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Loading 9mm NATO

Hey guys I just looked through the the sreach pages for any load data on the 9mm nato round and could not find any. My sigs like the 124gr nato round better then anything else I have fed them, although they have eaten everything just like this better.

I was wondering if anyone has worked up a load that matches this or if there is some other place online that has it. My mean question is about powder. Is it ball or stick, amount, and even brand. I normaly load with Alliant Power Pistol when I roll my own but just started loading for HG's normaly load for my long range rifles which have never seen a factory round. But anyway back to the mean point. Whats a load reciepe for the 9mm nato that you think would most closely match the Winchester loadings.
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The only way to know your "NATO" rounds is to chronograph and find the velocity. Then look in a loading manual for the bullet weight you want, 124gr in this case, and find a load that closely matches your velocity. Again, you have to chronograph to get your reload velocity.

I think you are wasting your time trying to find a "NATO" load. Power Pistol is an excellent choice as the powder was specifically designed fot the 9mm. Pick a bullet of your choice, use a loading manual to find load. Load 10 rounds at the starting load, increase powder charge .2gr, load 10 more and continue increasing and loading until you reach MAXIMUM. Go to the range and shoot your rounds starting with the lightest load and work your way up. You'll find a load to your liking. The 9mm is very easy to load. However, it is a high intensity cartrdge whose pressure is about double that of a typical 45 acp. With that in mind be very careful on your OAL of your finished cartridges. If your OAL is too short or you bullets get pushed back into the case, pressure rises dramatically. I highly recommend that you seat bullets and TAPER CRIMP in separate steps.

Powder for 9mm pistol is going to be "flake" or "ball" type powder. You won't see "stick" powder for this cartridge. There many powder choices for the 9mm. HP-38/Win231, Bullseye, HS6, WSF, Universal, just to name a few.
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Use a Winchester, IMI, Zero, Montana Gold, or Remington 124g FMJ-RN bullet.
Use sized sorted cases.
Use CCI500.
Use 5.8--6.0g Power Pistol.
Use a crimp.
Use an OAL of 1.140--1.155".
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Ball powder seems to be what Winchester is using.

I'd just buy the 124gr FMJ NATO Winchester makes. I get mine from I haven't seen anyone else who has the NATO but I am sure there are others. I shoot the NATO almost exclusively in my FNX-9. Prints nicely, never a feed/extract problem. It's a lot cleaner than other ammo I've shot. I 500 rd case is about $142 with tax and no shipping, 28 cents a round. Having said that, have you found a formula for your reloading? What's cost per round? I have to wonder at what point do you reach the break even between buying factory loads and reloading? It must be quite substantial after factoring in the reloading equipment.

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You can reload 9mm for about half of what you are paying currently for the factory rounds.

Not sure what "formula" you are referring to (do you mean recipe?) but an easy way to calculate cost is Handgun cartridge cost calculator

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Thanks guys. Reloading for handguns is a bit different then a rifle and I am still getting use to it. I am only loading for my .357 right now and all is well there. I am shooting winchester NATO store bought rounds right now and love them thats why I wanted to start loading up my own. I paid 13.99 a box for them and I know that I can load a lot cheaper then that. I have the equipment so I dont ever factor in that cost because have a few thousand rounds out of any reload the press, dies, powder measure, ect, is paid for its self already. Actually my 300 win mag paid for the the RCBS rock chucker kit some 8-10 years ago, and since I am still loading that round it is still paying for everything else in my opion.
It is still gonna be a couple of weeks befor I can start loading these as I am currntly building a new loading shop that will be where all my loading is done for the rest of my shooting life. But once I get it up a rolling again I will post what the loads are doing and it is going.
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