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Old April 23, 2020, 04:07 PM   #76
4V50 Gary
Join Date: November 2, 1998
Location: Colorado
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Sig 220 is my first choice. I carried one for years as a sidearm.
Ruger P97 or whatever Ruger is offering is #2.

I was never good with the S&W 4506.
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Old April 23, 2020, 04:31 PM   #77
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Originally Posted by Fishbed77 View Post
For one, you can get an excellent condition used HK USP45 for less money. And it is objectively a better and more proven pistol with a greater capacity.

I know some folks are scared of used guns, but my experiences with them have been uniformly excellent, and the USP is such a robust design, that there is little to look out for anyway.

I don’t disagree that the USP is an excellent pistol. That said a Ruger American is right around $450 that I can see. There are no doubt occasional deals on USPs that are used and I’m sure you got yours for a great price, but it’s not something that’s a given.

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Old April 24, 2020, 08:31 AM   #78
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Originally Posted by cslinger View Post
You know, at least imo, this isn’t a bad budget option. I realize most everybody hates the RAP and I would highly suggest the OP try before buying but I shot a RAP .45 years back and was quite impressed. Decent trigger, felt like it was built hell for stout, was accurate in my hands, reliable with ball and HP and I just remember enjoying shooting it.

Again damn near EVERYBODY hates these things but I liked the .45 I shot quite a bit.
The Ruger American just fits me. I can not shoot a Glock, not saying that they are a bad pistol, I just can’t hit the broad side of the barn with it. The RAP is heavy and ugly, but it fits me, is accurate and is built like a tank. Hence, what more could you ask for?
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Old April 24, 2020, 01:26 PM   #79
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You could ask for an SR45.
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Old April 26, 2020, 09:25 AM   #80
Join Date: December 4, 2010
Location: Renton, WA
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My 45's: M&P Shield, XD Mod 2 Subcompact, Ruger SR45, Norinco 1911, Llama, Taurus PT 24/7 Pro, PT945 and the Taurus PT145 Mil Pro. A 45 that I always wanted is the Bersa Ultra Compact UC45, also thinking about adding a M&P 2.0 Compact. Sure wish there was a SR45C.

So, what do I suggest?

(1) Polymer, striker fired: Ruger SR45 (totally reliable but only with the Galloway springs and rods, great feel in-hand, crisp trigger 4 1/2 lb pull with short reset, single stack 10+1) which can be had for $250 (affordable) when available from Sportsman's Warehouse.

(2) Hammer fired DA/SA: Taurus PT945, single stack 8+1, alloy frame, similar engineering as their PT92/Beretta-9 but with closed slide, decocker. The PT945 is an 'under the RADAR' gun because it's a Taurus. It's my go-to 45 with the SR45 a close second.

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Old April 27, 2020, 01:59 PM   #81
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There are no doubt occasional deals on USPs that are used and I’m sure you got yours for a great price, but it’s not something that’s a given.
Prior to the Coronapocalypse and the associated gun-buying spree, quite a few nice condition USP45s could be found selling in the $425-$475 price range on Gunbroker. I know, because I was following prices at that time. The example I purchased for $450 from a LGS in November of 2019 was no fluke.

USP45C, USP45 Tactical and USP9 examples sell for more money, no doubt. But standard USP45 and (especially) USP40 examples carry less of a premium.
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Old April 27, 2020, 05:26 PM   #82
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When the 2.0’s first came out, my local range had an S&W demo day. One the pistols I demoed was the M&P 45 2.0. It was easy to shoot and accurate.
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Old April 27, 2020, 06:43 PM   #83
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Location: midwest
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Dude, it's still a Smith 3rd Gen 45XX-Series all day, every day ... or maybe a good-condition 2nd Gen 645.

Problem is, while I've seen a couple of 645s of late locally, a $1500 price tag for a well-used Sonny Crockett blaster with one mag doesn't motivate the wallet, ... if ya catch my drift.

Now, $500-$700, depending on condition and # of mags, that's different.
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Old April 27, 2020, 10:25 PM   #84
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I'll bring up the elephant in the room, JHP 45 Hi-Point. I have a few 1911s, Glocks and SW revolvers and Rugers of all flavors. But until last month i had zero Hi-Points. Fixed that by picking a 45 and the compensated 380. Each was $147 shipping included. If a person is looking just for a range gun i say check them out. The 45 has not missed a beat so far, shooting a couple hundred rounds only so far. All steel cased cheap ammo, the 380 took a bit of queeking the mag lips but that now works great. Actually just hit the range tonight with both, zero malfunctions with either over a coup!e boxes of shells. If you are just going to pop soda cans and paper at 10 yards do you really need a $500 gun? Plus lifetime warranty, I did a lot of reading before buying them and the bad rap they have really isn't deserved.
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Old April 28, 2020, 06:26 AM   #85
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Location: Knoxville, TN
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I have more 1911 style pistols than I care to admit. Other than a few exceptions, nearly all of my centerfire semi-autos are 1911 style.

One of those exceptions is the Sig P220. Excellent firearm.
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Old April 28, 2020, 10:29 AM   #86
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Sig 220, H&K USP, Glock 21or 30.These are all good.I shoot all three of mine.
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Old May 10, 2020, 08:00 AM   #87
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Sig 220
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Old May 10, 2020, 10:17 AM   #88
Trooper Joe
Senior Member
Join Date: January 5, 2005
Location: Michigan
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Picked up this 227 (SAS model) last fall (brand new) for a good price.

As suggested on the various forums, I cut down some “Gen 10” grips (I think that is what they are) that really work and look good.


A 3rd Gen, S&W 4513TSW, is really nice. Found this one at a gun show in Florida this January. Great shooter and very accurate.


And now becoming one of my favorites, an original, 2014 edition, post recall, two tone SA XDs .45. It has been in my safe for a couple of years and I am really glad I did not sell it.

I recently discovered that SA came out with 6 round mags about 2015, so I ordered a couple. It should be a little more comfortable shooting than the 5 round mags. Also, SA just sent me a new 7 round mag (some of these were a little finicky).

This gun is very accurate and my sample has a great trigger pull and let off. As soon as I test out the new 6 round mags, it will be my EDC for a while.


Here are the various magazine selections {from left to right} 7rd., 6rd., 5rd with Pachmayr base plate, stock 5rd.


Trooper Joe

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Old May 10, 2020, 03:06 PM   #89
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Originally Posted by Kevin Rohrer View Post
Seems like this was just asked.

Nothing made out of recycled plastic baby bottles.

If you don't want a 1911, get a Sig P220 SAO.
Generally speaking, some of those guns made of "recycled plastic baby bottles"(Glock, HK) are considerably more reliable than those "all steel" dinosaurs from WWI. I'll trust my life to something that can RELIABLY feed hollow points. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you ruled out polymer framed guns when searching for a good .45 auto.
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