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Old July 31, 2021, 02:53 PM   #1
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Glock 42

Anyone have experience with the Glock 42?

My wife shot 100 rounds of 380 using her girlfriend's 42 and loved the gun.

I'm not a Glock fan, but that's irrelevant and would prefer her to try a Walther CCP M2 380 ACP
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Old July 31, 2021, 03:30 PM   #2
Jim Watson
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A friend has one and likes it. I stepped up to the 43.
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Old July 31, 2021, 03:51 PM   #3
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Location: Tampa, fl
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I’m sure it shoots fine but the price of .380 ammo is about double that of 9mm.
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Old July 31, 2021, 08:46 PM   #4
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My early Glock 42 wasn’t fully reliable and Glock replaced a number of parts in this model after its introduction. Make sure you get a new one. Shoots nice.
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Old July 31, 2021, 10:55 PM   #5
Join Date: March 31, 2017
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I have a Glock 42 for pocket carry. It shoots really well for me, I'm not a fan of Glocks, but I do admire their simplicity and reliability. I reload .380 and I'm not a max load kind of reloader, however, the Model 42 functions best with 100 grain bullets over a maximum load of Titegroup.

Funny thing I cannot shoot my wife's Model 43 very well at all, but have no problem with my Steyr 9mm/.40 S&W, Contenders or my 7mm-08 pistol.
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Old August 1, 2021, 12:15 PM   #6
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I have had a Glock 42 for about 2 1/2 years now. I must have gotten one of the better one - haven't had any trouble with mine. I added one-round extensions to the mags and those have worked fine, too. Mine shoots straight, is easy to manipulate, and is reliable. I load it with Gold Dot 90 gr.

Arthritis forces me to carry a gun with less recoil and I want something light and easy to carry in a pants pocket. I don't carry the Glock every day, but when I do it fits just fine in my pocket in a Sticky holster.

It's the only Glock I have. It's also the only striker fired handgun I have. Before I bought the 42, I owned Ruger revolvers and Sig Sauer pistols. If my bones would allow it, I would carry a bigger caliber. But I after shooting it and carrying it for over two years, I feel well armed with the .380. I have recommended the 42 to several friends. Two of them now carry 42s and report that they are pleased with them, too.
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Old August 1, 2021, 07:23 PM   #7
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There are a LOT of great pistols out there, reliable and dependable. Anymore it mostly comes down to personal preference because of that. If that's what she likes and has clearly said so, get it, end if story.
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.
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Old August 1, 2021, 07:43 PM   #8
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The Glock 42 owned prefers warmer rounds, shoots very accurately for a 380, is easier to handle than the smaller 380's and has significantly less recoil than blow back operating system.
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Old August 2, 2021, 12:01 AM   #9
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Father in law bought a 42, then a 43………..for his wife, he said, although she’s never shot them.

I’ve handled/shot both. And although I’m not a huge Glock (or any polymer pistol) fan, I liked them both well enough, that if I were shopping for a new edc pistol, they’d be pretty high on the list.

Accurate enough for what they are, and recoil was certainly manageable.

I would go with the 43, as the slight increase in dimensions and weight for the 9mm over then .380 is not an issue for me, and as they are so close in size, I’d rather have a 9 than a .380.
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Old August 2, 2021, 06:05 PM   #10
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If she loved it, and it will be for her, get her what she wants.

My wife never shot a gun before she met me. She has been shooting more than a few times now and has shot everything I have. With that said, she has never shown any particular interest in any particular gun and only goes shooting when I make time to take her out. She could take it or leave it.

If she said she loved a gun, assuming I could afford it, that it was a reliable firearm, and as long as it was 380 or larger, I would go buy her one as a gift the same day.
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.

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Old August 3, 2021, 11:12 AM   #11
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I had one for awhile.

Small, concealable, reliable from the stand point that it went bang when fired, but....I had a huge problem with bullet set back.

Hopefully your mileage varies greatly.
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Old August 3, 2021, 12:42 PM   #12
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If it helps, I have nothing but good things to say about my 43. I had (still have) a 26 until the 43 came about. Gave that to my daughter but then bought her a Shield - she's more comfortable having the thumb safety.

We regularly shoot drills with all three and although our "match" pistols (she has a 17, I have an XD) are certainly "better" in many ways, the convenience and light-weight of my 43 and her Shield make them far better for EDC, for us.

I honestly think you can get used to anything that isn't junk as long as you practice with it. I have owned junk, and gotten rid of it.
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Old August 3, 2021, 07:24 PM   #13
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Location: North Texas
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Sister in law has one, and I fired it recently. Very accurate, nonexistent recoil as one would expect. It's about two years old, and she loves it.

If she loves it, I wouldn't try to dissuade her from it due to a personal dislike of the brand.
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Old August 5, 2021, 08:15 PM   #14
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Location: Kentucky
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I love the G42, it's the best shooting 380 out there.
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Old August 6, 2021, 11:01 PM   #15
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I've had two - one I sold to my sister for her security, and the second, I gave to my daughter. If there weren't reasons similar to those, I'd still have one. Even though I didn't pocket carry them, I'd probably do that for the times I don't feel like strapping on mySIG P365XL.
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Old August 26, 2021, 09:12 PM   #16
JB in SC
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I have one, works just fine. Not as much recoil as a LCP or similar pistol. Carries well and has real sights.
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