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M4 Benelli Mixed Results - Advice Please it all properly lubed up and checked out and took it out to my gun club for the first time. I had two purposes today: shoot it for the first time and hopefully break it in a bit so I can shoot target load through it, and perhaps even more importantly, I wanted to try out Federal Premium Tactical loads with the Flite Control wads.

I should mention that I have extensive experience with shotguns and with the M4 in particular, so I know it is not me, that is, not properly mounting it, and it ran perfectly with slugs and the higher power buck...but... read on.

I bought three different types of 00 Premium Tactical Flite Control

3" Maximum
2.75" maximum
2.75" reduced recoil

I fired each type five times from the following five distances:

35 yards
25 yards
15 yards
10 yards
7 yards

I began by putting five slugs through it, really high power stuff. Ouch. Pretty much expected it but the recoil was really quite rough. Would NOT want to shoot much of it at one time.

Then moved to the 3" loads. Definitely felt those too. Got a good kill zone pattern with it at 35 yards, and of course, it just kept tightening up the closer I got. At 10 and 7 yards, the bad guy target had a fist sized and even small gaping hole in his chest, pretty much blew his heart out.

The 2.75" Maximum performed great too, good pattern, much less recoil.

The 2.75 reduced recoil was awesome, but .... had failures to eject from the chamber, repeatedly.

For the purpose of my experiment, I got all the distances covered with each load and will post pics below once I have them sorted out.

BUT I was really disappointing with the M4 not ejecting the husks wiht the low recoil. I loaded it up to the max with the low recoil stuff and repeatedly had failures to kick the husk out and reload the next round. Bummer.

I knew it would not work, but I three in 8 rounds of heavy target stuff and it choked and would not eject the husk, I had to do it manually.

The good news is the the Federal Flite Control stuff is awesome, works just as advertised and I can most certainly see myself using it as my "go to" defensive load, will probably stick with the 2.75" Maximum just to boost capacity

The bad news? My M4 is NOT even able to kick out the low recoil stuff, let alone target ammo.

Suggestions? Is it just a matter of shooting 100 or so full power 00 loads through it or more to loosen it up the springs or something? I thought that was not necessary.

With my previous M4 I put 200 High Power 00 through it before anything else...and never had any issues/problems.

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while I've never dealt with a m4 I have an old M1-90 .
Through only careful polishing [ no change of angles etc] I reduced the trigger pull a good bit . feeding went from full target to most of light target . The chokes were usually tight and with a MOD choke got EXTRA FULL groups with turkey loads [ # 4, 5, 6 ] Yes I used head shots with very few body hits !Used that for geese too !
And Watson , bring your revolver !
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Well..ok...I'm pretty sure polishing a trigger group has nothing to do with ammo ejection problems, and the rest of your comment basically has absolutely nothing to do with my post.

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I don’t think the M4 is designed for light loads, but once the recoil spring is broken in some, it should cycle 1 1/8 oz game loads. I have a SBE for ducks and geese, and when it can cycle a 1 1/8oz target load, I order a new recoil spring. Point is, the spring will become weaker, allowing the gun to cycle lighter loads. Try a box of game loads with a higher velocity(1325 fps) and see if they cycle, my bet is they do.
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Old August 12, 2018, 01:02 PM   #5
T. O'Heir
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"...break it in a bit so I can shoot target load..." There's no such thing as breaking in any firearm to adjust for the load used.
Try the target loads to see if they'll cycle. Read the manual first. It should tell you how to adjust the gas system. Assuming you can do that manually.
The ARGO system isn't the least bit "unique" either. The M1 Carbine uses a short stroke piston.
Manual is here.
"...Tactical loads..." That's pure marketing.
Spelling and grammar count!
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I have the M4 Super 90 and I tried light loads with same results. I went back to standard loads and it cycles fine. I haven't tried the light loads since, I really don't find a need for them. Mine with 2-3/4 #1 shoots well and is surprisingly easy on the shoulder. I run 3" Magnum #5's in it when it's serving as my home defense gun.
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Adjust the gas system for light loads. If you want a shoot anything scattergun, get a v3.
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The devil dogs in Afghan and The 'Raq aren't using low recoil junk.

Get some FULL POWER COMBAT LOADS and your problems will go away. The Benelli M4 is the greatest fighting autoloader in human history, but it needs TRUE MILSPEC COMBAT ROUNDS to perform, as it should.
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