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The newer S&W guns can be tuned, sometimes all you need is new springs from Wolff. If you do go with a lighter mainspring make sure it hits hard enough to fire every time. Wolff sells full power springs that seem lighter and smoother than the factory springs. I have 2 late 642 revolvers. One had a good pull from the factory, I had to put a reduced power spring in the other gun to get the pull down like gun #1. Who knows why other than lack of quality we see from the gun mfgs now days. It ain't just S&W. Some other mfgs have problems of their own.
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Doc, I've owned over a dozen Smith's over the years with great accuracy and superb triggers...that said...a cpl of years ago, my wife's M36 (bought new in '92) had a cylinder stop that had worn...Smith fixed it on their nickle including shipping and we had the gun back in 2 weeks. Another M637, a new gun, that would not advance to the 5th shot for some reason, got the same treatment and I had it back in 2 weeks again. Both came back in superb shape with a trigger job as a part of the no-cost fix.

I don't know what the delay is the meantime, I'd shorten the grip screw with a fine cut file and be done with it. I'll also say that my M69, bought new two years ago, had a noticeably heavier DA pull than what I've come to expect from Smith. I'd like it lighter, but it's a .44 and I usually don't use it for DA defensive type shooting so have not persued a better trigger. It's SA trigger is every bit as good as my late 60's and 70's a word, fantastic.

All in all, their CS for me, over 50 years and better than a dozen guns, has been great. Hope you get it worked out. PM me if you have questions on shortening that grip screw.

Best Regards, Rod aka Dave
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You can bed the grips with Acra glass. Shouldn't be too hard of a job. Also get some snaps caps and I'm sure the action will smooth out. I agree 4 months is pretty wacky and doesn't sound like S&W SOP to me.
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Old April 23, 2018, 06:35 PM   #29
Doc Holliday 1950
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Guess I'm just plain mad & I sent it today back to S&W. If it comes back & it's like S&W 's rep says it should be, then I'll be satisfied. If not, I'll sell it & move on.
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Old May 19, 2018, 03:32 PM   #30
Doc Holliday 1950
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In April 2018 I wrote that S&W's customer service got "'To Big For Their Britches"
Last,it could take up to 4 months before I would get it back.

My grips were loose & no amount of tightening would work plus their vaunted
DA action stunk. My Rugers have better DA's than the Smiths & it looks like I need to go to a gun smith to get the DA where I want it.

I sent my 686 plus back to S&W on April 28th.& to my surprise it arrived back yesterday. Their written report on the work done was as follows;

1- They replaced the Extractor.
2- They replaced the Grips.
3-They replaced my hammer.
4- Last they wrote that they repaired hand. What's the last 2 mean??

Plus their code on a sheet of paper had the following numerical codes.
Can someone please explain what these two sections mean?? I'm a novice about the inner workings of any firearm. Number 3 & 4 i'm stumpted & the 4 numbers the same.

I forgot, the DA still stinks & no amount of snap caps or shooting it is going to do it. over, the grips are in great shape. Tight & comfortable.

Thanks Doc
Shoot well and be Accurate,


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The hammer hits the firing pin; the hand rotates the cylinder
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