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Old August 12, 2019, 10:33 PM   #26
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I loved the 7.62x25 Tokarev. I had a TTC made in the 1950s. It was my first woods gun. Has a great grip angle. Very accurate, very powerful. Almost 357 mag numbers, as wild cat mccane pointed out.
I only sold it b/c the surplus ammo dried up. I quit too early; it was a nice pistol. SGammo seems to have found more surplus ammo. Buy a bunch.
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For M57 mags, Apex has them, sure others do as well. New PPU ammo can be had for around $15 a box, not bad price for good reloadable brass ammo. The design though not sexy is a good one. I haven't seen anything on kabooms from a M57, or other Toks. Not saying it hasn't happened but from what I have read of Clark's experiments I would much rather shoot a Tok than a CZ52. And if the "bad Bulgarian ammo" thing comes up again that's a load of bunk to. There was no "sub-machine gun ammo" it's all made to be shot out a gun chambered for it. I have seen more than one test that the S&B ammo is hotter than most surplus. In fact I have shot a bunch of the Bulgarian out of my M57s and Romanians and have had no issues, it's actually is pretty good ammo from my experiences. I'd buy more but the price for corrosive ammo is getting too close to new production, and I can reload for cheaper.
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Ditto x 1000!!!
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Old August 15, 2019, 03:54 AM   #29
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Can't help with which Combloc pistol design to get, I was never interested in any of them, Sorry.

But I did get to thinking about bottleneck pistol rounds, and while I don't consider the .32-20, .38-40 and .44-40 to be true bottleneck cases (if they are bottlenecks, then so is a mason jar, ) ,but I suppose they don't really fit anywhere else...

What got me wondering, is, in addition to the early bottle neck pistol rounds, what have we added that would be considered modern? And, I 'm specifically talking about semi auto pistol rounds here. .22 Jet and .256 Win mag are revolver and single shot pistol rounds. What do we have for semis in say the post WWII era?

.357 Sig is the hands down popularity winner..
.38/45 was a mildly popular wildcat, for a time, but is pretty much never seen any more.
I remember hearing about a .22/45 case somebody was trying to get going, saw an ad for the pistol, or conversion kit, don't remember the name anymore, but I do remember they wouldn't sell reloading dies, but wanted you to ship your fired brass back to them for them to reload. Never heard much after that, I think it bombed...

The only others I can think of off the top of my head that are "modern" are the .357 AMP and the .357 GWM (which is essentially the AMP formed from the slightly shorter .45 Win mag case)
Very high performance rounds, with specialized use and special guns not remotely in the duty/self defense class.

would the .400 or .440 CorBon count? I'll have to check, am not familiar with them...
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Old August 15, 2019, 04:18 AM   #30
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North American Arms came out with the .25 NAA (.32 ACP necked to .25) and .32 NAA (.380 necked to .32) for their semi auto pistol. There's also 9x25 Dillon and .40 Super and the newest is the 7.5 FK that's only available in that $8000 pistol.

None of these are popular, however. .32 NAA I could see growing in popularity if others would offer pistols in it (the Guardian is a terrible design for a semi auto pocket pistol in the 21st Century) and 9x25 Dillon is just crazy high velocity for a pistol that you could easily convert from a 10mm Glock.
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Old August 15, 2019, 06:20 AM   #31
wild cat mccane
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Kel Tec had a .32 NAA barrel for the P3AT in 2004.

Hornady is the last factory loader of that round.

No. It's not becoming popular. You missed it's funeral party by a decade

To that Apex M57 link. For 26 bucks you get a totally beat to heck mag. My point stands you cannot get M57 mags.
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