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10mm versus 41 Magnum

I'm a little puzzled by the claims that the 10mm is equal to or better than the performance of the 41 Magnum. I will admit that I've been loading the 41 since the 70s and I've found it to be less affected by barrel length than any other I've loaded. Example, a 200gr Speer hits 1400 from 6", 1299 from 4", and 1271 from 3". All Model 57 or 657 and shot over my Oehler 35p.

Looking at my Loaddata account, I found dozens of loads for each and here's what I found: The fastest 200gr load in the 10mm was 1267. Only Kimber or Colt Pistols were used in 5" persuasion. I chose to look at the 210gr loads in the 41 since they are the most commonly used. 1321 in 4" 1380 in 5.5",and 1436 in 6". The SAAMI pressure specs are almost identical, so how could you get more performance in a GP100? I've not seen any data on the GP, so I'd sure like to see some chronograph data.
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From a 6" or longer barrel 357, 41 and 44 magnum will out perform 10mm. When you reduce revolver barrel length to 4" or less it is a different ball game. My 4.5" Glock gets a chronographed 1315 fps with DT 200 gr hardcast. That will beat 357/200 gr, match 41/210, and come closer to 44/240 than a lot of folks realize when fired from 4" or shorter barrels.

But anyway you look at it we are splitting hairs. No game animal, or large predator will ever know the difference. Even using the load data you found no animal will notice the difference between 10mm/200 @ 1267 and 41/210/@1321 With heavy for caliber hardcast loads all 4 of those rounds will penetrate 5-6' and could effectively stop just about any animal. All 4 rounds have taken down brown bear and cape buffalo. 10 gr of bullet weight and 54 fps isn't enough to call an advantage either way.

I don't carry a handgun as my primary hunting weapon, but I do carry one when I'm outdoors. If in bear country my preference is either my G20 or G29. The G29 still gets 1250 fps with those 200 gr loads. If no large predators are in the area the handgun choice would be a something smaller and probably in 9mm.

I have 357 and 44 mag revolvers, but choose the lighter, more compact Glock in 10mm because it is easier to carry and offers much greater mag capacity for the more likely threat of needing it for 2 legged predators. I don't feel like I'm giving up a thing to the magnum revolvers in large predator protection, and still have a hi capacity semi for more dangerous threats.

If I were hunting with a handgun I'd choose a 6" long or longer revolver in one of the 3 magnum cartridges. The longer barrel gives a decided velocity advantage as well as a longer sight radius and a better trigger. All of that adds up to better accuracy and a bit more power for longer shots. But there is nothing I'd hunt with a 357/41/44 mag that I'd not hunt with a 10mm as far as power is concerned.
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If I were hunting with a handgun I'd choose a 6" long or longer revolver in one of the 3 magnum cartridges.
^^^That, because at that point you are looking for velocity and accuracy.

Comparing the 10mm to the .41MAG is silly, much like comparing the .41 to the .44MAG... in both instances they are 'almost the same, but not quite.' You can cherry-pick the stats to show one equals the other, but in a fair contest (apples to apples) they don't... and that's OK... they are all excellent cartridges in their own right.

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Keep in mind pistol barrel lengths are from the breech while revolver barrel lengths start at the end of the barrel/cylinder gap. So a 5" pistol barrel is one chamber length shorter than a 5" revolver barrel.
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T. O'Heir
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"...10mm versus 41 Magnum..." That'd be an apples and oranges comparison. Just like any cartridge comparison.
I'd be guessing that 10 mm ammo and brass is easier to come by.
"...performance in a GP100..." You don't. The 10mm GP is a 3" barrel only and is only available from Talo Distributing. It doesn't come in .41 Mag at all.
"...velocity and accuracy..." With accuracy being far more important.
"...apples to apples..." Ida Reds. You? snicker.
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There are a couple of YouTube videos comparing the 41 to the 10mm. After the tests and calculations the conclusion was the 10mm is equivalent to the 357 magnum. The test was done with similar length barreled guns so as to not have length as a variable.
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Here is a nice little link to ballistics by the inch in various calibers if anyone is interested.
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