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Old January 29, 2010, 12:47 PM   #26
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Once I was staying with my (Now Ex) Girlfriend, and I had gone shooting with her father and brother that day so I had my USP with me, and decided to leave it on the nightstand as if I were home.
She lived on a third floor apartment.. It was the good side of town, but it was the cheapest complex in the area (And quite nice for the price) so it attracted the bottom rung types in the area and resulted in the cops being there everynight for some reason or another, I couldn't convince her to move (It was close to her work and about the best she could afford at the time) so I stayed with her as often as possible. One night I wake up to someone poundind on the front door and Yelling Beligerantly "Imma kill you, Imma kill you" So I Gave her the phone and locked her in the bathroom, She knew what to do. I walked up at an angle, and yelled through the door that I was armed and the police were on the way. I looked throught the peep-hole and there were 3 armed Homie-G idiots standing outside. So I waited for police and it turns out, the nice drug dealer next door had stiffed them on some precious crack and they were coming back for a refund and got the house numbers mixed up. (Who needs school?)

We broke up a few days later or I'd have MADE her move... But ultimately i'm sure she did. I was 80% sure I was gonna have to use my gun that night... I was cool and calm at the time but it hit me hard about an hour later...
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Old January 29, 2010, 12:48 PM   #27
Uncle Ben
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"drice": I often do the same thing, which is to lay very still and listen very carefully for further noises. I did this last night, in fact. Heard a loud bump (in my sleep) and wondered if the noise was even real. Didn't hear anything else at all, so it may have been a bump upstairs (apartment above me - HATE THAT), or may have been a dream or something.

"xplosion": I'm with you on this one...I'm not going to call the police unless I KNOW that there is something going on. If I called them every time I heard something or thought something might be going on, they would have come out several times in the past year, and for absolutely nothing. That would be quite a waste of their time and resources.

I just remembered another instance. A few years ago I woke up to someone making a bunch of noise at my side gate. I did not own a gun back then, but I quietly went to the next room and looked out the window only to see a man at the side gate literally pulling at it from the top edge with all his might, as if he was trying to break it. This was somewhere between 12-1 am. I called 911 immediately and got an operator on the phone while he was still outside the gate, but before the call was over he climbed over the gate and was around the back of the building. I went back to my room to listen and could hear that he was going up the back steps to the back door of the apartment above me. I told the operator and a few minutes later I heard steps coming down the front stairway, also for the same apartment above. As he came out the front door the police drew their weapons on him and had him lay on the street and then detained him on the curb across the street. Then they knocked on my door and I answered and saw that the guy across the street was a friend of my upstairs neighbor. Turns out that he was drunk as a skunk and since his friend was not answering the door he decided to go in from the back (knowing it would not be locked). The officer told me that I did the right thing, and I didn't feel bad for calling the police out since there was no way I could have known who it was (too dark) and even if I did know who it was, how do I know what the dummy is up to? That drunken idiot never did that again.

Even if I did have a gun at the time, the only thing I would have done different is to have a gun in my hand while checking out the window and while on the phone. I would not have gone outside for a confrontation - only if he entered my home would there have been a nasty confrontation.

