy aside, the triggers are pretty much the same. If there's something wrong with the Model 700 trigger (as some have alleged), then there's probably something wrong with the Models 721 and 722 (possibly as well as the Model 725) triggers.

If it was my rifle, there's enough evidence from what I've seen and heard about that suggests that at least some of these Remington triggers/safeties are prone to having unintended discharges for me to strongly consider swapping in a Timney or other quality aftermarket trigger as you've thought about.

In any event, you have a very nice rifle.
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I had one back in the 70's, the .244 got so much bad press that I sold it, the guy I bought it from said he did not truth it, I am not sure what he meant by that ??
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