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The black tube is the safety shield that houses the aluminum primer tube.
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McDonalds straw cut to about 2 inches and pressed into the slot on the ram of my rockchuker to slow the escape velocity of the primers being ejected so they will land in the primer tray.

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I had a friend who was an experienced black powder shooter that showed me how he handled a Ruger Old Army. He eschewed any kind of powder horn and used an old dinner style squeeze ketchup bottle to hold his black powder. He took translucent soda straws, plugged one end and then measured a load of black powder, put it in the straw, marked the outside with a Sharpie then cut the straw off about a half inch longer. Takes longer to describe than to do. Once made they lasted forever and if he ever lost one or destroyed one it was no big deal to make another.

At the range the black powder went from the squeeze bottle into the straw, the straw full of BP was dumped into the cylinder and a ball was rammed on top. Crisco was smeared over the ball. (He would use nothing else.) Cheap and easy and seemed to work fine although I have nothing to compare it to.
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I remember my adventure with Black Powder pistol. What a mess.

I shot two rounds and never again. Good laugh, my wife had one well before I met her. Same thing. I have nothing but admiration for those people in the black powder days.
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I use a simple loop of paracord burned together to keep my press handle from falling down when somebody bumps it
I use a pipe cleaner; does the same job.......
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Black powder revolvers are the only kind of pistol I actually enjoy shooting, but it takes a certain kind of person to shoot black powder.

A quick shot of non-stick cooking spray helps get the crud off the front of the cylinder/barrel/frame.
Wood grips come off and the entire pistol can go in an ultrasonic cleaner.
'Moose Milk' (made with 100% grain alcohol formula) helps knock the crud.

If you can't take your revolver down to loose springs & screws, best leave it hanging on the wall to look pretty...

My wife loves her stainless Ruger, while I'm mighty fond of the brass frame versions.
Just TONS of myths about black powder revolvers, worse than AR myths.
Once you shoot one awhile and just understand it's 90 minutes of cleaning when you are done, they are a crap load of fun!
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Originally Posted by JeepHammer View Post
Dropping washers on powder to help even out powder throws comes to mind.
A couple washers duct taped together, with a string to get them out, dropped on the powder in the tube helped to even out powder charges.
Some powders just don't meter well, this is a 'Trick' that is cheap, effective and helps with most powders that don't like being dropped.

Great idea ... tell me, do you use washers that are about the same diameter as the tube?
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I use a baffle at the bottom of the tube, like everyone that has consistency issues,
Then I tape a couple washers "About" the same diameter as the tube together with a string to get them out, and lower them onto the powder.

(you can't say you are positive about anything on this forum or the 'Experts' will chime in with everything from hollow earth changing gravity to some hair brained idea about powder not dropping consistantly being a government plot)...

I suspect the added weight compensates for less mass in the powder column as you throw charges and the powder weight lessens in the tube.
I also suspect it helps with powder density, how well it packs when it falls as charges are thrown.

Another 'Trick' for Dillon powder throwers is the spring the old style came with.
Adding the spring to the new style helps with my consistency between throws...
It doesn't have to be a metal spring, I've used rubber bands & hair ties with good results.

The washers seem to help with every type of thrower I have (save that goofy square Lee with the disk that leaks more than it gets in the cases).
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Old June 21, 2018, 07:45 AM   #34
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Measuring the extension length of the seating stem on a Star sizer/lubricator, and recording the nos. for different bullets saves a ton of time. Anyone who uses one of these will know what mean.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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This one is silly simple and saves both time and money.
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Brian Pfleuger
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The addition of a short section of McDonald's straw into the end of the dispenser tube of the RCBS Chargemaster is a legendary "fix" that, you would think, could not be simpler.

The whole idea was just to make a small lip that prevented powder (especially ball types) from flowing to quickly and over-shooting the intended charge. It only requires 1/8", or even less. However, a quick perusal around the 'net will shows that some folks seem to have no idea why they're doing it and find incredible ways to complicate the issue. There are pictures of people with brass fittings, pieces of pens, 2" of straw sticking out, straws with serrations or teeth cut in them... who knows what else.

Amazing what you can do to a "most simple" gadget.
Nobody plans to screw up their lives...
...they just don't plan not to.
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+1 on J. Morris!
Stupid simple and saves a CRAP LOAD of time!
When I first saw it, it was a face/palm moment for me, it was just SO SIMPLE & easy it just escaped me.
Makes you wonder what you did with the extra brain cells when you see a solution like that...

I was actually going to cast some powder tube weights out of lead or discarded cartridge brass, but the washers are so cheap/easy I never devoted the time to it.
I see there is a guy on eBay selling lead weights for $29 plus shipping... If he can sell them, more power to him.
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I use a large aluminum pencil sharper to take the edge off cast lead rounds so they slip into the brass easier.
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+1 on J. Morris!
Stupid simple and saves a CRAP LOAD of time!
When I first saw it, it was a face/palm moment for me, it was just SO SIMPLE & easy it just escaped me.
Don’t worry, I did it the hard way for decades before I decided to think about an easy solution.

Like owning all “competition” die sets now.

The older I get, the more I am like water, take the path of least resistance...
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