Last edited by Uncle Ben; January 29, 2010 at 12:57 PM.
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Old January 29, 2010, 01:12 PM   #28
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As of now never.
"Blessed be the Lord my strength,which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight".
Psalm 144:1 KJV Be safe: Paul
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Old January 29, 2010, 02:53 PM   #29
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Join Date: January 3, 2009
Location: Bismark
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looked out the window only to see a man at the side gate literally pulling at it from the top edge with all his might, as if he was trying to break it.
I'm confused... I've been drunk before, I've even been so trashed that I got lost in a friends house that i'd been to a hundred times. But I don't think i've ever been drunk enough to forget how a gate works. That's like... Alcohol Poisoning.
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Old January 29, 2010, 03:11 PM   #30
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I live in close proximity to Detroit. I have probably gotten up, gun in hand, at least once every week in the last year, (in warm months) due to noises I can't readily identify. If the wife wakes me up, I know it's time to lock and load, as she's very quick to identify the common noises in or outside the house. We also have security lights, and when they come on, I always get up. It's usually just an animal, but we've found kids going over the fence a few times. Right now, It's winter break. Crime always takes a nosedive this time of year, so if I get up once a month, it's a lot.
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Old January 29, 2010, 11:53 PM   #31
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One morning as I was just about to leave to go to work, something crashed against the storm door at my front door. It was not a loud knock, something or someone obviously hit the storm door. I immediately grabbed my .45 and grabbed the door knob to yank open the inner door. Just as I was about to yank the door open, the door bell rang and my daughter came running in and said "No dad no!" Turns out it was a lady bringing her baby for my daughter to babysit. The crash was caused by her baby carrier banging against the storm door as she tried to reach the door bell with her hands full of baby and diaper bag and stuff. It was a few years before I told her how she nearly found herself eyeball to eyeball with my .45.
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Old January 30, 2010, 08:37 AM   #32
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I live in the country, the next to last house 1 mile down a dead end road. I'm a pretty light sleeper. I know the sound of the neighbors vehicles, and can tell where on the road they stop.
Even in bed, I can usually tell if a vehicle is near the house. If there is, they have NO business on this road, and I'm at the door with weapon in hand. It happens about once a month, Maybe a little more in the summer, kids looking to hang out mostly.
The best one was an unknown car with a few people in it. it was dark and they stopped by my mailbox, I walk out with a 9mm in hand and visible, stood about 25 ft. slightly behind the car door and asked what theey wanted. Response-"I'm looking for my fathers house." I told them they better leave right now. They did. Never seen them again.
It's good to be the king.
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Old January 30, 2010, 01:27 PM   #33
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I live on the outskirts of town, had a car stolen from driveway about 1 year ago.The first couple of months after that more times than neccessary did I survey the premises with maglight & 9mm in my shorts.
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Old January 30, 2010, 07:44 PM   #34
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I did once when I thought a fox had gotten into the chicken house (literally).
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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Old January 30, 2010, 07:54 PM   #35
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Been in this house 5 years and the last 2 years I have had to lock and load roughly 6-7 times. The 2 times that have been really something was my bulldog was sleeping next to my bed and she started growling at 3am which is odd but it was a nice night and the window was open.. I looked out the back window and there was movement by my shed.. So I had my wife let the rottweiler out the back door as I went from the front and with my remington 870 that has a tactical light on it. I greeted two young males who were trying to steal my riding mower... So as I racked a round into the chamber they almost crapped themselves. The local PD took them a few minutes later and they discovered they hit a few sheds in the past weeks...

Other time was kids cutting through yards and throwing stuff in peoples pools. Well the motion light went on and the Glock in hand I scared the crap out of the neighbors Thanks to him and his friends throwing wood in my pool his parents got the bill for a 1500.00 liner since it put a nice hole in it...
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Old February 1, 2010, 02:05 PM   #36
Mr. James
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dang, if it didn't happen again!

Sunday morning, 0552, three shots fired in the immediate vicinity of the house. Son was sleeping, so I thought, although he claimed later he'd heard the shots. Gathered up the Mossberg and took up a position on the ground floor (small townhouse) that allowed me to see if anyone was approaching. Good sight lines to three sides, plus we had fresh snow and a full moon - it was lit up like mid-day out there. I planned on being a witness if anything developed, nothing more.

Good news is, there was nothing more. Called the Fairfax Co. police non-emergency line, and they rolled a cruiser through the neighborhood seven minutes later. Couldn't bear the thought of some poor fool lying out there wounded and freezing to death because everyone just rolled over and went back to sleep.

No idea what prompted the gunfire. Neighbor stopped me last night - "you hear anything weird Saturday night?" "You mean Sunday morning - yes, three shots."
"...A humble and contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise." Ps. li

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Old February 1, 2010, 04:11 PM   #37
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Never had to. I do grab a weapon when I go out at night due to coyotes and varmints and lets not forget the occasional feral cat target. Dont get to many strangers, had some kids try to steal gas from the truck once, other than that it is very peaceful here where we live.

