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Apparently the Paris Las Vegas has its own ATF

Obviously this guy has got very substantial grounds for a civil case against the hotel and the employees involved. But did they break the law in entering his room and demanding he present a firearm that he did not, in fact, possess?

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Double Naught Spy
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The narrator was pretty funny saying the hotel failed to explain their suspicion for there being a firearm in the room when it was just shown previously in the video where the hotel folks claim he told them. He denies it, but that all happened BEFORE the video started. So, who knows what happened then.

I don't think it is a matter of having their own ATF, but their own security to deal with the hotel's rules. I don't know that what they did was legal or not in LV, but I would suspect the hotels have a lot of leeway in the dealings on their properties, but I don't know if it goes this far.
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Metal god
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Couple things , I have a CCW for Nevada . There is no law on the books that you can not carry in the hotels or Casinos . However if the casino sees you carrying and asks you to leave you must leave immediately or be charged with trespassing . They can also refuse stay at there hotel if you say you have a firearm/s and refuse to store them in there house safe or off site .

Second and I did not know this until 2019 last time I was there but when you check in at as far as I know any hotel . You must sign a ( forget the exact name ) wellness check paper stating you agree that the casino staff can enter your room unannounced at ANY time for a wellness check . I believe this was put in place after the mass shooting there .

Put those 2 together and you better be prepared to deal with some harassment if you either state you have a gun or are seen carrying . I choose not to say anything either way . Yes my room was entered while I was out one time and it was not the cleaning personnel. The room was under a friends name and I don’t recall if he was notified that they went in but things were definitely moved around a bit . Not some big search or anything but a few things were not where I remember putting them . Nothing taken , just appears they had a look see .
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Under NV law casinos are private property. You do not have a right to be present in a casino. They can impose whatever rules they want and ask you to leave for any reason. If you refuse to leave,you get trespassed (arrested).

Most of the LV casinos ban guns. Given all the Amish ;-) who hang around and occasionally shoot each other, it's understandable.
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Anywhere (and everywhere) you RENT a room, you have certain privacy rights. But they are NOT the same as the rights of the owner and do not trump the owner's rights, ever.
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Paul B.
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Well, we all know where we won't stay at while in Lost Wages Nevada. I lived there for about two and a half years back in the early 1960s. Didn't like it then and it looks like it hasn't improved. Doubt I'll ever go even to just pass through.
Paul B.
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I might question how well the hotel policy was made available to potential customers.
Nothing like springing it on them after check in and unpack.

I played around on the website a bit. In "book a room" at[{%22adults%22:2,%22children%22:0}]&propCode=plv&roomCount=1&viewrates=dollars&roomFilters=[{%22accessible%22:[%22N%22]}]

you can find a link that says "Policies". No mention of firearms. Check in/out times, credit card needed, Pet Policy, Fees. Nothing about firearms.

There is a small link about 'Responsible Conduct'. Talks about Human Trafficking.

They do have "check in by web" which apparently means you can get to your room without ever talking to a person.
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