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On another note...

Take your 1911 & get a buddy's AR (if you don't have one) and head to an indoor range.

Fire off a few strings of 5-10 rounds at a RAPID pace (i.e. keep it to 1-2 seconds per round) and see how you do with each weapon. Try this at 5 yds, 10yds, 20yds... You may find that you are suprisingly more accurate with the AR, but if you are still getting on target with the 1911, is the bulk of the AR worth it? Re-run the same test where you have 3-5 seconds per shot and do it at a longer distance... you'll want the AR everytime. Therein lies the question. Do you need rapid shots at close range or do you have time for precision shots to be made at distance?

All of the above is just regarding accuracy... other elements, IMO, would tend to favor the 1911 in a home environment (over penetration especially).
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For home defense, get an alarm system and outdoor lighting, then build a moat. For defending the people in the home, forget about a firefight with multiple assailants, you're going to need one or two shots at one or two intruders in the hallway at night. I'd want either a .45 or shotgun, with a large flashlight.

If you want an AR-15, go ahead and get one after you get the other two weapons.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the .223 round, except it is not suited for urban combat, hence the military's movement to .308 again in some weapons.
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Old March 22, 2010, 06:22 PM   #78
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Look, the whole point of this thread was AR vs. 1911 FOR HOME DEFENSE. Aside from the sharp-shooting nit-wits who don't actually read what the thread is about and hop on whatever band wagon they think's the fanciest...
SO here you go. Do you really want a RIFLE shooting a round at a 180lb (+/-) meth'd out crack head that's illegal to use against 120lb deer in some states? Do you really want something too big to keep close, too confusing to operate in the dark (lets face it, if the guy knew what he was doing he really wouldn't be asking these questions with the pro's and con's he had) with (stock) no real optics to use in the dark anyway? I know you're just supposed to use the front sight post...but does he?

Yes the military uses them for CQB, but NO they don't really have a choice. And those that do carry the mossberg 500. We also have LOTS of training shooting live rounds in buildings and at targets 25m and closer. I'm pretty sure this guy has no training. That kinda makes a difference.

Now I'm sooo sorry that I'm not THE expert on EVERY round out there and only have experience with the ones I've taken into combat, my bad. But at LEAST I know that it's better to have a shotgun over an assault rifle for home defense. Which is what I said at first. A shotgun or revolver. But I'm glad you AR worshippers made yourselves feel better instead of giving sound advice its so important to show your expertise over actually answering the thread.

And sorry for not knowing the hi-cap law was no longer in effect...or is it? some states still don't allow hi-cap mags, do you know which state he's from? didn't think so. Maybe its better for him to think they're illegal in every state instead of finding out they're illegal in his after he shoots someone with that nifty little device. I'm extremely suprised nobody told him to get a 200rnd drum and stick it on there. Screw 30 rounds when you've got 200, right? CA, MD, MA, NJ or HI all still have hi-cap mag bans. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Oh yeah, and I wish some of you would work on your reading comprehension. Then respond.
Freedom's just a word. If I'm gonna die for a word, my word is jello...
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Glenn E. Meyer
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There is no need for this level of acrimony and chest pounding. Plus, the amount of incorrect information thrown out by several peope is not useful.

NRA, TSRA, IDPA, NTI, Polite Soc. - Aux Armes, Citoyens
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