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Old April 7, 2019, 05:10 PM   #26
Red Devil
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My shooter M1 has a near new '55 Springfield Bbl. and shoots both HXP and PPU M2 ball into ~ 2.5" at 100 yards from field positions.

Check your lock-up.

The bullet is long gone before any part of the action starts to move.

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I have 2 Garands, one with SA WWII era barrel, and uncut op-rod, and another with a WWII receiver, but a late 50's LMR re-barrel and NM op rod. I have recently equipped the LMR rifle with a scoutscope. I load for both of them, but only shoot the LMR rifle to any degree. I'll add that anybody loading for the Garand needs to read up and get savvy, as Garand ammo needs to have certain attention to detail that your old Savage 110 does not require.

When my eyes were still sharp, the LMR rifle, despite having a crown that gauged marginally, with the GI peep, shot very well, I'd say 2.5 MOA. The older WWII barreled rifle would do about as well. It's crown was much tighter BTW. I've shot the LMR rifle regularly, but it will still shoot 2-2.5 MOA and the scoutscope allows my 60+ eyes to see better and still enjoy the old rifles, tradition be danged.

I'm not sure I would be satisfied with a Garand that was shooting 5 MOA, and would try different ammo PDQ. I'd also deep clean that bore with a copper cutter, several times I think. It likely has seen a lot of bullets down range.
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Old April 9, 2019, 04:47 AM   #28
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So, Iā€™m obviously struggling. I think my biggest issue is target size or sight picture. Any advice? What target should I be shooting?
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Old April 9, 2019, 05:43 PM   #29
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4ā€ bullseye, maybe starr w a 5ā€. Make sure you focus on front sight and that your sight picture is the same feom shot to shot. I make sure the ears on the front sight just touch the edge of the rear sight and that the base of the front sight is at the same point from shot to shot. Consistent sight picture is key. Front sight focus is key. Then apply fundamentals of breathing, trigger control and follow through.
What type of patterns are you seeing? Vertical or horizontal stringing?
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Old May 8, 2019, 05:17 PM   #30
Bart B.
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Originally Posted by T. O'Heir View Post
Accuracy with an M1 Rifle depends on the barrel and the ammo. 5" at 100 isn't horrible though. As I recall, 3" at 100 was the requirement for M2 Ball. 2" at 100 means a Match grade barrel with all the accurizing techniques done to it(sights, trigger, bedding, etc.) and match grade ammo. Even then it's kind of dreaming to expect 2".
Creedmoor Sports ammo is not match ammo. It's not .30 M2 equivalent either. It's more like .30 M1 ammo.
2 inches at 100 yards was easy with good match conditioned Garands.

US Navy rebuilt 7.62 NATO Garands had to test about 4 inches extreme spread max with 3 clips of a good lot of M118 match ammo at 300 yards. 1.33 MOA.

Rebulleting that ammo with 168 or 180 Sierra match bullets would sometimes test under 2 inches at 300, about 4 to 6 inches at 600. Powder had a 3/10ths grain spread in charge weights. Replacing M118 ammo bullet and powder with IMR4320 under a Sierra 190 was best at 600 yards testing 4 to 5 inches

The USN rebuilt 30-06 Garands had to test about 6 inches at 300 yards with M72 match ammo.

All the USN arsenal match grade barrels were air gauged and groove diameters had to be .3079" maximum. Larger diameter ones would not shoot commercial .3082" diameter match bullets very accurate, but Lapua 170 and 185 grain match bullets .3092" diameter very accurate.

Nobody ever got best accuracy with reloaded cases fired in M1 or M14 match rifles. Their out of square bolt faces made case heads out of square. New cases are best.
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Old May 10, 2019, 06:42 AM   #31
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My short range M1 go-to load is the Hornady 150 fmjbt and 48.4 gr of 4064 which gets me about 2730 fps . I'm at about 2.53 MOA at 100 yds . I tested with an optic and shot off a precision rest and rear bag and the above load has proved consistent for me.
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Old May 10, 2019, 09:17 AM   #32
Bart B.
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There are people who know the Garand 30-06 barrel's 1:10 twist is too fast for best accuracy with the 150 to 173 grain bullets it used. Some were part of the groups developing the M14 rifle and its 7.62 NATO ammo. The same bullet weights were used leaving about 100 fps slower than from M1 barrels. A 1:12 twist proved to be the best.

If you shoot 150 grain bullets over 2900 fps from your Garand, a 1:13 twist is ideal.
US Navy Distinguished Marksman Badge 163
Former US Navy & Palma Rifle Team Member
NRA High Power Master & Long Range High Master
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