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Q about how & where to sell reloading supplies

I inherited a ton of reloading molds, primers, bullets, etc from my grandfather and am wondering what is the best way to go about selling them? Is there a website or anything? Any help would be appreciated?

Also, there is a lot of very old stuff, I guess you could call it vintage? I saw a brick of 22 bullets "Western Xpert"...selling for $70 and I saw box of same sold for $18. N have lots of this type stuff.

Another item is a sealed tin carrier with handle attached that had 600 M-1 .30 cal rounds in it and they are in the green cloth things, with 2 10 round clip things in each pouch... What would that sell for?

Could anyone give me some advice?
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Look on GunBroker to see CLOSED auctions - that's what items actually sold for; list locally in your paper or on gun club bulletin boards; reloading equipment can be listed on local Craig's List or newspaper
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Note that to sell primers you will have to that with someone that is local. You can not send them in the mail.

Take some pictures of the stuff. Then upload them to photobucket. Copy the IMG code, and pasted to the reply you post on here. Seeing what it is will help us help you lot better.
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If you are talking about selling things on this board, look here and here for the rules.
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600 M-1 .30 cal rounds
If you list them where Unclinick showed you also note the manufacture and date on the bottom of the case, LC= Lake City. And date should be 2 numbers.
If its pre 50’s it might be corrosive primers and they will bring a lot less.
This summer I picked up 600, 30-06 with end block in the same green bag for 60$. All of them were in good shape but the date was 44 and 46.
I will be using for reloading. Pull the bullets. Remove the primers and start over.
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The green cloth carrier is called a bandolier. You said ten round clips? The M1 Garand has 8 round clips called en bloc clips, in which the rounds are in a staggered column. As far as I know, they were always one clip to bandolier pouch. The Springfield '03 used straight clips called stripper clips that held 5 rounds each, and two of those would fit easily in a bandolier. Now there are 10 round stripper clips for 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester) for stripper clip loading of M14 magazines in situ. There were also 10 round stripper clips for the M1 Carbine which have a sort of flat shovel end that acts as a guide..

If you have the 5 round stripper clips and .30-06 ammunition (individual cartridges about 3 1/3 inches long), and the box says M1, then I would assume it is M1 Ball ammunition which was obsoleted in 1944, when all .30-06 ammunition was corrosively primed. On the other hand, if you have pairs of 10 round clips for the M1 Carbine (individual cartridges about 1 5/8 inches long), that ammunition was always made with non-corrosive primers from the git go, and was the first U.S. military to have non-corrosive primers.
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You don't have to sell the primers locally, Fedex well ship them.
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Shipping any type of hazardous material by UPS or Fedex will include a HAZMAT fee of about thirty bucks- so keep that in mind if you're selling other than FTF.
It's the same fee whether it's one box of primers, or dozens of pounds of powder...long as it's one box.

This includes primers, and powders.

Loaded ammunition can be shipped by UPS or Fedex ground without the fee, but label as such. You CANNOT ship any ammunition of hazardous components by USPS.
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Check into shipper requirements to ship hazmat materials. You need to be certified in hazmat in order to do this legally. Lots of people say just tell them you're certified and don't worry about it, but if there's an accident involving your hazmat cargo, your butt is on the line both civilly and criminally.
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I would try to sell them locally (post a ad on local gun range bulletin board per club rules), Craigslist (not sure about their rules but you can be somewhat obscure), etc. And also list them on this forum's exchange as linked above.

Moulds maybe very sought after if for popular but less commonly available bullet types, or they could be not worth much if dmaged or in poor condition. Are they Aluminum or iron? Clean or rusted? Do you know model number and manufacturer of the moulds? All of that helps determine value.

Bullets can be all over the map in terms of cost. Poorly made home cast bullets may be worth just their melt value, or they could be as good as any new bullet.

I would first inventory everything you have, then search the web and this forum for those model numbers and makes to see if you can determine comparative values for new or similar items.

You may have just a bunch of tired old stuff that will only bring bargain prices or you may have some gems in there. I was cleaning out a bin of stuff someone left at my house and almost put a small hunting knife in my misc knife drawer for who knows when. As I was cleaning it up anyway I noticed it had a makers name on it: R. W. Loveless, Lawndale, CA. I searched on the web about it and was stunned. Turns out it is probably worth at least $4,000. I returned it to the owner and he is pretty excited abut this forgotten knife. You never know what you have until you inventory it and research the items.
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