4 dogs give out a huge alarm too. Dont know anyone can get away from 4 large hunting dogs, they will literally lick you to death
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Old February 1, 2010, 06:11 PM   #38
Tucker 1371
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I'm a fairly light sleeper so when a noise wakes me up I usually just sit in bed for a minute a listen for noises I would expect if someone were breaking in. Doors opening/closing, broken glass being stepped on, etc.

One time I was home from college for the Summer and my brother and I were home alone while my parents were out of the country. It was probably around 3am and my little brother had dozed off when I heard the knob to the side door wiggling. I picked up my AK and right as I did that there were two loud bangs on the door. I cocked the gun as loud as I could and yelled "Hey!!" hoping it would scare them away. My little brother was half awake with his 20 ga in his hand by now and we walked into the kitchen where the side door leads to and saw that no one was there. We checked out the door which we had kept chained shut and saw that whoever it was had gotten past the lock (not hard) only to discover it was chained (the bangs were probably them trying to break the chain lock).

It was kind of weird because we live a good ways outside of the city on about 60 acres and we hadn't even seen a car drive up or anything. There were some tire tracks in the pasture next to the house on the side opposite the door, but those very well could have been from a friend's truck whose horses we are keeping for him.
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Old February 1, 2010, 08:24 PM   #39
auld skool
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Just after lights out, our cattle dog verfies we're in bed and then we hear him go through the dog door to sleep under the pickup in the garage. If he speaks I listen. I'll get out of bed every other month when he makes noise. The old SOP prevails: a bright wash with the tac light, a quick paint with the laser, no .45 ammo spent, yet.
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Old February 2, 2010, 09:07 PM   #40
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I live in close proximity to Detroit.
Same here, actually only about a mile and a half outside, I have had a few instances where I drew my gun, but not very many.

The closest one being last summer, in June 2009 everyone in my household except for myself were out of town. So I was alone for 8 or 9 days, well one of the nights I got off of work around 2:30 a.m. and got home a little after 3 am. Well when I get off late at night it usually takes a little bit for me to wind down and fall asleep.......Well shortly after 4 am I finally dozed off for maybe like 2 or 3 minutes when my dog who was sleeping at the end of my bed starts growling and running towards the back door. I grabbed my closest handgun and went towards the back door and hear something stirring around outside.......looked out the window couldn't see anyone, then looked out my front window at the street and there was a cop car sitting at the end of the street. My guess is they were looking for somebody that had made a run for it on my street and that person passed through my backyard, but figured it wasn't a good idea to go outside. Didn't want to mistakingly startle the cops by appearing from out of nowhere, or get in the way of them doing their duty so I just called 911 to figure out what was going on.

Right now, It's winter break. Crime always takes a nosedive this time of year, so if I get up once a month, it's a lot.
So true, especially in this area of michigan, winters are always very uneventful, don't think I have ever had to grab for my handgun while at home in the wintertime.
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Old February 2, 2010, 11:56 PM   #41
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Many times.

Almost always followed by, “Alright, you cats, stop it! Now!”.

However, it matters not what it is; if I am awakened by any disturbance I grab my gun. It’s handy. Then I listen without moving from the bed for a minute or two. This gives me time to collect my wits (what little I have) and ascertain what might be happening.

Follow up varies. If it seems something is happening outside the house I look out windows. If anyone should be stealing my Buick I would probably just call the law. If anyone is messing with my 30 year old pickup I’ll still call the law so they can write up the report.

So far there has not been a real threat.
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Old February 3, 2010, 09:42 AM   #42
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Like most here, a few times a year. We live in a very safe little town, but we have a LOT of wild animals around, and my beagle is very resentful when they wander through our yard. I've been awakened to deal with skunks, rabbits, whitetail deer and Shiner's favorite, the local pack of coyotes. There are always strange noises when it's dead quiet outside, so my nightstand 1911 always goes with me when I leave the bedroom on such forays. One night the toothbrush holder -- a gizmo with a suction cup that sticks on the mirror -- lost its grip and fell at about 2a ... thought it was all over
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in the past month, about 3 times, noises on my street that were not recognized. i'm pretty good with sounds in my neighborhood but one was about 3-4 weeks ago, a VERY loud slam outside at about 4am, when i reached right, chambered 1st round and headed out the bedroom, my wife stood in the doorway to see if she needed to corral the children, peeking out the window, a white mustang had tagged an iron barrier about 3 blocks from our place. being a nurse, i went out to check it out, gun hidden on standby and after situation assessment, the 20's gentleman, severly drunk but medically ok hung out till ems made sure.

Second time, a few days ago, heard a noise outside, this time, under the bed was the mossberg 500 (thank you, dear, love my wife) and i always wait to chamber that one just in case i need the sound to inform anyone of impending hurt, again peered out the front window and an older maroon car was parked on the opposite side of the street, so when all the house lights went on and my porch light over my front door was flipped, car moved along. nothing noticeable outside or near cars, but now the porch lights have a permanent status on at night. just waiting for the second that i can get out of the neighborhood and into something a little more serene. but i'd say based on location, 2-3 times a month. not incredibly concerned on area due to the firearms i have for home protection though, i sleep light but comfortable.
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Old February 3, 2010, 12:47 PM   #44
Uncle Ben
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The porch light is on every night at my house also. I once read that it is statistically shown to hinder crime...probaby because intruders will have to stand in bright light as they try to break into your front door, and would be seen by all the neighbors, so they might just move along to another house that is dark.
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Old February 3, 2010, 01:23 PM   #45
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About once every three months on average. It's usually a case of grabbing the nearest gun and light, then going for a walk while the wife guards and has phone in hand.

The one that caused the most consternation for me was when the wife came out of a shower to tell me she'd heard someone in the house, possibly saying "help me." This is maybe 11:30 on a weeknight. After clearing and finding jack squat, she said it could have been someone walking by the house - which is very possible, there are a number of kids in the area, though most are young-ish. We never did conclusively identify what it was.

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Old February 3, 2010, 03:47 PM   #46
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The only time in the last 33 years that we've lived our small eastern Oregon town that I've ever been awakened by weird noises in the night was about 13years ago when our then 19 year old son used to come in at any and all hours of the night. The first few times it happened I was reaching for my Glock when I realized it was him. The scary part isn't that I might have mistakenly shot my own son (never even came close to doing that) but that if a BG would have come in during that time I probably would not have done anything thinking it was just my kid.
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Old February 3, 2010, 04:36 PM   #47
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Lived in this house for the last 4 years, have never been disturbed at night.

I'm pretty close, maybe 2-3 miles, from a very poor edge of town but live on a very small one lane street with only five houses.

Several of my neighbors let their dogs run loose at night..when I first moved in it bothered me alot..didn't like feeling like it wasn't safe to walk around outside after dark.

But now I have decided its good..keeps strangers away and keeps us from being bothered or having stuff come up missing.
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Old February 4, 2010, 01:00 AM   #48
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the toothbrush holder -- a gizmo with a suction cup that sticks on the mirror -- lost its grip and fell at about 2a ... thought it was all over
We've got little suction hooks that stick to the bathtub surround for bath brushes, washrags, etc. Man, I hate it when one of those lets go in the middle of the night!
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I am the weapon; my gun is a tool. It's regrettable that with some people those descriptors are reversed.
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Old February 4, 2010, 04:32 PM   #49
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Deaf at night

I have an extreme hearing problem and have worn hearing aids in both ears for the last 27 years. So, after I remove them at night, I hear NOTHING. On the other hand, my wife can hear a pin drop at 500 yards so she occasionally hears a noise during the night and wakes me, insisting I "check out the house". Also, one of the sensors on the burglar alarm system has fallen out of place, setting off the alarm. The loud alarm doesn't even awake me but wifey sure as hell does!

One of the above situations usually happens 2 to 3 times a year so I now keep a gun (with attached tac light) in a bed holster and only have to drop my hand down the side of the mattress to retrieve it. Then, I can make my one of my periodic naked walkthroughs.
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Old February 5, 2010, 11:16 PM   #50
Mike in VA
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I end up sweeping he house a couple times a year. It's usually a 'bump in the night' due to the cats or something supposedly secure becomming unstuck.

However, once and a while, I hear the 'bump' and sit still & listen, see the hairbags are spooked, and me & mr Colt and mr Surefire get tactical with the wife standing by w/911 on speed-dial. So far, so good, just an unexplained 'bump in the night'.
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